Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1000 – The Unstoppable Advancement

Chapter 1000 – The Unstoppable Advancement

The Unstoppable Advancement

The 12th!

It was an awesome performance to defeat the opponent in their first exchange. The technique he used was the Azure Dragon Five Steps, which had been modified after combining the Spatial s.h.i.+ft. Those who had seen this technique before wouldn’t be able to recognize it at the first glance. Plus, it was Gu Chen who used that skill. Therefore, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to find the connection between the technique and Jiang Chen.

Currently, Sang Ba, who had suffered a severe blow, looked extremely miserable. He rubbed the blood off at the corner of his mouth and looked at Jiang Chen viciously. His eyes looked as if it were on fire and were about to burst out from the sockets. Ever since he cultivated the Great Devil Curse, he had never suffered such heavy injury, and most of all, it was caused by a Fourth Grade Great Saint. It had humiliated him tremendously and hurt his self-esteem.

“What’s your name?” asked Sang Ba after stabilizing his Qi.

He wanted to know this imposing human who injured him in their first exchange.

“Gu Chen of Gu Palace.” Jiang Chen announced his name.

His combat intent was unparalleled. Using his eyesight, he could clearly see that Sang Ba had suffered a severe injury from the Azure Dragon Five Steps. However, such an injury wouldn’t greatly affect his ability to fight as the Great Devil Curse was his main combat technique.

“Good, Gu Chen. You are worthy to be called the number one genius amongst the young generation of Saint Origin Palace, having such an incredible combat strength despite being only a Fourth Grade Great Saint. I have to admit that you are the first human I met who had such an ability. If I have the same cultivation base as you, I am certainly no match for you. But even though you’ve injured me, don’t get all over yourself. You have yet to see my true strength. Under my Great Devil Curse, all your techniques will be useless. You will surely face the same fate just like the two geniuses,” said Sang Ba arrogantly.

“Cut the nonsense. You’ve killed Gu Shuangtan and because of that, you’re doomed. I will personally avenge his death,” said Jiang Chen casually.

Even though he and Gu Shuangtan weren’t close friends, he had a good impression of him because he stood up for him before. And today, Gu Shuangtan had sacrificed himself for the glory of Gu Palace. Thus, he must definitely take this revenge.

“Then bring it on! Although you are strong, you won’t be able to handle the Great Devil Curse. I would like to see how you are going to break my curse.” Sang Ba said, and his Qi fluctuated.

Devil waves billowed up to the sky. The Great Devil Curse was casted once more. Countless of devil marks turned into rippling waves, instantly forming a devil domain that trapped Jiang Chen inside.

“Look, Sang Ba has casted the Great Devil Curse again. I wonder if Gu Chen could deal with it.”

“I’m afraid that it would be very hard for him to do so. This Devil Curse is too horrifying. The young monk was just able to tie with this devil because of his supreme Dharma Seals. Although Gu Chen is strong, he will face an unimaginable outcome if he’s affected by the curse.”

“I can see that Gu Chen is still very confident in himself. Maybe he has some kind of technique that can resist the Great Devil Curse.”


Seeing Sang Ba launching the Great Devil Curse again, many of them became nervous, particularly the higher ups of Gu Palace. They felt as if their heart was on their mouth when they recalled how Gu Shuangtan died tragically under this curse.

The devil domain turned into an empty illusory realm. Anyone who fell into it would certainly be affected.

*Hua La La…*

Innumerable devil incantations moved in the void like spiritual serpents as black devil winds rushed around Jiang Chen. These incantations could penetrate into a human’s innermost soul and devour it, causing a temporary coma. The victim wouldn’t be able to extricate himself from it and would eventually die tragically under the curse.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Dragon roars reverberated across the void as Jiang Chen circulated the dragon transformation skill to the maximum. His pure Yang Qi smashed against the devil incantations. Adding the effect of the Great Soul Derivation Technique, the Great Devil Curse was not able to affect him.

“How can a mere illusory realm stop me? I will show you my illusory realm. We’ll see whose technique has the bigger impact.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi began to change. Waves started to move in all directions with him as the center, like tidal waves. Instantly the Great Illusion Realm was formed, merging with the devil domain. As it was created using Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation skill, it had a strong suppressive effect on the devils.

*Keng…* *Keng…* *Keng…*

The two illusory realms collided with each other, producing loud clatters and large sparks. The impact didn’t appear as intense as the impact between combat techniques, however the danger was greater, and only those who were involved knew how terrifying it was.

“What? An illusory realm?!” Looking at the situation, Sang Ba exclaimed.

He had not thought that Jiang Chen would use such a technique to counter his Great Devil Curse. What frightened him the most was that he could sense the horrifyingness of Jing Chen’s illusory realm. His head started to spin as if he had fallen into a trance.

The Great Illusion Realm was one of the most terrifying illusory realms. Every person has their innermost desire, and this would become the weak spot that the Illusion Heart Sutra could manipulate. It would cause the enemy to plunge into the realm so deep that they couldn’t extricate himself from it. In the aspect of illusory realms, the Great Illusion Realm was no doubt scarier than the Great Devil Curse.

