Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1021 – The Variable

Chapter 1021 – The Variable

The Variable

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Bin Changxiao was also a man with resoluteness and knew his priorities. The only barrier between Bin Palace and Gu Palace was Jiang Chen. Once the matter with Jiang Chen was resolved, there would be no more grudge they would hold against each other.


Gu Firmament agreed immediately; the half-step Human Immortal ancestors of Gu Palace and Demon Palace also nodded. Given the present circ.u.mstances, Bin Palace’s initiative to join forces would bring tremendous benefits to both major palaces, because Desolate Palace was getting stronger, and harder to defeat as they continued to devour and subdue the other major palaces.

Regardless of whether it was Bin Palace or Gu Palace, which had existed in this world for a long period of time, neither of them would hope to see their palace’s destruction. Thought they still had no idea what the result would be, forming an alliance with other major palaces standing on similar side was the best thing to do since it would increase their overall strength.

There were nine of half-step Human Immortal present in the hall. With them combining their strength, it was effortless to create a pa.s.sageway. So, Bin Changxiao had returned to Bin Palace with the quickest possible speed and led all of his people back to Gu Palace via the pa.s.sageway.

While the three major palaces formed an alliance, Huo Palace couldn’t resist the strong pressure of Desolate army and was forced to sign the submissive contract in the end. By now, Desolate Palace had subdued Narang, s.h.i.+, and Huo Palace, and was on their way to Dan Palace. It seemed they were going to make Dan Palace surrender to them without difficulty. If they subdued the seven major palaces, Desolate Palace would be the only ruler of Saint Origin Palace.

In Gu Palace, despite three major palaces had joined forces, the atmosphere was still as tense as before. No one in the meeting hall talked. All kind of defensive measures had already been taken but it didn’t make any of them feel safer.

Every powerful Great Saint expert in the meeting hall knew the gap between the two forces. There were only nine half-step Human Immortals in their camp and comparing that to the enemy’s camp would show a tremendous difference.

Just the forces of the major palaces conquered by Desolate Palace was enough to deal a fatal damage to them.

“Everyone, the situation today has been clear. Although we have joined forces, it won’t change the outcome at all. After gaining control over Dan Palace, they will come to deal with us. I’m afraid our defensive grand formation is not strong enough to withstand even a single attack of the twelve guardians,” said Heavenly Peng King.

“According to the news, Desolate Palace has nurtured a group of talent which consists of one peak Ninth Grade Great Saint named Second Guardian. He was simply invincible. He was able to defeat Narang’s First Ancestor in one strike. Although we have nine half-step Human Immortal here, none of us can match him.” Bin Changxiao said with a frown.

Now that they were facing a very critical moment, they had to think of a workable countermeasures as soon as possible, or else the consequences would be unthinkable even after they had formed an alliance.

“Do you all still remember Jiang Chen?” said Gu Firmament.

Even at this moment, he couldn’t help thinking about that rare genius who could constantly create miracles.

“We don’t know where he is now. Besides, even if he appears, he can’t help at all. I can’t deny the fact that he is a talent that rarely emerges in ten thousand years but too bad, his cultivation base is too low. He can’t even defeat a Ninth Grade Great Saint, so how is he going to confront the twelve guardians?” Bin Changxiao said, shaking his head.

Jiang Chen was no doubt a rare genius but he was still too weak.

“No, we can never underestimate Jiang Chen. I have once a.n.a.lyzed him. He will be the greatest variable in this major crisis. If our palaces are able to survive this, it will all be because of Jiang Chen’s contribution, because in my calculation, Jiang Chen is the only possible person that can change the situation.” A half-step Human Immortal said.

He wasn’t very good in fighting but he was well-versed in calculation and prediction. While he was racking his brain to calculate whether there was still a chance for Gu Palace and Demon Palace to survive, he suddenly discovered that Jiang Chen was the largest variable. To put it in another way, if Gu Palace and Demon Palace were able to stay intact after the catastrophe, it would be Jiang Chen who altered the situation.

“It’s true that he is a miraculous man. If there really is a variable in this catastrophe, it will be him.” Heavenly Peng King nodded and said.

He was a man with sharp eyesight. He was able to tell that Jiang Chen was the dragon among his peers, a man that couldn’t be judged with common sense because the truth had always proved that he created miracles.

“Even if Jiang Chen is a variable, we don’t know where he is right now. I’m afraid he doesn’t even have a clue on what is happening in Saint Origin Palace. So, how could he come back in time?” said Bin Changxiao.

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Firmament knitted his eyebrows. Presently, Jiang Chen had gone missing, not even he could get in touch with him. With this short window of time, it was still unknown whether Jiang Chen could make any changes about the situation before Desolate Palace arrived Gu Palace.

“I have a plan,” said Heavenly Peng King with a smile.

“Heavenly Peng King, you know how to find Jiang Chen?” Gu Firmament looked at Heavenly Peng King.

“I won’t be able to locate Jiang Chen but I can find Big Yellow. I have once left him our most mysterious talisman. Wherever he is right now, he will be able to receive my messages. If I’m not mistaken, Big Yellow should be together with Jiang Chen right now,” said Heavenly Peng King.

“In that case, I hope Heavenly Peng King will send a message to him now as time is of the essence,” said Bin Changxiao.

Meanwhile in the Devil World!

Further away from the Devil Mountain, Han Yan had already gained full control on the Supreme Devil Wand after being recognized by the wand. His cultivation soared like a rocket until he reached the peak of Eighth Grade of Great Saint, leaving him only one step away from the Ninth Grade. Moreover, by wielding the Supreme Devil Wand, he could kill Ninth Grade Great Saint with ease.

“Greetings, Your Highness.”

Tens of thousands of devils were kneeling down before Han Yan. Even the formidable half-step Devil Immortals were no exception in showing their respect and admiration towards him. In their hearts, Han Yan was no longer a human, but a member of Devil Race. No, as a matter of fact, he wasn’t just a member, but the faith of Devil Race.

For any descendants of their race that could wield the Supreme Devil Wand would be given the right to command the entire race. In every devils’ eyes, Han Yan was the highest existence that no one would dare to deny his order as it was equivalent to denying the order of the Supreme Devil Wand.


Han Yan burst into wild laughter while holding the Supreme Devil Wand. He had never dreamt of a day like today.

Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Tyrant walked out of Han Yan’s domain. At this time, they no longer had to hide themselves.

Seeing their sudden emergence, agitation spread instantly across the swarm of devils. Some recognized them, especially Tyrant, because he was the monk whom they hated the most.

“Humans! These humans have broken into our land! Take them down!”

A Super Devil Saint yelled, “Halt!”

Han Yan bellowed, “They are my brothers! We are on the same side. Don’t act rashly.”

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