Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1472: Slaying a Receival Expert (Two)

Chapter 1472: Slaying a Receival Expert (Two)

Chapter 1472: Slaying a Receival Expert (Two)

The moment Jian Chen’s Martial Soul Force had appeared, the collapse of the heavily damaged s.p.a.ce slowed. Even the streams of energy that wreaked havoc calmed down, becoming much less brutal.

The six Receival experts from the foreign world all jerked violently when they were struck by the Martial Soul Force. Their faces changed abruptly, and soon, the games they sent toward Jian Chen were filled with shock and disbelief.

“A soul attack! He can actually use a soul attack!” Anna cried out. Even the master of their world, the Spiritking did not possess a soul attack. Even with the entire World of Forsaken Saints in perspective, there was barely anyone who could use a soul attacks. However, without any exceptions, the soul attacks of the people from the World of Forsaken Saints were nowhere near as powerful as Jian Chen’s soul attack, which could affect Origin realm experts.

Although Jian Chen currently possessed a soul that was equivalent to Returnance, he had only recently gained the power of Martial Soul Force and had not found a corresponding technique to use it, so its force was reduced. It was nowhere as powerful as it was rumored. It could only be used to deal with Saint Emperors. It was unable to harm experts of the Origin realm. As a result, the six of them were left unscathed even after suffering Jian Chen’s Martial Soul Force attack.

Even though that was the case, it was still enough to make them pause, losing their best chance to save Ku Mu’s life.


The Zi Ying Sword stabbed into Ku Mu’s forehead with lightning-like speed, piercing through his head. However, Ku Mu was an experienced fighter. He had lived through countless life-or-death battles, so his experience was rich. He had already abandoned his body and fled as just a soul when the Zi Ying Sword came into contact with his skin. He flew toward Anna and the others as quickly as he could.

Jian Chen sneered. Killing intent swelled in his sharp eyes. He stabbed out one more time, pursuing Ku Mu’s soul.

At this moment, the five other Receival experts returned to their senses as well. Four of them immediately radiated with surging presences to receive Jian Chen, stopping his attack from reaching Ku Mu’s soul, while Anna quickly flew toward Ku Mu’s soul in an attempt to protect it.

Wild streams of energy were present everywhere in the tunnel. Having lost his body, Ku Mu was extremely weak. Even if he was a Receival expert, he was unable to survive in the tunnel as a soul.

“None of you can save him!” Jian Chen coldly informed them. The Zi Ying Sword immediately grew brighter and transformed into five illusionary swords that would take on the five people. He began an intense battle against the five of them in the tunnel.

Jian Chen was alone, but he had comprehended the Way of the Sword. His battle prowess was so extraordinary that he did not fall into a disadvantageous position while taking on five Receival experts all by himself. Anna felt helpless due to Jian Chen’s attacks and could no longer bother protecting Ku Mu’s soul.

“Ku Mu, hurry up and return,” Anna called out to Ku Mu. They all understood that attacking the Tian Yuan Continent was no longer possible now that everything had gone south. They had underestimated Jian Chen’s strength. Even though the Spiritking had given them a secret treasure to trap the Returnance expert, just Jian Chen himself was enough to stop the five of them.

Not to mention, the other three Origin realm experts outside the tunnel who had not taken part in the battle yet.

Ku Mu said nothing. He carefully avoided the streams of energy in the tunnel as he flew in the direction he had come in. He knew that he could die at any moment and would only be safe if he returned to the World of Forsaken Saints.

But an azure light appeared with a flash and crossed the chasm in the tunnel. It shot over with lightning-like speed, toward Ku Mu’s soul.

The five Receival experts who were fighting against Jian Chen revealed drastically different expressions. One of them immediately cried out, “It’s his other sword. G.o.d dammit, we forgot about his azure sword. Go save Ku Mu!”

However, it was already too late. The Qing Suo Sword moved far too quickly, arriving before Ku Mu’s soul in a single moment. Ku Mu was helpless against the Qing Suo Sword without his body. The Qing Suo Sword pa.s.sed through his soul with surging sword Qi under his terrified gaze.


Ku Mu produced a chilling cry. At the end of it, his soul vanished from the tunnel, having been wiped out.

The other five Receival experts’ expression all became extremely ugly after Ku Mu’s death. They all felt heavy-hearted. Ku Mu was the strongest among the six of them, and even with the entire World of Forsaken Saints in perspective, there was probably no other Receival expert who could beat him. Yet today, he had been slain so easily, which caused the five of them to jump in fright.

The amount of time from the first clash against Jian Chen to his death was way too short.

“Retreat!” One of the experts said with a heavy voice. He used his full strength to deliver a final attack on Jian Chen before immediately shooting back.

The four other people did not hesitate either. They all lost interest in the battle and retreated with the Receival expert. The five of them maintained a formation that could be used both defensively and offensively. They were careful about defending themselves against Jian Chen’s pursuit as they fled in the direction they had come in as quickly as possible.

Jian Chen hovered where he was as he silently watched the five of them travel away. He did not chase them because the tunnel had already become extremely damaged. Even Origin realm experts would not be able to stay in it for too long, or they would be sucked out of the tunnel after the slightest carelessness and become lost in the endless void.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

At this moment, a few deep sounds rang out. Near Jian Chen, a chasm several dozen meters long formed in the tunnel as the s.p.a.ce there collapsed. The violet streams of energy became even more brutal.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen immediately turned around and flew back toward the Tian Yuan Continent on his Zi Ying Sword. On his way back, the tunnel shook more and more violently. The three-hundred-meter-wide chasm had already expanded to nine hundred meters. Even with Jian Chen’s strength, he needed to be very careful while crossing the region to avoid falling into the void.

Jian Chen returned to the Tian Yuan Continent safely. As soon as he emerged from the tunnel, the sea G.o.ddess, Tie Ta, Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, and Guihai Yidao immediately hurried over to him.

“There were a total of six Receival experts this time. I killed one of them and the five other retreated,” Jian Chen said nonchalantly.

However, the shock his nonchalant message brought to the five of them was extreme.

He had faced off against six Receival experts all by himself in the tunnel and not only emerged victorious but had managed to kill one of them as well. They all felt astounded by his battle prowess.