Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 996

Chapter 996

Chapter 996: Unt.i.tled

Bai Qingqing would knead the dough into four-legged animals of different species, then knead them into snakes that looked like earthworms. She had clearly treated food as toys.

Parker looked for quite a while. When he saw what was likely to be Curtis’s figurine being rolled into a lump, he burst out laughing. “Hahahaha… Give it to me to show Curtis!”

Bai Qingqing quickly raised her hands and avoided his hand. She glared at him and said, “Don’t disturb me. I’m making fried dough twists! It’s proper food!”

To make her words sound more convincing, Bai Qingqing even nodded firmly.

Although she had started this out of fun, to make fried dough twists, one must first roll out the dough into long strips. After Parker said this, how would she be able to eat fried dough twists in front of Curtis?

Parker didn’t stop smiling, clearly not believing her. Bai Qingqing kicked him and said furiously, “It’s fine if you’re not helping. Quickly go and start the fire. I want to fry them.”

When Parker saw that Bai Qingqing planned on frying the “Curtis” figurine, he was in no hurry anymore. The killing prowess would be higher if he were to show the final product to Curtis later.

Parker quickly started the fire at the stove, filling the pot halfway with green plant-based oil. After the oil heated up, Bai Qingqing had already made over ten weirdly-shaped dough twists.

The dough twists slid into the pot and immediately sent oil splattering up. As they were fried in the pot, Bai Qingqing continued making more. After the first batch was cooked, Bai Qingqing couldn’t wait and used chopsticks to bring one to her mouth, taking a bite.

Parker’s gaze darkened, and the smile on his face disappeared. He said seriously, “We’ll fry leopards later.”

“Hmmm?” Bai Qingqing chewed on the soft fried dough twists, feeling disappointed. She didn’t notice Parker’s sensitive feelings.

It was a great failure. Why wasn’t it crispy? Did she have to add something special?

Parker repeated, “Fry leopards. You will eat leopards.”

The soft fried dough twists in Bai Qingqing’s mouth almost spurted into her nose. She felt speechless for a while before saying, “That dough has a solid core, it won’t cook from frying.”

Parker didn’t care. He washed his hands and went to knead leopards.

The age of the three children added together was as old as him, but he was still so childish. Bai Qingqing thought this in her heart but didn’t stop him.

She was younger than Parker, but she was more playful than him. After despising Parker for a while, she also started making leopards excitedly.

The fried dough twists had failed anyway, so Bai Qingqing decided to give up on it.

The two of them fried the appearances of their entire family. Bai Qingqing’s interest was piqued again as she picked up fried dough twists to eat.


There was still some lingering warmth to it, and it made a crisp sound in Bai Qingqing’s mouth.

Bai Qingqing was stunned and stopped chewing. She just looked at the fried dough twists in her hand that she had taken a bite out of, stunned.

Parker also looked over curiously when he heard the sound. Before his gaze gathered together, he asked, “What are you eating?”

Only then did Bai Qingqing remember to chew. The more she ate, the more surprised she was. To think it tasted so good!

“Fried dough twists,” Bai Qingqing said honestly, fearing that this was just an exception. She then picked up another one from the stone basin and took a big bite of it.

Another crisp sound rang out, and the smile on Bai Qingqing’s face beamed even more. She instantly didn’t care about eating anymore and bellowed. “Parker! Start the fire! Let’s continue!”

Parker felt happy when he saw that she was happy. He immediately added firewood to the stove.

Bai Qingqing quickly ran into the courtyard, scooping up a big basin of wheat flour that was half-dried outside.

When the leopard cubs smelled the fragrance, they ran back, putting their front paws on the table and asking for food, making many small paw prints on the edges of the dried flour-filled table.