Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1033 – The Domineering Return

Chapter 1033 – The Domineering Return

The Domineering Return

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A dozen Ninth Grade Great Saints had encircled Han Yan. Anyone would feel frightened facing such formidable enemies. Furthermore, Han Yan was merely a peak Eighth Grade Great Saint expert, an unimaginable gap to Ninth Grade.

However, such gap only existed for average experts and Han Yan was obviously not ordinary.

He was a rare genius equipped with the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, Great Devil Curse and Supreme Devil Wand.

“Kill!” The palace master of s.h.i.+ Palace yelled, and took the lead, lunging at Han Yan.

Simultaneously, the other Ninth Grade Great Saints attacked from different directions. It seemed like they wanted to eliminate Han Yan once and for all, not wanting to leave any of his remnants behind.


Han Yan smiled coldly. Facing the attack of these Ninth Grade Great Saints didn’t worry him at all. Billowy devil waves surged out of his body, turning into a domain, while unspeakable devil incantation was recited from his mouth. Some of them had been caught off guard.

In a life or death situation like this, if you were slightly affected by your opponent’s skill, you were already doomed. The Great Devil Curse casted by Han Yan using his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline was many folds stronger than the one casted by Sang Ba. The curse was generally used on a one on one battle because it wouldn’t work well as a wide range attack.

However, one should already know the power of the Great Devil Curse if it was casted by Han Yan’s Supreme Devil Wand.

At least five of the 12 were affected by the Great Devil Curse.

Han Yan brandished the Devil Wand, shrouding the whole battlefield with illusions. The powerful wand was fighting against the attacks and also blasting the heads of the five experts who had fallen into a trance.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

Miserable wails were heard when the five Super Great Saints were killed by Han Yan. They turned into a mist of blood that drifted across the void, filling the entire battlefield with the stench of blood. Anyone who saw this scene would feel a tinge of fright. One should know that these experts were powerful Ninth Grade Great Saints. They were the G.o.dlike figures to countless of people. Seeing them knocked to death by someone with a lower grade than them like an ant made all their reverence for these experts worthless.

“Be careful, everybody! This brat knows the Great Devil Curse. Dammit!”

The palace master of s.h.i.+ Palace couldn’t help but yell. He had seen Sang Ba use this skill before. However, comparing Sang Ba to this white-haired youth was like comparing a giant to a supergiant, they were absolutely incomparable.

Even if Sang Ba was powerful, he wouldn’t be able to affect so many of them in an instant. Han Yan’s Great Devil Curse, on the other hand, could instantly make five of them fall into a trance. He had to admit that it was too scary.

“Awesome… He is worthy of being the ruler of Devil Race. We’ve got another peerless genius on our side.”

“That’s really astonis.h.i.+ng! They are actually a group of monstrous genius. Everyone who followed Jiang Chen is a being with extraordinary capability. Killing five Ninth Grade Great Saints with one blow? I would not believe this if I didn’t see this with my own eyes.”

“It’s so relieving!”


The people of the three palaces saw Han Yan displaying his divine power by killing Ninth Grade Great Saints with ease. It shocked and also exhilarated every one of them. The sudden emergence of such a powerful and aggressive figure had undeniably boosted all of their morale.


Han Yan was overbearing. He waved the Supreme Devil Wand once more. Layers of devil waves rolled out. This time, he locked on the palace master of s.h.i.+ Palace. Since he was going to kill them anyway, he might as well pick a significant expert to kill.

“No!” The palace master of s.h.i.+ Palace screamed. Han Yan moved too fast. The palace master could already feel the strong Qi of death. Despite there being many a.s.sistants by his side, he was still overwhelmed by helplessness, as if he was going to lose his life at any second.

The feeling he felt made him incomparably frustrated. The palace master of s.h.i.+ Palace was a prestigious figure who had never experienced such feeling before. It was the intense feeling of an impending death.


The Supreme Devil Wand had completely locked onto its target. The palace master didn’t even have the ability to resist. He died under the Devil Wand like the other Ninth Grade Great Saints and turned into a mist of blood.

Han Yan’s eyes swept across the surroundings. Although the death of these few Ninth Grade Great Saints might not be significant to Desolate Palace’s camp, it still dealt a huge blow to their morale.

“Another self-conceited guy has popped out. Ninth Guardian, go and get rid of him.” Second Guardian, who was attacking the Five Elemental Tisura Formation frenziedly, said.

“Okay, I will go and kill him now,” replied Ninth Guardian.

With a flicker of his body, he came before Han Yan and struck the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw without saying a word. This was the unique combat technique of Desolate Palace. The power of this combat skill was without a doubt many folds stronger compared to any of the twelve guardians.

