Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1045 – The Moment of Life or Death

Chapter 1045 – The Moment of Life or Death

The Moment of Life or Death

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The wall of the sealed secret chamber was ripped open all of a sudden, waking the meditating Ancestor Greenlotus. He lifted his head and felt astonished to see the five old ancestors appearing at the same time. Although he had already been imprisoned for a hundred years, the one who always come to find him was Fifth Ancestor, and this was the first time he saw the five of them appearing at the same time.

“Five ancestors coming here at the same time? It seems the matter isn’t an insignificant one.”

Ancestor Greenlotus spoke, he looked calm and unafraid despite facing five formidable Human Immortals. Being an eminent monk, his disposition wasn’t comparable to any ordinary mortals. Due to him being imprisoned here for a long time, he had already lost concern for his life. When a person had become indifferent to life, there was nothing in this world that could scare him.

“Greenlotus, this man has lost his consciousness and his whole body is filled with brutality, which turned him into a killing monster. I know that you can restore his sanity.”

Fifth Ancestor waved his hand and an illusory cage materialized. Ancestor Greenlotus saw the one inside the cage, a white-clothed youth roaring incessantly and attacking frenziedly at the cage, eager break free from the imprisonment.

Upon seeing this, Ancestor Greenlotus’ expression changed slightly, but it was quickly restored to normal. Staying composed despite the imminent danger was the most fundamental disposition of a real eminent monk, but the seemingly calm Ancestor Greenlotus didn’t feel quite composed in his heart. Emotions were stirring inside of him because he knew that the white-clothed youth was Jiang Chen; he also knew about the conflict between Jiang Chen and Desolate Palace

If he didn’t know Jiang Chen, he would probably regard this youth as one of the geniuses of Desolate Palace, and the ancestors had all come here to seek his help; but, after meeting Jiang Chen last time, and knowing the hostile relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and Desolate Palace, he couldn’t help but doubt the ulterior motive of the old ancestors for seeking his help.

After a while, Ancestor Greenlotus stared directly at Jiang Chen, studying him. He started to frown when he sensed the strange Qi of Jiang Chen.

Why is his Qi so brutal? He is in complete bloodl.u.s.t. What actually happened in Saint Origin Palace? Jiang Chen is a wise person, and will never do anything he isn’t sure of, much less turn himself into an insane monster. I need to find out what exactly happened.

Ancestor Greenlotus muttered in his heart.

Now that Jiang Chen had fallen into the hands of Desolate Palace, it baffled him why these five ancestors wanted his help. He would refuse to help them if they failed to provide him a clear explanation.

“I don’t know him. Plus, he has already gone completely mad. I can’t save him even with my abilities.” Ancestor Greenlotus said flatly.

“Greenlotus, I know that you can save him. You are an eminent monk of Buddha Sect, I imagine that you don’t wish to watch him be devoured by his insanity too,” said Fifth Ancestor.

“I can try to help him, but you have to tell me what happened to this man first,” replied Ancestor Greenlotus.

“I don’t mind telling you more about him. His name is Jiang Chen. He has destroyed our palace’s great plan and has killed all of our half-step Human Immortals and Ninth Grade Great Saint experts. All the geniuses personally nurtured by us were dead, however, we don’t know the cultivation method he practiced that allowed him to devour the corpses of those experts. I concluded that it had to be the essence of the corpses he consumed that turned him into this monster.” Fourth Ancestor said unabashedly.

There was no longer anything they could hide. He was filled with anger by the way Jiang Chen slowly ripped Big Guardian apart, and how he was devoured by Jiang Chen. He wanted to rush forth and shred Jiang Chen to pieces so much.


Ancestor Greenlotus exclaimed after listening to this shocking news. His eyes couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ft to Jiang Chen again. He noticed that Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was merely at the peak of the Eighth Grade Great Saint, nevertheless, he was still able to kill all the experts of Desolate Palace which was spectacular. He was afraid that only Jiang Chen has such strength across the entire Saint Origin World.

Although he wasn’t able to witness the event, he could still imagine how incredible it was when Desolate Palace’s hundred-year-old plan was sabotaged and destroyed by a single man. As such, it was understandable how furious these five ancestors were feeling right now.

“Haha! Isn’t this good? I have never thought that your great plan would fail so miserably just because of this young man. This is karma. Haha!”

Ancestor Greenlotus burst into laughter. He really felt pleased. After so many years of being imprisoned in this chamber, it was impossible for him not to hold any grudges against them.

With regards to Ancestor Greenlotus’ reaction, none of them felt surprised. If they were put into Ancestor Greenlotus’ position, they would probably feel more delighted than he was.

“Cut the c.r.a.p, Greenlotus. Get rid of him now.” Fifth Ancestor said impatiently.

“This man has killed so many of your people, but you are asking me to save him now. It is obvious that you all have some kind of hidden agenda. I’m afraid that this man will end up worse in your hands after that. In that case, why should I save him?” said Ancestor Greenlotus.

He wasn’t a fool. He had already guessed the intention of these five ancestors. After losing so many geniuses, they would need at least a hundred more years to restore their peak. Therefore, Jiang Chen would become their test subject, trying to uncover the secrets in his body and use it to produce new geniuses. Unfortunately, they were unable to find anything from Jiang Chen. So, they decided that he might be able to help. Given his wisdom, it wasn’t a problem for him to figure out their motives.

“Greenlotus, you have been imprisoned here for a hundred years, don’t you long for your freedom? I promise you, as long as you save this brat, we will grant you freedom,” said Fifth Ancestor.

“Is that for real?” Ancestor Greenlotus replied with a feigned surprise.

He knew better than anyone that Desolate Palace would never let him go, even if they got the Immortal Mark from him. However, in order to make the five ancestors believe him, he had to feign his desperation for freedom.

“That’s right. Let’s do this now.” First Ancestor spoke.

“In that case, I will help him. This man is suffering greatly because of the state he is in. Being a merciful Buddha, I will relieve him of his suffering.”

Ancestor Greenlotus put his palms together in a compa.s.sionate way, but he had another thought in mind. “Jiang Chen, you are a wise person. I suppose the current situation is also one of your calculations? Anyway, I can help you remove all the brutal Qi in your body with my Great Compa.s.sion Mantra. However, you will surely face a tragic situation after that. So we have to give this a try: during the process of removing the brutal Qi, I will impart the Immortal Mark into your body. You are a miracle of Saint Origin World, perhaps you have the ability to refine this Immortal Mark. If you can really refine it, you will obtain unimaginable benefits, and perhaps allow you to reverse the current situation, but if you fail to do so, we’ll lose everything. By that time, the Immortal Mark will fall into their hands and our lives will come to an end. As such, this is a gamble that will decide both of our lives.”

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