Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 186: Yet Another Escape

Chapter 186: Yet Another Escape

Chapter 186: Yet Another Escape

“He wants to escape…”

“Chase him! Don’t let him get away!”

“The battle skill is on him, there’s no way he can get away from us!”

“Hurry up and chase him!”

Just as Jian Chen leaped up, everyone began to shout. A high cla.s.s battle skill was something even Earth Saint Masters would drool over. Even many Earth Saint Masters didn’t have a single battle skill, let alone a Great Saint Master.

“Wu Yun, stay still!”

“Where do you plan to run off to?”

“Hand over the battle skill or die!”


Following a mix of pa.s.sionate and furious roars, the Great Saint Masters on the roofs and the ground all attacked Jian Chen.

If Jian Chen were to continue to stay here and battle, then perhaps he wouldn’t attract the attacks of everyone at once. However, now that he had started to run, no one would allow him to do so with ease.

There were at least 30 Saint Masters attacking Jian Chen. Their Saint Weapons surged with Saint Force as they filled the narrow s.p.a.ce with incomparable power that would shock anyone.

Right above Jian Chen’s head were a single axe, two swords, a cleaver, and even a machete that came cras.h.i.+ng down with a terrifying amount of pressure.

With Jian Chen in midair, there was nowhere he could go to escape from this a.s.sault; he couldn’t change his direction. Helplessly, he clenched the Light Wind Sword and began to swing quickly to form a web of sword strokes in front of him.

“Ding ding ding ding…”

The sounds of an amalgamate of Saint Weapons colliding together could be heard as the Light Wind Sword clashed fiercely with all of them. Although it had blocked the offensive weapons, the opposing Saint Weapons had an unbelievably strong amount of force that had placed such a large amount of a pressure on Jian Chen, and he was forced to fall back down to the ground.

Jian Chen’s legs tapped onto the ground gently before he continued to run like a bullet with no hesitation, far away from the enemies.

Just as Jian Chen began to run, two more Great Saint Masters lashed out with their Saint Weapons. Charging toward Jian Chen, their eyes flashed fiercely as the Saint Force flowed into their Saint Weapons and prepared to make contact with Jian Chen with an ear-splitting sound.

A battle skill was just far too alluring. Jian Chen’s strength was far beyond what anyone had expected; he had killed two Great Saint Masters without even giving them a chance to defend. Thus, every single person from the powerful clans had mutually agreed without communicating that they would join hands to deal with Jian Chen together.

Jian Chen’s figure continued to run forward as the two Saint Weapons flew down on him. His feet became a blur as he instantly sped up and unfathomably crossed ⅔ meter in that moment, perfectly evading the incoming attacks.


The Light Wind Sword stabbed forward with lightning fast speed once more as it emitted an ear splitting sound while it cut through the air. At the same time, it carried a strong amount of power that would break through any defense as it headed toward one of the Great Saint Masters’ throat.


Jian Chen’s eyes frosted over with an intense killing intent that seemed as if it was almost capable of destroying souls. This made anyone with a weaker amount of strength afraid to make eye contact with him. Just as the Light Wind Sword immediately stabbed through the Great Saint Master, it was pulled out just as fast as it came. It them immediately stabbed towards the other Great Saint Master by his side.

Seeing how his companion had been killed, the remaining Great Saint Master couldn’t help but grow pale with shock. Although he knew Jian Chen was superbly strong, he didn’t think that it would be to such an extent. Even a Great Saint Master like his friend was killed by a mere Saint Master.

Seeing Jian Chen’s sword that resembled the scythe of the G.o.d of death come at him, the Great Saint Master’s expression suddenly changed. Recalling his Saint Weapon to himself, he tried to block the sword coming at his throat.


Even though the Great Saint Master was able to block the fatal blow, the Light Wind Sword still carried enough force to push the man back involuntarily.

Before the man could regain his footing, another ear splitting sound could be heard as a silver glow of light stabbed through his throat

By the time the glow had dissipated, the only thing to be seen was a thin and slender, silver sword already dyed with a red tint.

The impaled Great Saint Master’s eyes widened. In his final moments of being alive, a single thought spiraled through his head, “What…what a fast sword…”

At that moment, another 30 Great Saint Masters quickly began to charge at Jian Chen from all directions. The few already close to Jian Chen had already started to slash their Saint Weapons at him.

Jian Chen’s eyes quickly swept around him as he quickly blocked a few Saint Weapons that were impossible to evade with his sword. In another instant, he quickly charged into a group of Saint Masters.

If he wanted to charge out of the encirclement formed by the 30 Great Saint Masters, he’d have to break through by ground, because there were hundreds of people protecting the ground. If he managed to mingle with the crowd, even those Great Saint Masters would have difficulty trying to obstruct him. If he escaped by air, he’d probably be surrounded by Great Saint Masters again as soon as he flew upwards.

With a flash, Jian Chen slipped into the ground. The Light Wind Sword turned into a silver light that flashed through the air as it pierced through the throats of the enemies. Against these Saint Master experts, Jian Chen’s absolute strength would spare no one.

Quickly, Jian Chen charged forwards with the crowd of people. Any place he pa.s.sed through, members of major clans on both sides of him would fall to the ground.

“Quick, run…”

The group of people grew frightened, and scattered in all directions like cats on a hot tin roof.


“Wu Yun, I won’t forgive you!”

“I’ll smash you into a thousand pieces!”

Seeing the people that had died from Jian Chen’s hands, a few Great Saint Masters grew flew into rages from frustration.They then began to charge into the crowd to chase after Jian Chen.

However, since there were people on their own sides within this dense crowd, the Great Saint Masters felt like they had an arm and leg tied behind their backs since they couldn’t kill indiscriminately like Jian Chen was doing.

“Everyone, disperse!”

A person immediately cried out, but it was unnecessary. Just as Jian Chen had rushed into a group of Saint Masters, they all ran for their lives in all directions. But because there was a hundred people crowded within a narrow street, it was impossible for all of them to escape from him within a short period of time. With Jian Chen’s incomparably fast sword, only a few of the further people could narrowly escape from his path as the unlucky ones were all slain.

Within a few breaths’ time, Jian Chen had dyed the streets red with blood. He rushed out of the crowd of hundreds of people, and without showing any signs of stopping, immediately began to run off into the distance.

Behind him, the 30 remaining Great Saint Masters pursued him relentlessly, unwilling to let him go.