Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1071: Going to Mercenary City

Chapter 1071: Going to Mercenary City

Chapter 1071: Going to Mercenary City

The sun was blood-red as it neared the horizon. Jian Chen stood straight, like a sword, at the peak of a range of mountains in white robes. He stared at the red clouds, as if he was in a trance, without moving at all. A sea of white clouds floated beneath him.

Where he currently stood was the tallest mountain peak in the mountain range where the Huang family resided. The mountains were so steep and dangerous that they were unscalable.

The wild wind violently buffeted him high up in the air, whistling past his hears. Coupled with it were the roars of beasts from the forests in the distance, sounding like the dreadful cries of ghosts as they fused together with the wind.

A white figure quickly shot over from the distance, arriving on the mountain peak where Jian Chen stood in an instant. Afterward, she walked up to his side and gently grabbed Jian Chen’s arm, resting her head on his shoulder. Her face was filled with happiness and satisfaction.

She was Huang Luan. Huang Luan was dressed especially prettily today, wearing makeup to accentuate her alluring beauty. Her eyes were bright and seemed to possess a wondrous charm, possessing some grace in her purity. It was enchanting. Her glossy, black hair fell down her shoulders like a waterfall. She had worn a white, luxurious dress on purpose today, so she looked like a G.o.ddess. Standing next to Jian Chen who was also in white robes, the two of them possessed the aura of an immortal couple.

Huang Luan leaned closed to Jian Chen’s bosom. She was filled with happiness and joy, watching the sun set with Jian Chen. Neither one said anything.

As the blood-red sunlight gradually faded, darkness gradually descended upon the dusk. The moment when the world was about to be engulfed by darkness, the whistling of wind vibrated from afar and a figure shot over like a comet. He made his way toward Jian Chen with lightning speed, arriving in just a few seconds.

“My beloved junior, why have you called me here?” Huang Tianba chuckled with a smile. He had even begun to refer to Jian Chen as his junior instead of brother like before. He felt extremely happy, especially when he saw how Huang Luan and Jian Chen were together.

Huang Luan became embarra.s.sed with how she stuck to Jian Chen so intimately after her great-grandfather arrived. She hesitantly let go of Jian Chen’s arm before glancing at Huang Tianba with a slight blush. She gently said, “Great-grandfather!”

Huang Tianba chuckled even more when he saw how Huang Luan became embarra.s.sed like a little girl. He nodded but did not say anything more.

Jian Chen slowly turned around and looked at Huang Tianba calmly. He smiled, “Senior Huang, I’ve called you here this time because I have something important to discuss with you.”

Huang Tianba immediately became stern when he heard how it was important. He said, “Please continue.”

Jian Chen continued, “Senior Huang, I want to take you to Mercenary City and get the barrier spirit to invoke the mysteries of the world so you can comprehend them and thus break through. Are you willing to come?”

“What! To get the barrier spirit of Mercenary City to invoke the mysteries of the world so I can comprehend and break through?” Huang Tianba became surprised. He stared fixedly at Jian Chen, wide-eyed, as disbelief flooded his face. He felt shocked inside, struggled to convince himself that that was what Jian Chen had said.

Huang Tianba also knew a little regarding the barrier spirit of Mercenary City. He did not know a lot, but he did know one thing: the barrier spirit had existed since ancient times and was an existence that had survived through the ages. It was extremely powerful, always playing the role of the Mercenary City’s protector G.o.d.

What he found difficult to believe was that Jian Chen could actually get the barrier to invoke the mysteries of the world and a.s.sist people in making breakthroughs. It was just too shocking.

No similar rumors had ever appeared on the continent, let alone the fact that anyone knew the barrier spirit could do such things.

“Senior Huang, are you willing to come?” Jian Chen seemed to smile at Huang Tianba through is eyes.

“I’m willing, I’m willing. Of course I’m willing. How could I miss something so good?” Huang Tianba returned to his senses and hurriedly replied. He was afraid that his late reply would make him miss out on such a rare opportunity.

Huang Tianba left afterward as he was ravished by joy. He handed over some matters within the clan before leaving with Jian Chen on the morning of the next day. He went with Jian Chen, making their way to the Changyang clan in Lore City.

Huang Luan left with Jian Chen. Although the problems with her Water Spirit’s Body had been resolved, the imprint left in her head by the Huanggu clan ancestor still remained.

While Jian Chen stayed at the Huang family, he had visited the Huanggu clan ancestor trapped within the saint artifact. He wanted to learn the method of releasing the seal from him. However, he was a sly old fox who had lived for over two thousand years, so he knew that the secret technique was the only thing keeping him alive. How could he tell someone else how to release it so easily? In the end, Jian Chen failed to learn about the method of release from the old man no matter what he tried.

Jian Chen dared not harm the life of the Huanggu clan ancestor due to the restrictions of the secret technique. With no other choice, he left the old man be. He would come back to deal with him after he found a way to remove the seal from Huang Luan.

