Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 994 - : Untitled

Chapter 994 - : Untitled

Chapter 994: Unt.i.tled


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Some of them were on perfect skin, while more of them were covered over many other scars. She had no idea how many injuries this body had been through.

Bai Qingqing couldn’t bear to watch. The one on his chest and back, especially, were connected. It was clearly from him having clamped by a scorpion pincer.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how dangerous that must have been. If he was slightly careless, he’d have been cut into two pieces.

However, there weren’t lethal injuries, so Bai Qingqing didn’t call for Harvey. She said, “Remember to go pick some medicine. You’ll be able to recover faster after applying the medicine.”

Muir hadn’t planned on caring about these injuries. He didn’t care for such minor injuries at all. He had suffered countless injuries, and, before becoming a stripeless beast, he was almost on the verge of death every day. There wasn’t a day when he’d care about the injuries. Other people said that it might be a miracle, but he felt about it this way even more.

After hearing Bai Qingqing’s words, Muir was like a soldier who had received a command. He said without giving it a second thought, “Alright.”

Even if she were to tell him to pick the stars from the sky, he’d agree without any hesitation, let alone asking him to pick medicine.

Bai Qingqing could sense that Parker’s emotions were getting increasingly intense. She also felt that she shouldn’t be too intimate with others and thus took her leave.

After they left, Muir immediately went out to pick medicine, not caring for his injuries.

For now, one should disregard if Muir would be docile and apply the medicine after picking them.

Mitch.e.l.l led the remaining members of the scorpion tribe, quietly infiltrating the forest. They then settled down amidst a stretch of boulders.

This part of the forest was almost filled with rocks, with many big and long stone pillars standing upright on the ground. They were jagged, and all sorts of short and small plants grew on them. There were even trees several tens of meters high growing on them.

It was a strange sight from afar.

This terrain made many beastmen who lived in the forest not dare to come easily. However, the scorpion beastmen could move around in this place easily, even more so than if they were in the desert.

Scorpions of varying sizes filled up the walls, moving up and down. Their movements wouldn’t be affected even if they were carrying food.

A black-haired young man stood at the top of the cliff proudly. The strong wind blew his hair messily in the wind, and occasionally, trees broke from the strong gales. However, his body didn’t move in the slightest. It was as if he had grown from the rock or had turned into a piece of rock.

Another black-haired young man walked over. The two of them looked about the same age, but from their disposition, the second one looked younger than the first one, with his hair being a few inches shorter.

“Father, I’ve brought the tribesmen to Bai Qingqing’s village to take a look. There’s water on the surface blocking the path and poisonous gra.s.s underground. Unless we can fly, we won’t be able to fight our way into the village.” Mitch.e.l.l reported as he walked up behind Saint Zachary.

The village’s defenses were really amazing, and it was extremely difficult to infiltrate the village and capture Bai Qingqing. It would be better to fight head-on against the beastmen from the forest outside.

Saint Zachary didn’t reply to him. Mitch.e.l.l then said, “I estimated things wrongly from the beginning. That village has become several times stronger than it was last year, and now it has that kind of strange exterior. Otherwise, we’d have wiped them out completely yesterday. Father, should I go back and get another batch of tribesmen over?”

Saint Zachary didn’t reply. He raised his ring hand and rubbed a black crystal with his fingers.

As Mitch.e.l.l spoke, the energy of the black crystal on his chest became slightly unstable. However, under bright daylight, the energy of souls was suppressed. Only Mitch.e.l.l, who was closest to it, could sense it vaguely.

A while later, just as Mitch.e.l.l was about to leave, Saint Zachary finally made a sound.

“No need.”

“Hmm?” Mitch.e.l.l was surprised. He thought that his father would definitely not give up. After his father rejected his proposal, he didn’t feel defeated, but instead, felt a little happy about it.