Devil's Son-in-Law - Chapter 1085: Hungry Bird

Chapter 1085: Hungry Bird

Chapter 1085: Hungry Bird

Chen Rui got to know from Kia that Duoduos appet.i.te seemed to have increased since a few days ago. By yesterday, it had risen to an astonis.h.i.+ng level. Even when she was sleeping, she would wake up from hunger and cry for something to eat.

Today, Kia and Alice took Duoduo to the streets and came back from a big meal. Unexpectedly, just after returning home, the little girl was already hungry.

This was not normal and not some kind of Hungry Bird game. Both Chen Rui and Catherine sensed that the breath on Duoduo was becoming more and more disordered. They couldnt help but to be worried.

After eating a lot of food, the little girl was still not full. She just cried out that she was hungry.

Right! Chen Rui suddenly thought of Duoduos situation when he was in the human world. With a s.h.i.+ft of mind, he took out a fire element red crystal, Duoduo

Before he could finish speaking, the little baby flew over happily, took the crystal, and touched it with her small hand. The fire element power of the crystal was rapidly weakening, and it had become transparent in the blink of an eye before it disappeared into powder.

Daddy! More!

Chen Rui clearly sensed that the chaotic breath had calmed down a little, and he finally understood it. He hurriedly took out a few more pieces.

In the blink of an eye, the fire element crystal was once again absorbed.

Daddy, Duoduo still wants to eat

Its not called eating Baby, its called absorbing energy. Chen Rui simply took out all the fire-related things in the storage warehouse and piled them up into a hill. Some of them were even valuable materials, but for the sake of his precious daughter, there was nothing he couldnt let go.

Duoduo looked dazzlingly at the pile of fire element crystals and items, and pounced toward them, Daddy is really amazing!

Seeing her daughter happily rolling around in the crystals and materials, Chen Rui felt relieved.

Duoduo should have grown to a certain stage that needs a lot of fire energy, so she keeps feeling hungry. Chen Ruis words made everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

Boss Olypheus looked at the sparkling crystals, Those things are expensive!

Of course they are. Lalaria, who was also a dragon and had a strong appreciation ability, also had sparkling eyes, That is a red flame crystal, that is a fire dragon garnet. What is that? Could it be the legendary Ultimate Flame Mist Heart?

Olypheus hurriedly asked, Is that kind of heart so valuable?

Its priceless that can buy a city! Wait a minute! Duoduo, that Lalarias voice trembled because she just saw the priceless Ultimate Flame Mist Heart turned into a dull waste crystal in Ms. Duoduos hands.

The flat-chested loli revealed a painful face.

A city was eaten like this.

Its worth a city? Ms. Black Dragons eyes were full of black crystal coins shaking, and she immediately approached Chen Rui, Boss, Im hungry too. I want to eat too. No, absorb energy

Chen Rui,

Chen Ruis optimism didnt last long. A few hours later, the hill-like fire crystal and magic materials were all swallowed up by Duoduo.

The little girl absorbed so much fire element power, but she didnt feel full at all. In fact, she was still hungry. Chen Rui also noticed the disordered breath on Duoduo had not completely stabilized. Apparently, the absorbed energy was still not enough.

Athena made an immediate decision, Kia, ask Ina to immediately take people to various markets and magic stores in the estate to buy fire element materials; the more the better! No limit on the cost!

Kia responded and hurried out.

Duoduo, how do you feel Catherine hugged Duoduo nervously. Even Her Majesty Empress who had always been wise could not help but panic at this moment.

Mommy, Im not full. Im still hungry. The little girl looked at Catherine with puppy eyes.

Hold on, Duoduo, Aunt Kia and Aunt Ina will bring something for you to eat in a while. Chen Rui coaxed his daughter, but his gaze seemed more and more worried, because what he just took out from the storage warehouse were extremely precious materials.

In comparison, the fire element materials in the Dark Moon are far inferior in quality and quant.i.ty, Im afraid

No doubt, after Kia and Ina successively obtained a large number of fire element materials, it was still far from enough after being absorbed by Duoduo.

It was night by now, and the lamp spirits served dinner. Because of the concern about Duoduos condition, everyone barely ate anything at noon. Now it was almost dinner time, but no one had any appet.i.te. Only Athena, who was pregnant, was forced to eat some by Catherine.

Feeling that the breath on Duoduo was becoming more and more unstable, Chen Rui gritted his teeth and took out an item from the storage warehouse. As soon as this item appeared, the surrounding suddenly became hot.

This was a diamond-shaped red stone with spectacular power. At first glance, it gave the illusion of burning, but in fact, it was not a complete illusion. If it werent for Chen Ruis ability to insulate most of the items power, everything nearby would have been set ablaze in that terrifying heat.

The fire origin fragment.

The fire origin fragment was the trophy that Chen Rui got when he fought against Dillosro. Under the power of his final blow of [All Star G.o.ds View], Dillosro annihilated and disappeared. The fire origin fragment that was used to fuse into Despair Flame was obtained by Chen Rui.

The fire origin fragment was a special item that could only be activated by the Elemental King. It had great power. Chen Rui didnt know what effect it would have on Duoduo. He originally planned to go to the human world and give it to the Fire Elemental King Ogmarton as promised, but at this moment, he couldnt care too much anymore.

