Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 9923

Chapter 9923

Chapter 9923

9923 Chapter 9921-the end

Two days later, news came from the intelligence Department that Zhuo Qingqing had been found, but it was too late to stop her.

Zhuo Qingqing had gathered a group of Masters from somewhere and tried to rescue the Zhuo family. She even managed to meet her father with the help of the dominating effect of the G.o.ddess, Tian Xiang.

Unfortunately, he still failed at the last step and ended up in li Muyangs hands.

At this time, Lin Yi was still in closed door cultivation.

Jianghai city Lords mansion.

Li Muyang looked at Zhuo Qingqing, who was tied up in front of him. He gently swirled the wine in his gla.s.s, looking intoxicated.

Looking at a beauty under the light, you really have a different charm. Ive said it before, you cant escape from my palm!

Zhuo Qingqing did not panic at all. She looked at him calmly and said,Since I dared to return this time, Ive already prepared myself to die. Li Muyang, you wont be able to have me.

I cant have you? Are you saying that youre still counting on Lin Yi to save you?

Dont be naive,li Muyang laughed. Lin Yi went from a n.o.body to this level. I know better than you what kind of cunning he can be. Do you really think hes a kind man?

Please use your toes to think, how can a kind person get to this point?

No matter how ignorant you are, you should have heard that good people dont live long, while scoundrels live for a thousand years!

Zhuo Qingqings mouth twitched,are you talking about yourself? It doesnt matter what Lin Yi looks like to you, I only care what he looks like to me.

Li Muyang was initially smug, but when he saw Zhuo Qingqings happy expression, he could not help but feel angry. He immediately grabbed her hair.

b.i.t.c.h! Youre the woman I, li Muyang, am officially married to! Your man can only be me, li Muyang! You want to hook up with Lin Yi and become an adulterous couple? Hehe, maybe in the next life!

Li Muyang laughed coldly.Although Lin Yi wont come to save you, its still a good thing if he does. After all, its rare for him to walk into a trap. If thats the case, Ill have to thank you properly!

You dont have to thank me, Zhuo Qingqing replied coldly.Your plot is destined to fail.

Oh, really? Lets not talk about whether we can succeed or not, thats a matter for the future. As for now, we should start on the main business. My beautiful bride, have you prepared your wedding dress?

Li Muyang laughed lecherously as he approached.

Zhuo Qingqing immediately activated her G.o.ddess heavenly incense. However, to her surprise, li Muyang did not fall asleep.

Are you surprised?

Li Muyang laughed smugly,since I already know that you have the G.o.ddess Tian Xiang, how could I not have made any preparations? Ill give you a piece of advice, youd better obediently accept your fate. This way, youll be able to enjoy yourself a little more.

However, his smugness didnt last long, and it quickly turned into a monstrous rage.

Wheres your wedding dress? Wheres your 50th generation wedding dress? Where did your 50th-generation wedding dress go?

Looking at li Muyangs furious expression, Zhuo Qingqing smiled sarcastically.I said just now, you cant have me.

You gave it to Lin Yi? li Muyang asked. You B * tch, you gave my things to Lin Yi? You actually made me a cuckold?

Zhuo Qingqing looked at him indifferently.I have never been yours. I was not in the past, and I will not be in the future. How can you say that Im being cuckolded?

Good, very good. Youre such a beautiful woman like a flower and Jade. I really didnt have the heart to lay my hands on you. At most, Id play with you two times before throwing you into the cold Palace and leaving you to fend for yourself!

Li Muyangs gaze gradually turned dangerous.But since you dont want face, Ill fulfill your wish and let you have a taste of what its like to be better off dead!

Let Lin Yi see what happens to you after youve become his woman!

Zhuo Qingqing did not panic at all.Do you want to use force on me?

Li Muyang snorted coldly,dont be so smug. I know that you have the G.o.ddesss laws to protect you!

If I use force against you, I might even fall into your trap. Dont worry, I wont do such a stupid thing.

However, Im going to expand your imagination, so you can get to know the real world!

Then, he turned around and left with a cold smile.

Zhuo Qingqing suddenly had a bad feeling.

She was prepared to die this time. Just as the other party said, she wanted to use the G.o.ddess rules to take li Muyang down with her. She wanted to take revenge for her family and get rid of Lin Yis biggest threat at the same time.

He didnt expect the other party to see through it.

However, Zhuo Qingqing was not too worried. After all, if a person really wanted to die, especially cultivators like them who had reached the level of a Big Shots great circle of perfection, no one could stop them.

After a while.

Zhuo Qingqing was brought to the most famous arena in Jianghai city. This was once the playground of the rich and powerful, and the Paradise of gamblers. Every day, there were dozens of life and death battles here for them to watch and play.

And now, this place had become the headquarters of the darkness magical beasts, and more than 20% of the darkness magical beasts were stationed here.

Other than good people like li Muyang, no one else could enter.

Li Muyang clearly had his own plans for choosing such a place.

In fact, he was certain that Lin Yi wouldnt take such a big risk for Zhuo Qingqing.

After all, in his opinion, Zhuo Qingqing no longer had any wedding dress. She must have done all the things between a man and a woman. There was no value in her anymore. The most correct way to think was to throw her away after playing with her.

But if Lin Yi really did come, he had nothing to fear here.

Last time, the bride was s.n.a.t.c.hed away because the higher-ups didnt pay attention to Lin Yi. Now that they had a specific plan, Lin Yi would be digging his own grave if he came again. Did he really think that the dark Demon beasts were weak?

Of course, he wanted Lin Yi to be that stupid-what he was going to do next was to make Lin Yi that stupid!

Turn on the live broadcast!

Li Muyang laughed evilly as he threw Zhuo Qingqing into the cage in the center of the arena. He then ordered his men to start a live broadcast and shout at Lin Yi in public.

Lin Yi, your woman is here with me, do you see her? Shes so pitiful and lovable.

As soon as the live broadcast started, the entire internet exploded.

Lin Yi was undeniably at the top of the list, and anything about him could get on the hot search list in minutes, let alone something this big!

With the hype from the previous bride kidnapping incident, this was clearly a sequel to the bride kidnapping.

In order to save the woman he loved, Lin Yi went into the arena alone. If it was made into a movie sold well this gimmick alone would be a box office hit.

At that moment, everyone was waiting for Lin Yis reaction.

Li Muyang continued to sneer in front of the camera,Dont you think its a pity for such a beautiful woman to be locked up in a cage?

However, I can understand why youre still acting like a coward. After all, its a mans nature to throw her away after youre done playing with her. This woman is no longer useful to you, so its normal for you to throw her away.

Who would risk their life for a woman theyve already played with, right?

As soon as this was said, the internet was in an uproar again.