Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1015 – The Thirteen Guardians of Desolate Palace

Chapter 1015 – The Thirteen Guardians of Desolate Palace

The Thirteen Guardians of Desolate Palace

The 13th chapter!

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Narang Yunhe must be a shrewd person in order to become the controller of Narang Palace. The appearance of Desolate Changyun was like a thorn in his heart that made him feel unbearable.


The three elders knitted their eyebrows.

“Try to think about it, elders. Over the years, Desolate Palace has been growing significantly and has now become the strongest among the eight major palaces. I believe that there is a hidden agenda behind all these. I can conclude that Desolate Changyun has never shown his appearance before in Saint Origin Palace. So, it was unlikely that he has just advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint, much less possible to reach the peak of the Seventh Grade. Furthermore, Desolate Palace didn’t even send this genius to fight Sang Ba. It seemed like Desolate Emperor felt threatened by Jiang Chen’s existence which prompted him to send the hidden genius to eliminate Jiang Chen, unfortunately, that genius was killed instead.”

Narang Yunhe paused for a while before he continued. “So, I have reason to suspect that Desolate Changyun isn’t the only genius hidden by Desolate Palace. They may have stronger and larger group of geniuses. Knowing how ambitious and scheming they are, no one can tell how many experts they have hidden from us. Therefore, I have requested the the elders for a meeting to discuss whether Narang Palace should make early preparations for Desolate Palace’s hidden agenda.”

The three elders immediately fell into deep contemplation. These three elderly had reached the cultivation where they were no longer ordinary mortals. They understood Narang Yunhe’s words clearly, as well as the present status of Saint Origin Palace. Although the six major palaces stood on the same side when it came to Jiang Chen, the six of them were still acting on their own will and had compet.i.tion among themselves. If there was the chance to annex the other palaces, Desolate Palace clearly wouldn’t miss it. In fact, if Narang Palace was presented with such an opportunity, they wouldn’t let it slip away as well.

“First Ancestor, what Narang Yunhe said wasn’t unreasonable. Desolate Palace may have hidden something greater besides those geniuses. All these years, they have developed rapidly, and have been in charge of the Law Enforcement Palace, and allocated lots of cultivation resources to Desolate Palace. It is impossible to deny their desire to dominate. Their current strength right now is enough to suppress all the other seven major palaces. Thus, we must prepare for it as soon as possible.”

Said the Second Ancestor.

“You’re right. Whether Desolate Palace has a hidden agenda or not, we must all take reasonable precautions.”

First Ancestor nodded, agreeing that making early preparations wouldn’t do the palace any harm.

A similar scene took place in Gu, Demon, s.h.i.+, Dan, Bin and Huo Palaces. The higher ups of the eight major palaces were no fools. The appearance of Desolate Changyun had raised their alertness against Desolate Palace. In any case, they must be well prepared for it to avoid any upheavals in their palace should Desolate Palace really attacked them.

Desolate Palace!

In the deep layer of a spatial zone just like the one in Narang Palace, however, this was much more powerful than the spatial zone in Narang Palace. The atmosphere of the area was filled with Immortal Qi. Just by standing and breathing here could allow one to grow stronger. It was a perfect place for cultivation.

In front of the spatial zone was a gold-red throne, an old man of around fifty years old sat on it. He looked vigorous but had a slightly thin body with a beard on his chin. His presence gave people a sense of emptiness. If one tried to sweep the entire area using divine sense, one would find the place empty.

Below the elder were a dozen of powerful experts kneeling down. Most of them were formidable Ninth Grade Great Saints, four of them were half-step Immortals; Desolate Emperor was one of them. Despite being a half-step Immortal, he wasn’t exempted from kneeling down in prostration before the elder. He even had to control his breathing to avoid showing any signs of disrespect towards the elder.

This was because the elder was no mortal. He had already exceeded the Mortal Realm, he was a true Human Immortal that was high and mighty and would always be wors.h.i.+pped by any mortal.

“I request Ancestor to locate the whereabouts of Jiang Chen.”

Desolate Emperor lifted his head and clasped his fists.

“I have already known the whereabouts of that man. He is now in the Devil World.” Said the Immoral Ancestor.

“What? Devil World? That’s not possible. The gates of the Devil World has already been closed and was deployed by a powerful seal. Not even a Ninth Grade Great Saint could enter it without causing a commotion.”

Desolate Emperor had an incredulous look.

“Desolate Emperor, are you questioning my ability?”

The Ancestor darted Desolate Emperor a glance which sent chills down his spine, as though his soul was going to be stripped off his body. An Immoral was no doubt too terrifying. Desolate Emperor had a feeling that although he was a powerful Ninth Grade Great Saint, the Ancestor could easily kill him with just a glance.

“I wouldn’t dare to.”

