Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 964 - Precarious Night (5)

Chapter 964 - Precarious Night (5)

Chapter 964: Precarious Night (5)


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Curtis raised his head and looked toward the sky. Alva immediately understood what he meant. He had taken his eyes off for a moment and thus failed to catch Bai Qingqing and the child earlier. Now that he was prepared, he pulled Bai Qingqing back into the sky at the very next second.

Scorpions had the flaw of slow crawling speed. Even the stripeless beast Saint Zachary’s speed couldn’t compare against a four-legged beastman of the lowest level.

He raised his two pincers and crawled with his six legs, releasing rustling sounds as he instructed his tribesmen, “Kill the eagle beastman!”


Instantly, even more scorpion beastmen and wild scorpions surrounded Muir. The sand was covered with a layer of black, and there was nowhere to land at all. From the top, it looked like a black hole that could engulf everything.

Bai Qingqing’s heart wrenched up for him. She patted Alva’s back and said, “Go save him!”

Alva recognized that the other party was a flying-type beastman from one glance, a powerful one at that. His long and slender arms and muscular chest were proof of that.

However, since Bai Qingqing said that, he went ahead with it.

The scorpion beastmen weren’t going to give them time. They were rapidly surrounding them.

When Muir saw Bai Qingqing again, he was no longer the fearless killing G.o.d from the past. He had become one who cared for his life and knew when to flee. He became reserved.

He had turned into his beast form a couple of times in the past few days and knew that there was no way he could survive while amidst a horde of scorpion beastmen. He instinctively turned into his beast form and frantically flapped his wings to hover in the air.

One of his wings flew normally, while the other kept on sliding downward unnaturally. One side of his body remained high while the other low, looking like a plane that was about to crash.

However, he stubbornly rose bit by bit, the strong gales sent out by his wings sending countless small scorpions flying. Even the scorpion beastmen found it difficult to move.

Both Alva and Bai Qingqing were stunned.

Muir looked over as if he sensed something. His body paused at an unnoticeable degree, but this had a fundamental impact on his flying state, and his body instantly fell.

He then moved his wings instinctively in paralysis, feeling great despair. [It’s over, she must have recognized me. She must abhor me now and wishes for me to die.]

When Bai Qingqing saw that the black eagle was about to fall into the seething sea of scorpions, she immediately woke up from her astonishment and shouted, “Add oil


! Fly quickly!”

Add oil… Was she referring to how he had covered the mountain with oil and burned Curtis? But her expression looked so anxious as if she didn’t wish for him to die.

Muir suddenly became energetic, and endless energy gushed into his body. He flapped his wings rapidly, flying faster than before, quickly breaking away from the danger.

The three of them stayed in the air while Parker and Winston had run far away to watch. Right now, Curtis was the only one fighting against the scorpion beastman.

The scorpion poison made Curtis even more aggressive. In addition to his life and death battle with someone strong earlier, the energy in Curtis’s body surged by quite a bit.

He was a rare talent, to begin with. He could grow rapidly despite lacking archenemies, let alone when he had just fought against an opponent who was stronger than him? The growth to his energy was a lot more than what he gained from slowly hunting prey for one year.

In the duel against Saint Zachary, it was still hard for him to have a chance to attack him, but it was now a lot easier for him to dodge.

Saint Zachary sensed that the snake beastman’s battle prowess had risen slightly, but he only thought of this as a consequence of Curtis’s ferocity being spiked by his poison. He didn’t think much into it.

After fighting for a while, scorpions once again crawled up to Winston and Parker, forcing them to watch from another location.

Bai Qingqing had Alva fly toward them. After discussing it with them, she came to a decision.