Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 10273

Chapter 10273

Chapter 10273

10273 Chapter 10272-

If there was no divine body, the body of a true dragon would be a unique divine body.

The only thing that the other physical body experts in the sea area were glad about was that the price of the body of a true dragon was too high. Every time they used it, it was almost equivalent to gambling their lives. Even ao Sifang could not use it easily.

He didnt think that Lin Yi would use his trump card before he even made a move!

This was not all.

At the same time when ao Sifang revealed his true dragon form, ao Qing, who was on the battlefield below, finally managed to injure Wei Yu er with one move. He turned around and ran towards Lin Yi without hesitation.

In terms of absolute strength, he had still managed to suppress Wei Yu er.

Even though they were miles apart in s.p.a.ce, there were several mirrors along the way. Ao Qing entered the mirror one moment and exited the mirror the next.

With the help of these mirrors, ao Qing appeared behind Lin Yi in an instant.

Three hundred mirrors opened up, and the ten thousand Dragons appeared once more. The only difference this time was that the dragons didnt attack indiscriminately, but focused on Lin Yi instead!

In other words, if Lin Yi couldnt Dodge the next attack, hed have to take all the damage from birth of ten thousand Dragons!

That kind of scene was simply unimaginable.

The moment the dragons appeared, a bottomless abyss appeared beneath Lin Yis feet, sucking half of his body in.

The one who attacked was Chu Xia.

At this moment, Zhang s.h.i.+chang, who had been entangled with him, had fallen into an endless abyss and disappeared without a trace. To some extent, it was no different from death. After all, once someone fell into an abyss, it was rare for them to be able to climb out again.

Lin Yis finished.

Almost all of the spectating Intel personnel had given Lin Yi the death sentence.

The body of a true dragon, the birth of ten thousand Dragons, and the endless abyss from the Abyssal Blade.

Any one of these three moves was an absolutely fatal super killer move. Not to mention ordinary cultivators, even those top-tier combat forces of the same level would most likely die on the spot if they were hit directly!

And now, Lin Yi had to face three killer moves at the same time, and the key was that he hadnt finished storing his energy.

His countdown was not over yet. He was still two steps away.

Obviously, it was not a coincidence that they attacked at this critical moment. It was the tacit understanding between ao Sifang, ao Qing, and Chu Xia, the three top Warriors!

This was their last chance to kill Lin Yi, but it was also their best chance.

If Lin Yi were to take the attack head on, hed be dead for sure.

On the other hand, if he was forced to stop at this point, the majestic momentum that he had acc.u.mulated with great difficulty would be greatly reduced. Perhaps he could take down any one of the opponents in a one-on-one, but it was definitely not enough for a one-on-three!

No matter what he chose, the only outcome was death.

This judgment came not only from the intelligence personnel watching the battle below, but also from the three involved parties.

No true expert could be underestimated, especially the top-tier combat power. From the moment they entered the battlefield, they had already antic.i.p.ated this scene.

And everything they had done was for this very moment!

Lin Yis side seemed to be in control of the entire battle, but in reality, the three opposing forces were just pus.h.i.+ng the boat along.

Otherwise, both ao Qing and Chu Xia would have been able to force their opponents to retreat and surround them!

But that way, Lin Yi could escape and they would fail at the last step.

Now that Lin Yis [storing power] was at its final stage, the double-edged swords effect was starting to show. If he forcefully stopped it at this time, he would suffer a severe backlash alone. With the three of them surrounding him, he would die a worse death!

What a brilliant move to invite the Emperor into the jar!

Some intelligence personnel couldnt wait to send a message to their headquarters. While reviewing the entire battle situation, they couldnt help but clap their hands and cheer for the three great combat forces.

Todays battle was so cla.s.sic that it was enough to be recorded in the history of the entire sea area!

However, just as the whole world was giving Lin Yi a death sentence, he suddenly stopped.

The next second, a sword Qi soared into the sky and split the entire North Sea into two.

Time, s.p.a.ce, all power, and the vortex froze at this moment. The sword Qi was the only thing left in the world.

If anyone had seen the scene in the sword tomb, they would definitely exclaim in shock. This was clearly the sword Saint ye Qiyuans last strike, a strike that should never have existed in the world.

Sword sacrifice.

However, even though they were both sword sacrifice, Lin Yis sword was different from ye Qiyuans version. The latters body turned into sword Qi and he used his life to deliver that ultimate sword.

On the other hand, Lin Yis core was the vast force that he had just acc.u.mulated. He relied on the force to drive the power of the entire sword rule to create this sword.

In terms of power, Lin Yis version might be slightly weaker than ye Qiyuans version, but in terms of practicality, it was obvious that Lin Yis version of sword sacrifice was much better. After all, he didnt have to risk his life.

More importantly, Lin Yis version was still in its early stages-there was still a lot of room for improvement.

As soon as the sword ritual was used, the entire battlefield froze.

Ao Sifang, ao Qing, and Ying Xia could only watch the sword Qi rus.h.i.+ng toward them. Under the pressure of the unprecedented horrifying Qi field, they could not move at all.

The so-called body of a true dragon, the so-called birth of ten thousand Dragons, and even the endless abyss had all become a joke at this moment.

The sword ritual descended.

The crowd finally regained their ability to move. Everyone was at a loss, they had no idea what had just happened.

However, looking at the three forces surrounding Lin Yi, the Intel operatives were all shocked.

Ao Qing kneeled behind Lin Yi with her head lowered, dead.

Hundreds of meters away, Chu Xia also kneeled on the ground with his head lowered. He was also lifeless.

Ao Sifang was the only one left standing. There was a huge hole in his chest, and his blood and internal organs were all over the ground. His Golden Dragon scales had become dull, like the scales of a dead fish.

The body of the true dragon was broken.

The body of the true dragon was a gamble of life. Even if he won the bet, he would have to pay a huge price, not to mention if he lost. His end was already obvious.

Ao Sifang held on to his last breath and stared at Lin Yi,You How Could you Deliver such a sword strike