Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 957

Chapter 957

Chapter 957: Unt.i.tled

Bai Qingqing rubbed her b.u.t.t and got to her feet. Gazing afar, she was startled to see a foreign human figure, making her press against Winston by reflex.

Her first reaction was that someone from the scorpion tribe was here to capture her again.

“It’s me.” Knowing females didn’t have night vision, Alva instantly identified himself after seeing her frightened reaction. “Alva.”

Bai Qingqing exhaled, a relieved expression appearing on her face. Excellent. Now they had someone who could fly on their side, who could rescue people from Curtis when needed.

“When did you come? Quick, help me go take a look at Parker.”

In her anxiousness, Bai Qingqing jumped up and clasped her hands together. Although she didn’t stand on ceremony, it didn’t have the effect of making one feel displeased. In contrast, it made one feel that she was genuine and adorable.

As a veteran appearance-obsessed being, he naturally couldn’t bring himself to refuse Bai Qingqing’s request for help. He transformed into his beast form and gave chase in the direction where Parker and Curtis went.

Winston retrieved a coat from the grotto and draped it over Bai Qingqing, who hurriedly took An’an from him and hid her inside her coat to feed her.

When she was hidden under the rock, An’an was still kept warm by the warmth of her father’s fur. Having been subjected to the cold wind for a while, right now her skin was chilly, inducing heartache in Bai Qingqing.

While she s.h.i.+elded An’an, Winston pulled Bai Qingqing into his embrace and said worriedly, “I wonder if Curtis can make it through this. He couldn’t take it lying down, to begin with. And since full moon’s night happens to be around the corner, the venom would be oddly potent. If Curtis can’t retain his clarity of mind, I’m afraid…”

Bai Qingqing’s body turned stiff. Seemed like coaxing Curtis would no longer do. She had better remind him when he was in his more normal state.

“When Curtis comes back, you should quickly leave. I’ll continue to stay by his side,” said Bai Qingqing.

Winston was extremely uneasy with this arrangement. Curtis had lost control even when facing his spouse. Even though this time he had merely shoved her, the next time it might result in death.

But he knew Curtis’s position in Bai Qingqing’s heart, so he wouldn’t be able to talk her out of it. At the same time, he couldn’t bring himself to voice his agreement, thus he could only respond with silence.

While the two mates were leaning against each other as they sat by the rock, on the other side Parker was picked up by Alva at a crucial moment. Instead of coming back to look for Bai Qingqing, Curtis carried out a “ma.s.sacre” where he was.

He only returned the next morning.

Bai Qingqing had slept leaning against her two mates for the entire night, but only lightly. The moment she sensed something moving next to her, she instantly woke up.

“Is Curtis back?” Bai Qingqing looked towards the oasis, and, indeed, she saw the figure of a snake slithering towards her.

The sun had just risen, drenching the skies in red, adding a layer of warm orange color to the desert and the snake’s scales, easing the tense atmosphere by quite a bit.

Snapping out of her sleepy state, Bai Qingqing hurriedly urged, “You guys should quickly leave. I’ll hold Curtis back.”

Parker immediately dragged her behind him and warily stared at the quickly arriving Curtis. He said, “What will happen to you once we leave? I’ll go and divert him away again. Winston, protect Qingqing.”

“Okay!” Winston agreed without hesitation.

Now that she figured out how to keep herself alive, what Bai Qingqing worried about most was Curtis. How would she, who wished to be alone with Curtis, willingly oblige? But if Parker and Winston refused to leave, there was nothing she could do about it.

Watching as Curtis got nearer, Parker transformed into a leopard, jumped out and howled twice intending to provoke, then turned around and ran off.

Having competed against Curtis in speed several times, his speed had been elevated, and his abilities as a four-striped beastman also gradually solidified. It was extremely dangerous at the start when he was being chased, but now he could keep himself safe for a short while.