Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 2247 2249 The Great And Huge Little Uncle

Chapter 2247 2249 The Great And Huge Little Uncle

Chapter 2247 2249 The Great And Huge Little Uncle

When the darkness of the human heart reaches the abyss, there is nothing that can not be done!

This internet cafe gradually became a secret place for late-night revelry. Even when this method of making money became popular, more and more internet cafes followed suit, and more and more schools appeared around it, this kind of late-night dog abuse entertainment appeared!

In each school, there was a group of ignorant and incompetent students who had become loyal fans of this revelry.


Not everyone would be moved by such a shameless and despicable video.

After a few girls in the school accidentally found out about this matter, they were very angry and joined forces to find the teacher and the to report it.

As a result..

The school only issued a notice to the students to not stay up late to surf the Internet, delaying their studies and harming their health. However, they did not mention any of those dog abuse videos.

The teacher helplessly said that those things happened outside the school, and the school had no right to intervene. They could only rely on the students themselves.

The girls were very disappointed.

No one knew who proposed to go to the Small Animal Protection a.s.sociation.

Everyone excitedly took time to specifically complain.

In the end..

The staff of the Small Animal Protection a.s.sociation actually kicked them out, saying that they had no evidence. They did not have the energy to deal with such rumors. They were too busy treating stray dogs.

The girls were almost desperate!

Was there really no one who could care about this matter?

That day, Gu Qiqi defended gong jue forcefully in the imperial court. The live video spread across the entire Internet.

The girls seemed to have finally opened a window.

That's right, they could still ask for help from a big lawyer!

Hence, they went to universe law firm and begged the firm to accept this case.

This time, they endured the nausea and pain and sneaked into the boys'group. They went to the internet cafe and took some videos and photos before handing them over to the law firm.

In a case like this, they could only file a public interest lawsuit because the origins of the dogs were unknown. They did not know who their owners were, so there were no victims and no plaintiffs.

In other words, even if they fought this lawsuit, they would not earn any money.

In the entire law firm, only an Wanru stepped forward to take on this case.

"I'll do it."

Just as everyone was complimenting her in an insincere manner, "Lawyer an is really caring,""Lawyer an is unparalleled in charity and public interest,"and "Lawyer an is so great.".

An wanru said coldly, "Don't flatter me. My Intern a.s.sistant is a veterinarian. I'm taking on this case so that she can take over the work from a familiar field as soon as possible."

Everyone looked like they had been beaten up."..."

Xiao Ning looked like she was eating lotus root!"..."

Ang Ang ang Ang, it was true that she was a veterinarian, but she was born to hate animals with fur. Dogs were cute and pitiful, but she was scared to death. Was it really a wise choice to let her take on this case?


The first day she entered the law firm, she rejected the job a.s.signment from her boss. Did she still want to work in the future?

Xiao Ning had no choice but to accept it.

In the past two days, she had been doing so much research that she was about to throw up.

The video information provided by the girls was a little fuzzy.

If she wanted to write an indictment, she had to first figure out the types of those dogs. She also had to figure out the extent to which the specific actions of abusing the dogs hurt the dogs. As a result..

In short, she had to look up a lot of information.

It could be said that she was taking anti-vomiting medicine while she was looking up the lawsuit.


She was finally done with her work and yawned. She looked at the time and helplessly looked at the long table in the conference room. Well, she was afraid that she would have to sleep in the conference room again tonight.

It seemed that she had to bring a blanket and pillow tomorrow.

Hehe, Xiao Ning, oh, Xiao Ning, I can't believe that you would sleep in the Office for your career one day. hehehe.???ewe?????.??

Although she was tired, she was in a good mood and had the time to tease herself.

Just as she was about to roll on the table and have a good rest,.


The phone screen lit up.

Immediately, a familiar and nervous ringtone pierced into her eardrums.

The ringtone was "The Devil Is Here!"

Who was the caller? Needless to say.

Of course, it was her great and huge little uncle, Bai Yeyuan.