Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1029: Another Visit to the City of God

Chapter 1029: Another Visit to the City of God

Chapter 1029: Another Visit to the City of G.o.d

All the Saint Rulers around Jian Chen became stupefied when they heard what the Ancestral Emperor had said. At that moment, they struggled to believe what they had heard, actually doubting whether their ears had a problem or not.

The Felicity Empire was a powerful empire that had existed on the continent for countless years. It was extremely powerful. Its dignity was almost holy and could not be impinged upon. Anyone who dared to enter the empire in an attempt to cause trouble would be dealt with mercilessly, teaching that person a severe lesson. They had never been so flexible before, which was why everyone refused to believe what they heard.

The current emperor appeared outside a beautiful palace in dragon robes and a golden-violet crown. He stared at Jian Chen’s group as a large group of experts protected him.

“Your majesty, just what is with the Imperial Protector today? Why is he negotiating with a troublemaker and even dismissing prince Bi Jian of his position? He’s an extremely talented Saint Ruler. Not only has he comprehended a Saint Tier Battle Skill many Saint Kings have failed to grasp, he will definitely become a Saint King in the future as well. Are we really supposed to just abandon such a genius?” A valiant golden-armored, middle-aged man asked in confusion beside the emperor. The way the empire was treating its enemy today did not seem like what it would usually do.

The emperor stared into the depths of the palace as respect filled his face. He mumbled, “It’s the voice of the Ancestral Emperor. The Ancestral Emperor must have his reasons for doing this.”

“What! It’s the Ancestral Emperor…” The armored man’s face changed and immediately became courteous as well. Even the experts around the emperor reacted in similar fas.h.i.+ons. Respect filled their faces and even a sliver of excitement appeared for some.

The Ancestral Emperor possessed a supreme status within the Felicity Emperor. Although he had abdicated several years ago, every single sentence from him was equivalent to an imperial edict. Not only could he make any decision for the entire empire, he could even dismiss the current emperor or any official in the government.

However, the Ancestral Emperor always stayed in the forbidden grounds near the back of the palace in cultivation, almost never interfering with anything. He would rarely appear even over the span of several hundred years, and there were rarely any people who had the right to personally visit him. All the people only heard of the story of his existence, which was why so many people became so shocked when they learned that the old voice from the depths of the palace belonged to the Ancestral Emperor.

Jian Chen smiled with what the Ancestral Emperor had said. He clasped his hands to the depths and loudly said, “Senior truly is a decisive person. Since Bi Jian is no longer a member of the Felicity Empire, I naturally will have no problems with the empire. However, please hand over Bi Jian to me.”

“Brother, Bi Jian is not in the imperial palace right now. If you want to find him, you might as well go to the Holy Empire. You can find him there,” said the Ancestral Emperor.

“The Holy Empire,” Jian Chen mumbled. He had not thought that Bi Jian had actually run off to the Holy Emperor, but he immediately followed up with, “The Holy Empire is so big, finding someone would be almost impossible. May I ask senior of the precise location?”

“The Zaar family in the City of G.o.d,” replied the Ancestral Emperor.

A gleam of light immediately flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes when he heard that. He thought back to the moment when he had faced enemies from everywhere due to the Zaar family, which caused his face to slightly sink.

“Senior, I thank you for tell me. Farewell!” Jian Chen clasped his fists at the depths of the palace before leaving with Rui Jin and the others.

“Brother, our Felicity Empire wishes to be eternal friends with you. If brother has some time in the future, you are welcome to come visit the empire,” the Ancestral Emperor’s voice rang out once more. The voice traveled very far, landing clearly in Jian Chen’s ears.

Jian Chen’s group traveled far from the imperial palace before leaving through a s.p.a.ce Gate Rui Jin created. They directly made their way to the Holy Empire.

A middle-aged man looked at the seated Ancestral Emperor in confusion within a beautiful hall after Jian Chen had left. He asked, “Ancestral Emperor, why must we speak in such a humble manner to them? Do we really fear the mere Bloodsword sect with our strength? As long as we work with Zaar Caiyun and Hao Wu, wiping out the Bloodsword sect would be easy.”

The Ancestral Emperor gently sighed with that, “It’s indeed possible to wipe out the Bloodsword sect with the Felicity Empire’s strength, but I never thought that it would be him who had become the sect master. It really is a surprise.” The Ancestral Emperor suddenly became stern and stared fixedly at the three people before him. He said, “Remember, the three of you, never have any conflicts with the Bloodsword sect in the future. If you come across anyone from there, you must treat them politely and you must not offend them. Do you understand?”