On the battlefield, light and dark energy were intertwining with each other. Two distinct illusory realms were interwoven with each other, forming a whole new illusory realm. Within this illusory realm, Jiang Chen and Sang Ba would have to dominate the other in order to influence or even kill the other.

Presently, the two of them were just standing in the illusory realm, doing nothing, but such confrontation was a hundred times more dangerous than a physical fight.

“What’s going on? Why are they immobile?”

“That’s amazing. Gu Chen has also casted a mysterious illusion art and created another illusory realm, it seems a lot more terrifying than the Great Devil Curse. Plus, he seems to have cultivated the Purest Yang cultivation method which could effectively suppress the devils. This is my first time seeing an illusory realm versus another illusory realm!”

“Good. Sure enough, Gu Chen hadn’t disappointed us. I never thought that he has such a trump card in his hand. It is no doubt the best way to deal with Sang Ba’s Great Devil Curse.”

“However, this kind of fight is extremely dangerous. A single carelessness will surely lead them to doom. Currently, the two different kinds of illusory realms were interwoven with one another. Whoever dominate it first would be able to gain control of his opponent and kill him.”


Everyone was shocked. Not one of them had imagined that Gu Chen would use such a deadly technique at this critical juncture—the Illusion Art, the rarest skill in this world because it puts a heavy burden on one’s physique. Once the skill failed, the user would certainly suffer a great backlash. The Great Devil Curse was different. On the contrary, the illusion was just a part of its terrifying abilities. However, Jiang Chen using the Illusion Heart Sutra to counter the Great Devil Curse perfectly matched the situation.

On the other hand, Han Yan’s eyes brightened. It seemed like his comprehension on the Great Devil Curse was nearly complete. Han Yan would certainly grasp the Great Devil Curse after Jiang Chen and Sang Ba’s fight.

In the battlefield, Jiang Chen’s Qi was at ease, whereas Sang Ba looked exhausted; his face was overflowing with sweat.

“This brat’s soul power is so strong that he is completely unaffected by my Great Devil Curse. He just stood there like a motionless, towering mountain, invulnerable to wind and rain. Also his illusory realm made me feel dazed. At this rate, I may not be his opponent.”

Sang Ba felt extremely shocked. Because he can’t pull himself out of the situation, he had no choice but to carry on.

“Haha! Sang Ba, your Great Devil Curse is too immature to compete with my Illusion Art. My Great Illusion Realm is the true Illusion Art. Die now!”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter, and within his laughter were traces of sound waves that impinged Sang Ba’s soul unknowingly. At the same time, he circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique to the extreme. An invisible soul energy sprang out like a sword, striking heavily into the spot between Sang Ba’s brows.


Sang Ba felt a tearing pain in his soul, as if it was. .h.i.t by a sledgehammer. Immediately, he spurted out a mouthful of blood.


Suddenly, Sang Ba howled in agony while facing the sky. Eventually, he was defeated by Jiang Chen in their fight. The devil domain created by the Great Devil Curse vanished like the ebb. Brightness was restored to the entire battlefield; there was only the Great Illusion Realm.

Sang Ba’s spiritual line of defence had been broken down. He was deeply influenced by the Great Illusion Realm, causing him to fall into a trance and into a state of madness.

*Hong Long…*

Sang Ba kept on sending out powerful devil waves, however, looking at it from the outside, his attack was in complete disorder, as if his target wasn’t Jiang Chen and was someone else. Jiang Chen just stood idly by and watched the show.

“Look, Sang Ba’s devil domain has already disappeared. He seems to have been affected by Jiang Chen’s illusory realm and is attacking aimlessly.”

“Well, Sang Ba is finished this time. He has been fully influenced by the illusory realm and has fallen into his own world. Therefore, he doesn’t know who he is targeting.”

“Everyone, stand on guard and be ready. We can’t allow the devil experts to save Sang Ba.”


The people of the Great Lightning Tune Temple were all exhilarated, especially the people of Gu Palace. Gu Firmament swept across the surroundings, using his divine sense to closely observe the movements of the devil experts. He wouldn’t hesitate to stop those devils the moment they appear to save Sang Ba.

The battle between Jiang Chen and Sang Ba was of great importance. It would seriously affect the morale of both sides. If Sang Ba was killed, it would deal a heavy blow to the Devil Race’s moral, while raising the morale of the Human Race to a high level.

Desolate Emperor and Desolate Wuleng were gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth. They originally wanted to use Sang Ba to eliminate Jiang Chen and avenge Desolate Changfeng’s death, and also get rid of a future threat. They hadn’t imagined that Jiang Chen would be this strong. At this rate, Sang Ba would certainly die. After killing Sang Ba, Jiang Chen would get two Immortal Pills. By then, his cultivation base would improve further and would rise without a doubt.

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