Duoduo clearly sensed the power of the fire origin fragment. Her big eyes flashed with curiosity and surprise as she reached out and grabbed the stone.

Chen Rui was relieved to see that Duoduo was not affected by the power of high temperature. After the fire origin fragment fell into Duoduos hands, the terrifying high temperature immediately turned into a gentle feeling.

There was no doubt that the power of the fire origin fragment was strong. No matter how Duoduo absorbed the power, the fire element breath had not weakened in the slightest.

Duoduo didnt cry hunger anymore. She held the fire origin fragment and played for a while. Soon, she fell asleep on Chen Ruis body.

Looking at her daughters peaceful little face after she fell asleep, Chen Ruin sensed that the chaotic breath had finally calmed down, so he finally let go of his tense mind.

Even in sleep, Duoduos hands were still holding the fire origin fragment tightly.

Leave her to me. Catherine took Duoduo from Chen Ruis hand, Ill take her to rest for a while.

Chen Rui nodded, and the lamp spirit guards led Catherine into the back bedroom.

Seeing that Duoduo was fine, Ms. Black Dragon, who didnt dare to create trouble, also regained her vitality. She shouted that she was about to starve to death some time ago, and that she hadnt tasted the Dark Moons food for a long time, so she proposed to go to the Princess Retail Store to feast and also share the miraculous adventure in the Dead Sea previously.

As the host and good friend, Alice naturally couldnt refuse. She cast her expectant eyes on Chen Rui, but Chen Rui looked at Athena and shrugged apologetically to Princess Loli. Kia rolled her eyes and excused herself, saying that she was too tired after taking care of a certain hungry bird last night, so she needed to take a nap. In the end, she also stayed.

Princess Loli pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction. Unable to withstand the desperate push of Ms. Black Dragon, who wanted to eat free meals, she brought Adeline, Lalaria and Olypheus to form a team of anti big-breasted friends in the end. They headed toward the Dark Moons Princess Retail Store.

Why dont you accompany Alice? Athena looked at Chen Rui who was sitting beside her, Dont you see that she misses you so much?

Dont you see that I miss you all too? Chen Rui wrapped his arms around her waist and waved to Kia. A certain succubus who had just yawned and said that she wanted to make up for her sleep immediately appeared beside him in high spirits.

The word all is used too forcibly. The little succubus cuddled Chen Rui with Athena with a joyful look on her face, but her tone was sighing resentfully.

Chen Rui scratched the succubuss nose in annoyance, if thats what you are saying, then I have to remove the word all. Athena, lets find a quiet place to chat alone.

Youre too petty. Kia is just joking. Athena backed her good sister. She was appreciative of Kia who was busy taking care of her and Duoduo these days.

Hmph Hmph!

Athena is the best. Much better than the heartless man. While the little maid said so, she moved her hand to a certain part of the man intentionally.

Chen Rui hurriedly grabbed the bold hand, Being so naughty so soon? Cant we just chat quietly?


, right. It should be Athenas turn today. The little succubus said to Athena secretly,


, madam lord, lets discuss. Shall we change tonight?

Change what? Athena blushed and asked knowingly.


why dont you add me in? Ill give it back to you next time when its my turn? The little succubus became particularly energetic when she mentioned threesome.

Stop fooling around. What do you take me for? Chen Rui slapped succubus on the hip, I said to chat quietly, and thats all you have in your mind?

The little succubus gave him a wink, leaned into his ear and said, Then after for that chat quietly is finished, the 3 of us will concentrate and study this in depth, okay?

Chen Rui felt that Kia actually licked his earlobe while he was talking, and his hairs stood up. He couldnt help but feel aroused for a moment, and there was a faint instinctive reaction in a certain part. Obviously, this sultry little succubus used the talent of seduction just now.



Next, Chen Rui spoke out about the experience of this adventure. Gradually, even Kia was fascinated by it.

Chen Rui, you just said that the City of Stars has now become a flying s.h.i.+p?

Thats right, its like in those s.p.a.ce stories I told you before. In the future, when everything settles down, we will completely put aside the mundane things at hand and take the Star s.h.i.+p to sail to various places, including the universe, okay?


Both Athena and Kia couldnt help expressing their longing.

At this moment, Catherines anxious voice sounded, Chen Rui, come quickly!


Chen Rui reacted immediately and appeared in the bedroom in an instant.

Duoduos eyes closed tightly while she was holding the fire origin fragment and s.h.i.+vering. She was shouting, Its so cold!

As soon as Chen Rui touched his daughters body, he felt as cold as ice. He couldnt help but be startled, Whats going on?

I dont know. Duoduo just slept for a while, then she started to cry cold. I tried to remove the red stone, and her body became even colder.

Chen Rui tried inputting some power support, but nothing worked.

What should we do? Catherine looked anxious and at a loss, completely losing her usual calmness. Now she was not the Demon Realms top sage or empress; she was just an ordinary mother.

Duoduo has the fire attribute physique, why is this happening? Could it be a mutation caused by the fire origin fragment? As of now, there is only one way. Chen Rui took a deep breath, Go find the master of the fire origin fragment.

Ill come too! Catherine hugged her daughter tightly.

TL: With she grows into dual element of ice and fire physique?