“Ancestral Emperor, just who is the new sect master to make someone as great as you be so cautious?” The middle-aged man was curious.

“He’s someone we can’t offend. In all of recent history, he’s the only one who dared to provoke the ten protector clans while the protector clans could not do anything to him. At the same time, he’s a person who dares to swagger recklessly throughout the entire continent after offending the only human Saint Emperor and two Saint Emperors from the Beast G.o.d Continent.” With that, the Ancestral Emperor stared deeply at the three of them, “I think you should know who he is.”

The three Saint Kings in the hall became completely stunned with that. They all paled. Only now did they finally know who the person they had offended was. They had never seen Jian Chen, but his name was like a thunderclap to them.

Virtually no expert of the continent did not know the name Jian Chen. However, only a very few number of people had seen his appearance.

In the City of G.o.d, Bi Jian wore luxurious robes with gold linings as he conversed at ease with the grand elder of the Zaar family in a hall. He was smiling and possessed quite a striking demeanour.

However, no one knew that he was extremely nervous despite his composed exterior.

He had learned that Jian Chen had returned mightily several days ago and had taken back Flame City with lightning speed and claimed his father’s life. He became filled with deep fear because of this. He knew Jian Chen would come looking for him, and he would not be forgiven.

Before, he had visited the Ancestral Emperor of the Felicity Emperor to request for him to deal with Jian Chen. However, he was turned down, which was why he had come to the Zaar family in the Holy Empire. He wanted to find experts to deal with Jian Chen.

“Grand elder, I’ve already stayed here for several days. May I ask if the esteemed senior Zaar Caiyun is willing to meet with junior? Junior has important matters to inform senior of,” Bi Jian could no longer bear with it anymore, asking the grand elder again.

The grand elder was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. He was stronger than Bi Jian and belonged to the Zaar family of the three great clans, but Bi Jian was the most talented prince, acknowledged by the public, of the nine princes in the Felicity Empire. He also knew a Saint Tier Battle Skill, so he treated Bi Jian extremely politely and courteously.

“Please do not worry, prince Bi Jian. I have already pa.s.sed on your request to the ancestor. If ancestor wishes to see you, she will naturally send out the word, so please wait a few more days,” smiled the grand elder.

Bi Jian’s expression took an ugly turn. He had already waited here for several days, and if it were to continue like this, he would not be able to see the ancestor even after several months.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Bi Jian’s head. He clasped his hands, “Grand elder, please pa.s.s this message onto senior Zaar Caiyun. Bi Jian is close with the Heavenly Enchantress and has learned of some matters of the past from her. This includes the intense love that senior Hao Wu and Zaar Caiyun once had. Junior has come this time to offer up a plan that can eliminate the estrangement between the two seniors and get the two back on good terms.”

The grand elder’s eyes froze when he heard that, and he immediately became stern. He stared fixedly at Bi Jian, “Prince Bi Jian, is that true? If you trick the ancestor, the consequences will be extremely severe.”

“It is completely true!” Bi Jian swore.

“Bring him to me!”

The cold voice of a female rang through the hall as soon as Bi Jian finished speaking. However, it was impossible to discern its origin.

The grand elders hurriedly put down the teacup in his hand and stood up. He politely said, “Yes, ancestor.”

A hall that glimmered with violent light existed in a huge cavern below the estate of the Zaar family.

Bi Jian entered the deep underground through a tunnel under the grand elder’s lead. He directly entered a palace and stopped before a tightly-closed room of seclusion.

“Ancestor, I have brought Bi Jian under your orders,” the grand elder courteously informed her.

“Bi Jian stays. You can go!” A cold woman’s voice rang from the room. It was completely emotionless.

“Yes ancestor!” The grand elder politely replied before immediately leaving.

“Bi Jian greets the esteemed senior Zaar Caiyun!” Bi Jian became polite as he stood outside the room, bowing deeply.

“Bi Jian, you say you have a method to mend my relations.h.i.+p with Hao Wu?”

“Yes. Bi Jian indeed has a method to mend the relations.h.i.+p. Senior Zaar Caiyun is welcome to try it,” Bi Jian cautiously answered. He was at his wits’ end.

“Speak! What is the method?” Zaar Caiyun’s voice rang out of the room again. This time, a sliver of urgency was present.

Just as Bi Jian wanted to speak, a tremendous presence suddenly appeared outside. It enveloped the entire City of G.o.d, such that even Bi Jian, who was underground, could clearly feel it.

On the surface, a s.p.a.ce Gate silently opened in the air. Jian Chen and the others emerged from it, levitating high up in the sky.