Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 9590

Chapter 9590

Chapter 9590

9590 Chapter 9589-the power of the divine realm

The good thing was that Lin Yi was a part of the game-even if his brain couldnt keep up, his body could clearly remember the subtle feeling. If he could digest ten or twenty percent of it in the future, it would be beneficial!

The fight between the immortals continued.

Lin Yis and du wuhuis bodies were the battlefield of their battle. The losing side would cause the battlefield to collapse.

In other words, no matter which sides foreign aid lost the battle, the loser would be doomed eternally with no chance of survival.

At this time, all Lin Yi and du wuhui could do was wait, wait for the final life and death sentence.

Very quickly, the results were out.

After the last collision, the power that was directed at Yusheng was completely destroyed. On the other hand, Luo Bans.h.i.+s side wasnt much better, but he still relied on the magical power of time reversal to protect Lin Yi.

Why Why did it turn out like this

Du wuhui watched in horror as his body shattered inch by inch. In the end, he wailed in extreme fear and his entire body fell apart on the spot. From then on, there was no longer any breath of his in this world.

The ninth seat of the Academy had fallen.

As the biggest winner, Lin Yi didnt feel much joy. Instead, he felt a little lost.

After this battle, the entire freshmen Alliance would welcome a transformation and become an important force in Jianghai college that could not be ignored. However, after seeing the battle between Luo Bans.h.i.+ and Xiang Yusheng, Lin Yi couldnt help but feel that he was too weak.

Du wuhui was only the weakest of the ten, and he wasnt famous for his individual combat strength. Facing such an opponent, one would have to rack their brains, squeeze out all of their potential, and gamble with their lives.

If he were to face the other ten Chiefs, who were even more powerful, or even figures like the first seat Xu Anshan, the result would be unimaginable.

He still had to quickly level up.

Fortunately, Lin Yi still had a lot of room for improvement. He only had two perfect elements now, far from the ultimate ten-element domain he expected.

Moreover, the realm itself could continue to improve.

As long as he could reach the mid-stage of Big Shot completion, Lin Yis overall strength would experience another qualitative change!

A moment later, Wei baizhan and the others who had been transferred away by the duel talismans returned one after another. As expected, the strongest ones had the last laugh.

After all, they were all animals. To them, challenging someone two levels above them wasnt that exaggerated. It was just a little more difficult to fight and a little more costly.

In comparison, Qiu sanniang, Yue Jian, and the others, who werent that overpowered, had suffered quite a bit.

But Lin Yi had given them a bunch of high level talismans in advance, almost emptying the societys inventory. They relied on unreasonable attacks with talismans and managed to get the last laugh.

The only one left was Shen Yifan.

Du wuhui is already dead. Master Bai, why dont you consider coming over to help me? Im serious, and this is also old Lins intention.

Shen Yifan looked at the silent Bai Yuxuan calmly.

In fact, Bai Yuxuan was different from the other core members of du wuhuis group. He was too powerful. If he really went all out, it wouldnt be difficult for him to kill Shen Yifan.

However, Shen Yifan was not worried at all because he knew that the other party was a really smart person.

Smart people would not do stupid things.

Bai Yuxuan didnt hesitate for too long. He and du wuhui werent master and servant in the first place. At most, they were allies who each took what they needed. Naturally, he didnt have any thoughts of taking revenge for du wuhui.

Alright, these old bones of mine do need a place to stay. Since you guys have such tolerance, I dont need to be unreasonable.

It should be like this!

Shen Yifan was overjoyed.With master Bais help, my burden will be much lighter in the future. Otherwise, with old Lins nature of being a shopkeeper who doesnt do anything, Ill be squeezed to death by him!

He was really worried-this Lin Yi really didnt care about anything. Hed just Pat his head once in a while, and the rest was all his business.

The key point was that he couldnt push it.

In the whole Alliance, the only people Lin Yi trusted unconditionally, other than Tang Yin, were his roommates.

Yan Zhongyuan was good at fighting, but it was impossible for him to be in charge. He barely said a word every day, and he couldnt just guess the rest, right?

As for sun Buyi, that was even more ridiculous. He only ate all day. In just two months, his weight had almost doubled. Even walking was difficult.

Therefore, there was no other way. Shen Yifan had to continue to take on the role of the Super Butler. As the new student Alliance grew stronger day by day, it could be foreseen that there would be more and more Affairs in the future.

Getting someone to help him was a must, and Lin Yi even had a Secretary Department set up for him in his future plans.

Naturally, Lin Yi welcomed the submissive Bai Yuxuan.

Bai Yuxuan knew how to conduct himself and returned the favor by persuading the remaining experts of du wuhuis group to surrender.

Although the core of the group had basically been completely annihilated, du wuhuis group still had a deep foundation. Just this wave of defeated soldiers alone could not be underestimated.

With Lin Yis groups current condition, they might really be able to fight to the death if they worked together.

But now that Bai Yuxuan was here to calm them down, things were a lot easier. There were still some who didnt know what was good for them, but they couldnt do anything on their own. Lin Yi suppressed them with his own hands.

As for the others, Lin Yis plan was simple.

Those who were willing to be incorporated would be placed under Qiu sanniangs command, and Qiu sanniang would be in charge of them. Those who were unwilling to stay would have to spend some money to avoid disaster. After all, it was impossible for the loser to not pay a price. This was not a fairy tale world.

After the final series of operations, most of the people chose to bow their heads to reality, and more than thirty big shots at the middle stage of the consummate level immediately appeared under Qiu sanniangs command, their forces strong and powerful.

Other than that, Lin Yi gave the reserve team Masters he had taken in to Yan Zhongyuan.

Although Yan Zhongyuan didnt like to manage things, it wasnt hard for him to deal with a group of subordinates. After all, he was powerful.

At this point, the battle of the ten seats was settled.

Lin Yi and his men rested while waiting for the final aftershock of the battle between Han Qi and Ji Chi.

Strictly speaking, the result of the battle would have a huge impact on the crowd. If Ji Chi laughed to the end, he would probably turn to Lin Yi and the others!

However, Lin Yi had confidence in Hanqi.

Even if they couldnt crush Ji Chi directly, they could at least fight until both sides were badly injured. At that time, if Ji Chi dared to have other thoughts, it was not certain who was the prey and who was the Hunter.

In the end, he waited until the three days were up, and the little Dragon Cave closed automatically.