Han Yan’s face hardened. Sure enough, Ninth Guardian wasn’t comparable to any ordinary expert. Although he was also a Ninth Grade Great Saint, the gap between him and the palace master of s.h.i.+ Palace was too big.

But Han Yan didn’t fear his opponent. No matter how powerful his opponent was, it wouldn’t be enough to force him to retreat, given his current strength and foundation.

“Devilish Deep Ocean!”

Han Yan waved the Supreme Devil Wand once more, striking out his powerful innate ability by circulating the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline to the maximum. Under the impact of such violent energy, the void began to distort. Layers of devil Qi that were emitted turned into a devilish sea that created gusts of devil wind. Every gust of the wind was like an indestructible sword and was the most destructive.

This was his innate ability enhanced by the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline and the Supreme Devil Wand. So, anyone who knew this could imagine how terrifyingly powerful it had become. As the enormous energy connected with the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw, the giant claw was immediately enshrouded by the devilish sea.

*Hong Long…*

Right after that, the devilish sea burst apart. It was a direct collision of both infinite energy. Huge sparks were created like flames. The entire battlefield was thrown into disorder.

“What a strong man! He can already fight me even if he is merely an Eighth Grade Great Saint? Many strange beings have appeared in those three palaces.”

Ninth Guardian was shocked by Han Yan’s power, but he wasn’t afraid of him though. He had never doubted his own talent and put any ordinary opponent in his eyes, but this white-haired youth who seemed a lot younger than him could defend against his attack with the strength of a mere Eighth Grade Great Saint. If this youth was at the same level as him, he was afraid that he would be turned into a mist of blood instantly, like the palace master of s.h.i.+ Palace.

“Sixth Guardian, go over there and kill him at once. Do not let the dignity of Desolate Palace down.” Second Guardian ordered.

Before they could even break the grand formation of the three palaces, a young brat from the Devil Race had intruded into their army and killed a few Ninth Grade Great Saints. Although the death of these Great Saints weren’t something significant to Desolate Palace, it had dampened the spirits of their army and also affected their dignity.


Sixth Guardian’s Qi fluctuated as he flew towards the direction of Han Yan, but his move had long been noticed by Han Yan.

“I won’t continue this fight with you anymore.”

As the devilish waves rolled, he returned to the Five Elemental Tisura Formation in a split second, leaving Sixth Guardian with an empty target. Han Yan was a very clever man. He knew that he was no match for them if it was a two-versus-one battle unless he advanced to the ninth grade.

Anyhow, he had already achieved his objective, which was to boost the morale of the three palaces and pull them out of their shadow of despair. As for turning the tide of this war, he would leave it to Jiang Chen because he was a man who knew his own limits.

“Brat! Have some nerve and fight me!” Sixth Guardian bellowed through gritted teeth.

“Haha! Two versus one? Are you ignoring your precious little face?” Han Yan laughed and ignored them.

“Humph! Once this distasteful formation is broken, I will rip you apart myself.” Sixth Guardian let out a cold humph and said maliciously.

He had already locked the Qi of Han Yan. As long as Han Yan dared to come out again, he would immediately send him to h.e.l.l. Also, once the grand formation was broken, the first thing he would do was to kill Han Yan.

*Hong Long…*

The raging attacks were still going on. As there were too many experts attacking together, the force of the bombardment was ma.s.sive. The Five Elemental Tisura Formation wouldn’t be able to hold up for long. Every time their enemies attacked, it would shake the grand formation violently. By now, there had been subtle cracks on the surface of the grand formation. These cracks were spreading all over the surface of the formation, like branches as the attacks continue. The experts who had been supporting the grand formation started to feel the disordered circulation of Qi and blood inside their bodies. Once they lost the ability to support the formation, the formation would break and they will then face their doom.

“We’re all going to die! Jiang Chen said that we have three days, if he estimated that along with his advancement, we won’t be able to hold it until he gets back.”

“That’s right. Judging by our current condition, we can hold on at most for another ten minutes. Then, visible cracks will appear on the formation before it is broken completely.”

“Dammit! I’m going to go all out against them. Even if I die, I will make sure I die with any one of them.”


Up until this moment, a lot of the experts were in despair again, they had placed all their hopes on Jiang Chen. It seemed like a very difficult task for Jiang Chen to get back within ten minutes’ time.

Some of them were already mentally prepared to die and would kill as many Desolate army as possible before they die.

“Jiang Chen, when have you become a timid and retractable tortoise? Don’t you even have the guts to show yourself?” Second Guardian’s Qi flared up and bellowed at Gu Palace, because he didn’t sense the Qi of Jiang Chen.

“Who said that I don’t have the guts to appear? Here I am. What follows next will be the end for each and every one of you.”

Just as Second Guardian’s voice was about to fade, an extremely loud voice roared from the interior of Gu Palace.

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