Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 978 - Preparation Before War

Chapter 978 - Preparation Before War

Chapter 978: Preparation Before War

There wasn’t a beastman who wasn’t excited. Carnivorous beastmen were bellicose. Moreover, how could they possibly be defeated when their forces were so ma.s.sive?

On the contrary, they hoped that their opponent could be a little stronger. Only then would they be able to receive more energy through the battles and thus be able to raise their level even faster.

Although Winston was extremely anxious, he didn’t feel any dissatisfaction toward Bai Qingqing’s request. Instead, he felt sweet inside.

Bai Qingqing didn’t wish for his body to be seen by other females. This showed that she was concerned for him.

He rapidly returned to the stone castle and put on the longest animal skirt he had. He then moved his long and muscular legs and returned to the crowd.

The moment he appeared, the several thousand beastmen instantly became so silent that one could hear the drop of a needle. They looked up at their king’s irregular shape standing on top of a rock. Their gazes showed admiration toward someone strong, as well as a strong desire for battle.

That desire from several thousand beastmen gathered together felt so intense that one could sense faint energy waves in the air.

Bai Qingqing couldn’t understand their perspectives. She took Parker’s hand and left the crowd. “Let’s go upstairs and watch. It’ll be clearer and quieter.”


The leopard cubs hadn’t seen their daddy for very long and followed behind him.

Muir had long backed away when the beastmen crowded together. He climbed onto the biggest tree opposite the castle. Many heads moved on the ground, but he could spot that pet.i.te figure in one glance. His gaze moved as she did until she disappeared into the stone castle.

Bai Qingqing and Parker climbed to the third level of the stone castle, the most suitable spot for viewing. Unexpectedly, Curtis was also standing on the corridors, looking downward, taking heed of the village’s war. This was the first time for him.

Bai Qingqing said to him softly, “You’ve come too.”

Curtis turned his head and looked at her, pulling her into his arms. He then looked down, saying softly, “This time around, your safety is concerned. How can I not pay attention to it?”

The scorching sunlight was outside the corridor and the high temperature came with the wind. Bai Qingqing snuggled deeper into Curtis’s arms, searching for coolness.

Parker also wanted to take her hand but decided against it for fear that she might feel hot. He turned into a leopard and jumped onto the stone railing. His sons imitated him and also jumped onto the stone railings, sitting in a row.

The males and females in the village had all come. Only then did Winston speak up with a strong voice. “A large group of scorpion beastmen is coming to invade us. We must raise the defense of our village, protect the females, and drive the enemies away forever!”



The cries of all beastmen burst out in unison, their voices filled with their unconditional support for their king.

This scene made Muir, who was on the tree, feel as if a lifetime had pa.s.sed. His memories of the village still stayed in the City of Beastmen.

Parker was still young and unable to take on heavy responsibilities; Winston was strong but didn’t yield to anyone; although Curtis was strong, he was indifferent to everything.

Today, all of them went through tremendous changes. Parker had become strong, Winston unified a big group of beastmen, and even Curtis had become a part of the secular world.

He was the only one hiding in the dark, unable to see the light.

Winston said some encouraging words. Then, the tiger tribal head went up and told Winston about the arrangements Bai Qingqing had made earlier.

Winston was stunned when he heard that. He turned and looked toward Bai Qingqing, his eyes gleaming with pride.

“Her preparations are very well done. I have the same intentions.” Winston wasn’t just proud of his mate for having such thoughts upon finding out that they had thought of the same thing. He also felt the joy of them coinciding with each other.

“Now, most of the people have their own armor. The other half are those who joined the village later, but theirs are mostly finished as well.”