Desolate Emperor looked frightened. He wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen would enter the Devil World or have the means to sneak into the Devil World. This meant that none of them would be able to eliminate him. The Devil World was currently closed due to some major event happening there. If they sent Ninth Grade Great Saints into the Devil World to hunt Jiang Chen, instead of finding Jiang Chen, they would be besieged by the Super Devil Saints.

However, if Ancestor was the one to search for Jiang Chen, not only could he eliminate him but also the entire Devil Race, unfortunately, it was unrealistic. Firstly, the Ancestor wouldn’t waste his time on a puny figure. Secondly, the existence of Immortals in Desolate Palace had always been a secret.

“He’s just a little figure, there’s no need to place him into your minds. Besides, that man will certainly die after entering the Devil World.”

Said the Ancestor.

“That’s true. That man has expended all of his efforts just to enter the Devil World. He failed to realize the danger that lies behind those gates. Once he was found by the devils, he is going to die for sure. That will save us the effort to hunt him down.”

Desolate Emperor nodded.

“Some puny being like Jiang Chen isn’t much of a concern, but the appearance of Desolate Changyun has aroused the suspicion of the other seven major palaces. After many years of hard work, the geniuses that we have secretly trained have now grown very strong. As such, there is no need to delay our plan any longer.”

The Ancestor’s eyes sparkled.

The others’ eyes also glittered after hearing this. They had waited for far too long for this day to come. All these years, they had been dreaming of dominating Saint Origin Palace.

“Ancestor, we’ve waited for a long time for this day to come, but the other seven palaces aren’t easy to deal with. With the seven of them combined, they have a significant number of half-step Immortals in total. I’m afraid that we will suffer a great loss during the battle.”

Said Desolate Emperor.

“So what? Do you think the few of us were just enjoying our sweet time all these years? We have selected rare geniuses and secretly nurtured a large batch of formidable geniuses. You all come out now.”

The Ancestor revealed a smirk. He waved his hand, creating a small opening in the void. Subsequently, the Qi of more than twenty individuals rushed out before roughly twenty youths appeared on the scene. Each and every one of them had a look of pride on their faces. Their cultivation base ranged from Seventh Grade to Eighth Grade Great Saints.

“Each and every one of them can jump one grade, meaning that an Eighth Grade Great Saint was as strong as a Ninth Grade Great Saint. Of course, this group is the weakest. The strongest group is them.”

The Ancestor waved again, then another group of people descended. There were a total of twelve cultivators. Ten were males and two were females. They had been staying in the dark for many years until today.

The sudden emergence of these twelve individuals solidified the air in the atmosphere. Each of them emitted a Qi that gave people the creeps. Even Desolate Emperor – a peak Ninth Grade Great Saint – felt a great deal of pressure from these people.

“All of them are Ninth Grade Great Saints…”

Desolate Emperor, as well as the other higher ups were startled. A few of the half-step Immortals left their mouths wide open upon seeing the appearance of these twelve people. They only knew that the Ancestors had secretly trained peerless geniuses. They had never expected that these geniuses would be this strong. They had also never expected to see a batch of Ninth Grade Great Saints. Who would believe this even if it was spread across the entire Saint Origin Palace? Releasing any one of them to the public could shake the entire world. If the one who went to get rid of Jiang Chen wasn’t Desolate Changyun but one of these twelve geniuses, they were afraid that Jiang Chen would’ve been turned to ashes by now.

“They are the true geniuses that we have trained and nurtured. They have lost their original names. From now on, they are called the Thirteen Guardians. Any one of them is strong enough to fight against a half-step Immortal. The most powerful among them is the Second Guardian, not even a half-step Immortal could be his match.”

Said the Ancestor proudly.


All the higher ups of Desolate Palace gasped, feeling the horrifyingness of this new group. With so many half-step Immortals, it would be effortless to annihilate any one of the seven major palaces.

“Ancestor, you said Thirteen Guardians? But why are there only twelve of them?”

Asked Desolate Emperor.

“It’s because the Big Guardian is about to break through into the half-step Immortal. I might as well tell you this, once the Big Guardian reaches that level, his power will be the same as an early-stage Human Immortal, and won’t be affected by the law of Immortal World given his talent. It won’t take him long to ascend to the Immortal World after this break through.”

Said the Ancestor. His proud-looking face intensified when he mentioned about the Big Guardian. This young genius was their true secret killing weapon. Once this genius was released, no one in Saint Origin World would be able to defeat him.

“Ha-ha! Great, this is great. With such forces, I believe that Desolate Palace will be powerful enough to annihilate the other palaces. The day of Desolate Palace reigning over the Saint Origin Palace has finally arrived.”

“That’s right. The existence of the Thirteen Guardians is the greatest of all the peerless young generation and only we, the Desolate Palace is able to produce such geniuses. Even if Jiang Chen was to be compared to them, he is only as weak as an ant.”

“Let’s begin the war. Where should we start from? I’m getting a little impatient.”


The higher ups were stirred up, it was as though the entire Saint Origin World was already theirs for the taking.