Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 8278

Chapter 8278

Chapter 8278

8278 Chapter 8276-

It must be something good. Youve never seen it before!

Lin Yis smile was bright. When the other party got close, he sent his spirit sense over!

Have you never seen the improved version of the spiritual sense collision skill? Its really good stuff!

This Dark Demon beast was only a peak late-stage mountain split-Lin Yi only used 30% of his strength, and its spirit was completely destroyed by the spirit sense!

Lin Yi reached out and grabbed the mans body. Why did she ask him to come over? Its just convenient to grab!

Lin Yi looked at the body and thought about it. He used the ghost Yin curse to disguise the body.

Lin Yi did it discreetly, and a cursory look wouldnt reveal anything. Only a closer look would reveal the strange cause of death.

This was the effect Lin Yi wanted. After he was done, he found a corner and threw the body over.

It was also a place that was hard to find by accident, and only those with good eyesight would see it.

After that, Lin Yi searched the body again.

According to murkys explanation, there were several different tribes in the wastelands high priest tribe, and every darkness magical beast would have the mark of their own tribe.

Soon, the tribe mark was found. This unlucky guy was a member of The Dark Barbarian tribe, which was considered a relatively powerful tribe among the high priest tribe in the wilderness.

The so-called tribe wasnt just a type of darkness magical beast, but a tribe formed by many different races. It was common for darkness magical beasts of the same race to join different tribes!

Murky Gu joined a tribe called black demon, it was slightly weaker than The Dark Barbarian tribe. This was murkys own words.

In fact, the black fiend tribe was the weakest tribe in this tribe, so murky, a low-level p.a.w.n, was often bullied.

The Dark Barbarian tribe Ha Theyre a suitable target! Im really sorry, youre unlucky today! Ill help murky collect its debt from you!

Lin Yi chuckled and patted the beasts head before turning back to the tunnel.

Not long after, Lin Yis spirit sense picked up five dark beasts that were alone, making a turn and walking towards him!

Yes, thats right, five darkness magical beasts that were alone!

F * ck them!

Lin Yi continued to walk, and after two steps, the five dark beasts turned around the corner and walked towards him.

Eh, isnt that murky? why is it here?

Naturally, the other party noticed Lin Yi as soon as they turned the corner and asked.

Hey, murky, what are you doing here? Whats the matter?

Lin Yis mouth twitched. Was this murky quite famous? Why did he recognize darkness magical beasts everywhere he went?

Was this considered good relations? Or was he too easy to bully, so the people around him had actually bullied him before?

If it had been bullied by everyone before, then murky would be in a really bad state The dark magical beasts were indeed a world where the strong preyed on the weak!

Argh! I have something good that I want to show you. I guarantee that its something that youve never seen before! Are you interested in learning more?

Lin Yi decided to use the same trick again-he wanted to lure the five lonely beasts closer before killing them. Itd make it easier to collect their bodies.

What good things can you have? youre always in the cage Do you really have good things? You should know the consequences of lying to us, right?

He did not believe it at first, but after saying that, he was afraid that murky Gu really had good stuff, and with the mentality of not wanting to miss it, he decided to believe it.

The five darkness magical beasts that were alone didnt have much vigilance, and they giggled as they sped up.

Perhaps theyd already decided that if Lin Yi really brought out something good, theyd just take it!

Anyway, he had done this kind of thing a lot in the past, so he was very familiar with it!

Theres really something good here. Why dont you believe me? Come, come, come, hurry up and understand the enhanced variant of the divine sense collision! I guarantee that you wont suffer any losses or be fooled!

Lin Yi was bulls.h.i.+tting as he calculated the distance and activated the spirit sense collision.

The invisible spiritual awareness attacks were released continuously, and they destroyed all five of the darkness magical beasts primordial spirits at almost the same time!

Easy and pleasant!

Five lone darkness magical beasts had been taken care of so easily!

Lin Yi did the same thing to the bodies and moved them to a hidden corner where they would be discovered.

In the end, as usual, he had to confirm the ident.i.ty of these darkness magical beasts. They were still dark barbarians!

Tsk tsk!

Lin Yi couldnt help but rub his chin and shake his head. Why were they all dark barbarian beasts?

This tribe was quite unlucky! Did he do something against his conscience? It definitely was! Otherwise, how could he be so unlucky?

Lin Yi didnt plan to mess with an entire tribe in his plan!

Forget it, it doesnt affect me anyway! Continue!

Lin Yi dusted his hands and continued on his way. After a while, he killed another dozen dark beasts that were alone They were all from The Dark Barbarian tribe!

This was really a coincidence!

Lin Yi didnt have any preference for The Dark Barbarian tribe. He just wanted to muddy the water, and a few more tribes would be more suitable.

But The Dark Barbarian tribe was just so unlucky What else could he say?

Just as Lin Yi was about to look for his next target, his spirit sense detected seven sea Rift dark beasts gathered together.

And there were other sea Rift stage Dark Demon beasts nearby!

It seemed that they were still having a small meeting after the conference.

Lin Yi didnt dare to act rashly. He could deal with one or two sea shattering realm cultivators alone, but if there were so many of them Hed better behave!

Lord Wu Tuman! Something had happened! So many brothers died! Enemy invasion!

Just as Lin Yi was about to change his path, a Dark Demon beast ran over from another path and reported to the sea Rift realm Dark Demon beasts.

This guy mustve found Lin Yis body when he was pa.s.sing by.


Lin Yi remembered the name!

Rush Gu had mentioned it before, it was one of the leaders of The Dark Barbarian tribe, or more accurately, it was the second in command of The Dark Barbarian tribe!

A Dark Demon beast with such a high status was the target of Lin Yis plan!

Whats going on? How could there be an enemy here? How many people have died?

Lin Yi didnt even need to identify him as Wu Tuman jumped out to question him, revealing his ident.i.ty. Wheres the corpse? Hurry up and take me there!

Yes, please follow me, Lord Wu Tuman!

The demon Beast of Darkness who had come to deliver the news quickly turned around and ran away with a group of sea Rift stage experts.

Lin Yi didnt hesitate and followed behind!