Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1007 – Desolate Changyun

Chapter 1007 – Desolate Changyun

Desolate Changyun

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The Five Elemental Power Spheres receded back into Jiang Chen’s body, like a tidal current. With him as the centre, there wasn’t a single devil within a hundred miles range. To the devils, Jiang Chen was malefic, he could even kill Eighth Grade Devil Saints casually. They were completely powerless against him, unless a Ninth Grade Devil Saint was here to help, otherwise, anyone who encountered him would meet the same ending—death.

Presently, most of the Ninth Grade Devil Saints were blocked by the experts of Saint Origin Palace. Therefore, Jiang Chen had become the true conqueror of the battlefield and could do whatever he wanted.

“Another level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da is condensed. My combat power is heightened once more. But this time, the paG.o.da needed three Eighth Grade Devil Saints to completely condense one level, which means that condensing the 7th level will be even more difficult. This thing is just like a bloodthirsty vampire. However, it brought me great benefits. I can utilize its ability to absorb all the dead devils, and at the same time, condense dragon marks, and what’s great is that this won’t affect my foundation at all, which is much better than directly refining devil souls,” said Jiang Chen in his mind.

With regards to the secrets of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he would explore it slowly in the future. In addition to its function as a storage, it could also help Jiang Chen refine the devils, allowing him to obtain energy without worrying about his foundation.

Thick smoke billowed upwards. The war had spread all over the Western Domain. Jiang Chen didn’t stay idle. Instead, he was like a spectre that vanished in a blink. He was now in another battlefield. Wherever he went, a one-sided bloodshed occured.

This was a Great War, the ultimate battle between men and devils. Due to the range of the battlefield being too wide and the number of devils being too great, it was unrealistic to end this war in a short time. It would be considered normal even if such a war lasted for a month.

Jiang Chen, Han Yan and Tyrant were the biggest beneficiaries of this war. Han Yan had acquired the Great Devil Curse and had advanced to the sixth grade during the war, a lot of devils were suppressed because of his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline.

Saint Origin Palace, Desolate Palace!

There was another layer of spatial zone within the spatial zone of Desolate Palace. The atmosphere here was rich with Immortal Qi, a great place for cultivation. At this moment, a youth in blue armour walked out from the spatial zone. He had a bluish hair, high nose bridge and a pair of blue eyes. He looked somewhat demonic but he wasn’t from the Demon Race as the Qi he exuded was a human’s Qi.

Before the blue-haired youth came to the main hall of Desolate Palace, an elder with white beard had been waiting for his arrival. The elder’s cultivation base was a lot stronger. He was a mighty Ninth Grade Great Saint, just like Desolate Emperor and Gu Firmament.

Ninth Grade Great Saint was the peak in the Great Saint realm and also the peak a cultivator could reach in this world.

“Supreme Elder.”

The blue-haired youth bowed to the elder respectfully.

“Changyun, you have been secretly nurtured in our palace for a long time. Now, it’s time for you to contribute. The Western Domain of Saint Origin World is now in chaos and the devil army swarmed the place. I will need you to kill a person,” said the elder.

“A member of the Devil Race?” asked the blue-haired youth.

“No, a human. This is the information about that person.”

Using divine sense, he told everything related to Jiang Chen to the youth.

“Getting rid of a puny Fifth Grade Great Saint doesn’t require my a.s.sistance.”

The youth knitted his brows, looking somewhat dissatisfied.

“Don’t underestimate this man. He is a genius that rarely appears in ten thousand years. Your brother, Desolate Changfeng, died in his hands,” said the elder.


The youth looked shocked. Anger surfaced on his face immediately. His name was Desolate Changyun, the elder brother of Desolate Changfeng. He would naturally be infuriated after hearing the news of his younger brother’s death.

“I am going to kill him now, to avenge my brother’s death.”

Changyun clenched his fist so hard that a cracking sound was heard. Then, without saying another word, he entered the spatial pa.s.sageway. What was important to him right now wasn’t about how monstrous and powerful Jiang Chen was, it was about avenging the death of his brother. He promised that this revenge would be taken on his brother’s murderer.

Changyun was one of the supreme geniuses secretly nurtured by Desolate Palace. He had already reached the peak of Seventh Grade Great Saint. He was one of those whose physiques had been flushed with Immortal Qi throughout the years. A genius like him was bound to create earth-shattering events once he revealed himself. His power was enough to eliminate any powerful Eighth Grade Great Saint. No one could confront him unless except for a Ninth Grade Great Saint.

Above the battlefield of Western Domain was an overcast sky. Mountains and rivers were ruined by the war. Just after Jiang Chen killed a whole bunch of devils, he frowned all of a sudden. A dangerous Qi was aroused inside of him before he sensed a wave of destructive energy attacking him from behind.

Someone sneak-attacked him!

The Great Soul Derivation Technique that he cultivated sharpened his senses. There was no way that others could attack him sneakily because even the Dark Shadow a.s.sa.s.sins failed in all of their attempts.

He spun around and slashed with his Heavenly Saint Sword.

*Hong Long…*

The unparalleled force of impact produced a large spark in the void. The surrounding spatial zone was destroyed instantly. Countless of spatial waves rage to a few hundred miles.

*Deng Deng Deng…*

Under the impact, Jiang Chen retreated a dozen paces before regaining his balance. He looked up and saw a youth in blue armour appearing in front of him. The youth’s emotionless eyes glared at him irritatingly like a venomous snake.

“He’s a Seventh Grade Great Saint. Has Desolate Palace finally sent their secret weapons?”

Jiang Chen’s pupils contracted. It wasn’t hard to guess the ident.i.ty of the attacker just now, a Seventh Grade Great Saint that could send Jiang Chen a dozen paces backwards, he couldn’t think of anyone except for the secret weapons of Desolate Palace.

After learning the ident.i.ty of his opponent, instead of being scared, his combat intent was ignited. According to Ancestor Greenlotus, every genius who had been secretly nurtured by Desolate Palace were outstandingly talented. They were also called the sons of the Heavens. These geniuses’ physiques were nurtured by Immortal Qi throughout the years and they were trained by the Immortals. They were the group that Jiang Chen longed to meet. Today, the opportunity had come to him at last.

Besides, he could also guess that the arrival of this man must be the doing of Desolate Wuleng.

“Sure enough, he is extraordinary. He is still intact after blocking my attack. I didn’t expect that such a genius would appear in Gu Palace,” said Desolate Changyun to himself while staring at Jiang Chen.

His face looked calm but he felt incomparably shocked inside. Before meeting Jiang Chen, he absolutely didn’t believe that someone would be able to block his attack with just the strength of a Fifth Grade Great Saint. Although the attack just now was just a test, he knew how powerful the attack was.

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