Bringing Culture to a Different World - Chapter 444: , first win

Chapter 444: , first win

Chapter 444: Chapter 448, first win Translator: 549690339

What the hell was this strange game! ! The yellow-clothed person was already trying his best to understand what was happening on the field.

But the following series of matches completely overturned the yellow-clothed persons understanding.

It was fine if the orcs and goblins listened to a spellcaster or an elf, but the yellow-clothed person could still understand it as being threatened by power.

But when the seemingly weak wizard, Gianna, picked up a greatsword called the ashes emissary and suddenly jumped up, killing an Asian dragon in the opponents field with an extremely oppressive posture.

The yellow-clothed person found that he could not understand this game at all!


Did this card game not follow the logic of reality?

What made the yellow-clothed person even more worried was that his apprentice was watching very happily.

No matter what method the yellow-clothed person used to tell her apprentice how ridiculous this battle was, the unexpected developments were indeed very exciting.

This was already the final round of the match between the player named Dorothy and the gray-clothed person.

A large amount of lava suddenly spewed out from the arena. Towering pillars of fire rose from the lava flowing on the ground. Even though the yellow-clothed person knew about these illusions, looking at the leaping lava, he could still feel the heat.

A terrifying creature was summoned by the girl named Dorothy!

Let the flames purify everything!

A voice filled with oppression resounded throughout the arena. An elemental creature made of lava appeared on the arena. This creature was over a hundred meters tall, and the other followers were just tiny ants in front of it.

This was it sure that it would not cause panic?

When the flame demon king appeared on the stage, the yellow-clothed person felt that the purple-clothed person had really gone too far!

The other illusions were at least the size of ordinary humans, but this follower was like a tall building. The flames that spewed out from its body had already overflowed the magic arena.

Even the people outside the arena could clearly see this terrifying elemental creature.

Not only that, as long as this elemental creature waved its giant hand made of flames, it would be enough to sweep across the audience.

The yellow-clothed person was one of the few people in the world who had experienced the powerof the illusion created by the purple-clothed person.

The illusion created by the purple-clothed person was not as simple as a fake image. The illusion and the magic of the two systems were linked together.

As long as the purple-clothed person was willing, she could completely use her spiritual control to let everyone present feel the heat of this elemental creature.

The king of Balrog!

While the yellow-clothed person was worried, Sofia once again shouted the name of this creature excitedly.

One had to know that if she encountered an elemental creature of this level in reality, Sofia would definitely be swallowed by the lava controlled by it without any resistance.

However, no one present felt any fear because of the appearance of this creature. The audience once again entered a state of excitement because they all knew the king of Balrog.

The yellow-clothed person could not help but lament that he was really old when he saw this. Even though he had attended the Sages forum, he did not seem to be able to keep up with the trend of the modern young people.

What comforted the yellow-clothed man was that his old friend, the gray-clothed man, had been defeated by the young people.

The moment the flame demon king appeared on the stage, he raised the iron hammer in his hand high up. A fireball that was as dazzling as the sun fell toward the hero controlled by the gray-clothed man.

The hero controlled by the gray-clothed man was completely devoured by the fireball. As the flames dissipated, the hero was completely gone.

The Flame Demon King drew a conclusion to the first match.

In the end, the girl from the country of steel, Dorothy, won the final victory with a result of three wins and two losses!

The first winner was born!

Dorothy stood on the stone tower and looked around. There seemed to be petals falling from the sky. Dorothy reached out her hand to touch the petals, only to find that they were also made of illusions.

She looked at everything around her and had an unrealistic feeling.

As a commoner, she had defeated the grey-clothed man, one of the Seven Sages of Nolan!

If this was in the past, Dorothy would never have thought of it in reality.

Dorothy slowly walked down the stone tower. She could hear some of the audience shouting her name.

Perhaps this was the feeling of Bathing in glorythat the Knights around Orson Castle were talking about.

The first match had ended. Dorothy slowly left the arena.


Did Fuya teach her?

Joshua sat in the VIP seat on the other side of the Magic Arena. From there, he could clearly see Dorothys back as she left.

Its hard to believe that she has only been using the Hearthstone for a month or so.

You should be lamenting that this girl is favored by the goddess of luck, right? Theres a 50% chance that she will lose the first round of the Fire Demon.

Hiri was sitting next to Josh. Sitting next to Hiri was her mentor, the purple-clothed person.

The inscription on the purple-clothed persons hand had just disappeared. She had constructed so many illusions just now, but she did not show a hint of fatigue.

After all, when they were shooting Avatar,the purple-robed person had constructed an entire primitive jungle without changing her expression.

It was hard for Joshua to imagine how much magic power was needed to construct such a delicate illusion.

Luck is only a small part of it. Her operation is still quite delicate.Joshua admitted that he said this without conscience.

While Jose was talking to Hiri, a message suddenly popped up. It came from thousand faces, a dark elf.

More information about Dorothy. She was proposed to by the son of an earl in Orson Castle a while ago. She made the choice to run away in order to participate in the Hearthstone legend competition. Currently, the girls father and the Earls subordinates have come to Nolan and are searching for her.

After Joshua finished reading the message, he looked at the staffon both sides of the ring. The Dark Elf was one of them.

During the match just now, Joshua had the Banshees record it and show it on the television station.

Now, the whole of Nolan was probably immersed in the shock of the card battleconstructed by the purple-clothed person.

have you found it?Jose sent a message asking about the dark elves.

according to my spies, they seem to have found a clue. Do you need me to send someone to stop them?

not for now, but you can interview her now. As the winner, she has no reason to hide like a mouse,Jose said.

Jose glanced at the Spellcaster Forum. The information on the entire spellcaster forum had been completely covered by the information related to this competition.

There were also a lot of people who claimed that they saw two suns and so on.

The publicity effect that Jose wanted had been achieved. The rest was probably waiting for the final winner to be born.