Jian Chen returned to the Changyang clan very quickly with Huang Luan and Huang Tianba. The two of them had stopped being outsiders to the rest of the clan long ago since they had gotten to know each other quite some time ago. As a result, they were warmly welcomed as soon as they arrived.

Bi Hai warmly welcomed them in particular. As he was good friends with Huang Tianba, he was pulled aside to drink as soon as they met.

Jian Chen stayed in the Changyang clan for one day, before leaving for Mercenary City with Bi Hai, Huang Tianba, Yang Ling, Huang Luan, and uncle Chang. They traveled through a Spatial Gate constructed by Rui Jin.

The people beside Jian Chen right now were only the people he trusted most. There was also Jiede Tai, but Jian Chen still did not completely trust him, which was why he did not take Jiede Tai with him this time.

As for Changyang Zu Yunkong, a seal remained in his head so he was unable to increase his strength at all. It would only be harmful to him otherwise.

“Big brother, you’ve finally come.” As soon as Jian Chen arrived in Mercenary City, Xiao Ling appeared before him in an illusionary form. Perhaps because she saw Jian Chen, her pure face was filled with happiness.

Jian Chen could help but smile when he saw Xiao Ling. He had begun to view Xiao Ling as his own younger sister since long ago, “Xiao Ling, how’s Ming Dong?”

“The three pieces of beast fur in your friend’s hand are not simple, big brother. The mysteries of the world are actually hidden within them. I used my own powers to awaken them inside, and then with some hard work, I invoked the mysteries of the world on the side as well, so your friend finally reached Saint Ruler. However, he’s cultivating right now,” said Xiao Ling. She was proud of herself.

“Ming Dong’s also become a Saint Ruler,” murmured Jian Chen. He felt happy for Ming Dong inside.

“Jian Chen, who’re you talking to?” A pleasant voice rang out from beside him. Huang Luan asked Jian Chen as she hung onto Jian Chen’s arm, her eyes s.h.i.+ning with curiosity.

It was not just her; even Huang Tianba, Bi Hai, Yang Ling and Chang Wuji stared at him in amazement.

Jian Chen knew that they could not see Xiao Ling, but he did not explain his actions. He said to Xiao Ling, “They’re all friends and senior of me. I hope Xiao Ling can a.s.sist them in their cultivation in the future.”

Xiao Ling obediently nodded, “Yes. Big brother, don’t worry. Xiao Ling will definitely work hard to increase their strength.” With that, she waved her hand and Jian Chen’s group immediately felt everything go black. They had been dragged underground by Xiao Ling’s abilities, and even Rui Jin came along.

When the scene before them brightened up once more, they discovered that they had arrived in a completely sealed room. There were no cracks on the wall at all, completely flawless like nature. There was not even a door out.

Jian Chen looked around a little. He knew that the room was completely created from energy, probably prepared by Xiao Ling specially for Bi Hai and the others.

“Big brother, you can cultivate here in the future. Xiao Ling will invoke the mysteries of the world for you, but comprehending them will completely depend on you.” Xiao Ling’s illusionary body reappeared before Jian Chen as she levitated in the air.

This time, Bi Hai, Huang Tianba, Yang Ling, Huang Luan, and Chang Wuji’s attention were all drawn toward her at the same time. They could all see her.

“My dear junior, is this the barrier spirit of Mercenary City?” Huang Tianba could not help but ask as he stared unblinkingly at Xiao Ling. He was filled with curiosity.

Jian Chen nodded before introducing everyone to Xiao Ling. He left Huang Tianba, Bi Hai, Yang Ling, and Chang Wuji there.

Jian Chen also took the three pieces of beast fur from Ming Dong before handing them to Chang Wuji. He wished that Chang Wuji could reach Saint Ruler as soon as possible.

Chang Wuji’s talent was relatively ordinary. He had not reached Saint Ruler even after close to a thousand years. Now, due to the fact that he was too old and extremely close to the end of his life, the effects of heavenly resources would be minimal. The a.s.sistance from Xiao Ling and the three pieces of beast fur was his final chance at reaching Saint Ruler.

If he could not break through even under such circ.u.mstances, it would be impossible for him in the future.

Afterward, Jian Chen asked Xiao Ling whether she could remove the secret technique in Huang Luan’s head. The outcome, however, was extremely disappointing.

Xiao Ling was an expert of the Origin realm, but she was not an omnipotent G.o.d. It was impossible to break such a profound ancient secret technique planted directly on a person’s soul even if someone had heavenly abilities.

Xiao Ling was in the Origin realm. Her battle prowess was extremely great, and she was basically invincible on the Tian Yuan Continent. However, she was just too negligent; since the ancient times, she had mostly spent her time sleeping. The number of abilities she knew were just too few, so she could do nothing about the secret technique that entwined the fates of two people.

Compared to the sea G.o.ddess, Xiao Ling might have been slightly more powerful, but she was nowhere near the sea G.o.ddess in terms of knowledge, experience, and secret techniques.

For certain matters, Xiao Ling could not even compare to the mercenaries who had spent some time wandering the Tian Yuan Continent.