Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 9243

Chapter 9243

Chapter 9243

9243 Chapter 9242-the power of the divine realm

Youre right. How about this? Ill divide the areas, and youll focus on the overall situation. Then, youll help to study the areas and reflect it to the overall situation for verification!

The demonic thing gave Lin Yi the leaders.h.i.+p not only because it was Lin Yis mission, but also because Lin Yis attainments in the field of formations had already surpa.s.sed his master. In some ways, Lin Yi might even be better than him.

And so, the ghost was willing to let Lin Yi lead it, and it felt a bit happy, as if it was watching its own child grow up.

Good! Well start immediately. Senior ghost, you can divide the areas!

Lin Yi didnt decline and got into the zone immediately. He had the ability to mult.i.task-he could plan the overall situation while studying the areas, and he could also compare the areas hed studied with the ones hed found. It was more efficient.

The demonic thing replied and quickly divided the star map into thirty-six regions. He and Lin Yi each chose a neighboring region and started studying.

Although the two of them had never seen this kind of star map-like formation map before, as long as it was a formation, it could not be separated from the foundation of the formation path. As the saying goes, no matter how many changes there are, the root remains the same. No matter how large or how complex the formation was, at the end of it all, it was still composed of the most basic things.

The problem was whether or not they had the ability to break it down to the most basic level. Without a doubt, Lin Yi and the d.a.m.n thing were both top grandmasters in the field of formations, and they definitely had the ability to do so!

The array diagram that was as vast as the starry sky was an unsolvable problem to others. There was nothing wrong with the star Cloud tower using this to increase the difficulty.

Even with Lin Yis help, it was still difficult to complete the formation.

Kid, did you realize that this is almost a new array path system? fortunately, there are still some traces to follow, and I can still have some ideas.

The d.a.m.n thing spoke to Lin Yi as it studied, a hint of admiration in its tone. Ive never heard of such an array Dao system before. Its also very different from the sub Island s. Today, this old mans eyes have been opened.

Yup! Ive never seen this type of formation before. Its really amazing, and I dont know what this formation is used for yet The star Cloud tower has this kind of formation, so the treasures it contains are really incomparably rich!

Lin Yi nodded in agreement. Not to mention the endless star power and all kinds of star power skills, just this new array path system was enough to be considered a great harvest. It was worth the trip.

Lin Yi was happy with the test this time. He didnt feel that it was difficult at all, because the process of completing the formation was the same as learning this new formation system. He had a strong ability to deduce things, and it wasnt just in terms of skills, but also in formations.

As long as he could find some clues, his learning speed would increase by leaps and bounds. It wouldnt be long before he could truly grasp the new array Dao system. Thus, putting aside other gains, just obtaining it was enough to make this trip to the Nebula tower worthwhile.

Do you have any thoughts? Ive found some clues, and we can already cut in.

The ghastly things voice carried a hint of excitement. He could not help but feel proud that he was able to find the end of the thread so quickly in a mess.

Finally, he could beat Lin Yi in terms of formations! As expected, the student may surpa.s.s the master, but not necessarily better-hahahaha, you still have a long way to go, Lin Yi!

Lin Yi didnt notice the gloating expression on the ghosts face and replied casually,Senior ghost is indeed senior ghost! He was indeed reliable! Ive already started researching and deducing it. Ill verify it later to determine if my train of thought is correct.

The ghostly thing was speechless. It was not easy to show off, but now it was going to be beaten up by society? As expected, teaching the disciple would starve the master!

It was nothing!

Thats good Thats good Lets focus on our research and deduction. Stop talking!

After saying that, the demonic thing started to focus on the formation. He wasnt as multi-tasking as Lin Yi, and talking would only delay things. In order to not be overpowered by the disciple he taught, he had to give it his all.

At least He couldnt lose too badly!

Lin Yi nodded and started studying the map for a while. He suddenly remembered something and activated the thousand changes of wood forest, creating a bunch of clones to study the other areas.

Even though the clones battle prowess was a whole level lower than the main body, there wouldnt be much of a difference in their array knowledge.

Dont you have a large area? I have quite a few clones too!

It was not a problem at all for the clones to study other areas as if they were independent individuals and cooperate with the main body!

In this way, the speed of research and deduction was greatly increased, and it was also easier to verify each other. Although he didnt know how long it would take to complete the formation map, at least it was on the fast track.

The ghostly thing was speechless. He had just been thinking of working hard so that he wouldnt lose too much, but now he was still playing?

So, why did you call me out? Are you trying to show me that your array Dao talent has already far surpa.s.sed this old man, your master?

It really Wasnt very harmful, but extremely insulting!

Of course, the d.a.m.n thing knew that Lin Yi wouldnt have that kind of thought. He was just mocking himself in his heart and joking with himself.

In fact, although the ghostly thing and Lin Yi had the same path in the field of formations, their development direction was already different. They each had their own strengths and could complement each other.

Lin Yi didnt ask the ghost to come out for a walk-he really could help!

Not to mention the little quarrels in the ghostly things heart, with the help of the many avatars, the research progress of the star map was rapidly increasing, and it soon entered the stage of deduction and completion.

Lin Yi made a bold a.s.sumption and tried to verify it carefully. There werent many obstacles, and everything went smoothly. After a long time, he finally completed this starry sky-like formation!

Great success! What a spectacular sight!

The ghastly thing looked at the vast starry sky formation map that appeared in front of him and couldnt help but sigh.This is the first time Ive seen such a perfect and spectacular formation. Its an eye-opener, an eye-opener!

Lin Yi smiled and nodded,indeed! However, this formation diagram Senior ghost, do you feel that theres something wrong with it?

As soon as he said that, the ghastly thing could not help but be slightly startled. Whats wrong? Do you think theres something wrong?

Lin Yis smile disappeared as he frowned.I cant say for sure, but I just feel that something is off. This starry sky array is mostly used to break seals, and if its in the hands of the darkness demon beast clan, the seal on the node wont be a problem at all. Itll be as fragile as paper.