Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 939 - Eagle and Snake VS Giant Scorpion (2)

Chapter 939 - Eagle and Snake VS Giant Scorpion (2)

Chapter 939: Eagle and Snake VS Giant Scorpion (2)

The advantage of being in human form was that it was small and made it easy to hide. Saint Zachary remembered the eagle beastman had attacked him in this manner several times, and he would always attempt to climb onto his back.

Saint Zachary naturally wouldn’t give him the chance. As the other party pounced towards him with a forceful fist, he flayed his pair of gigantic pincers and dashed towards the opponent.

Muir went straight for the giant scorpion’s face with his fists, and the giant scorpion actually propped up his body on his hind limbs. When Muir ran under his abdomen, he ferociously crushed down on him.

All of this happened at lightning speed. In a matter of moments, one could no longer see any human figures on the battlefield.

Crushed under the giant scorpion’s abdomen, sharp cut wounds appeared on his back. Blood instantly spread out on his back and drenched the stone floorboard.

Despite his strength, Muir wasn’t able to budge his body or raise his fists, much less retaliate.

He couldn’t even crush the ground in a bid to escape.

Right on the heels of that, Curtis followed up with an attack. His blood-red eyes seemed to turn even redder, as though blood was about to drip out of them. He leaped up into the air above the giant scorpion’s back.

Raising his scorpion tail once more, Saint Zachery attacked straight at him.

Curtis’s body twisted unbelievably mid-air, avoiding the blow. He curled behind the scorpion’s tail and circled around it.

This was an extremely precarious method. If he succeeded, he would be able to restrain the scorpion’s tail and strangle the scorpion beastman to death with his coils. If he failed, he would be hit by the other party’s venomous hooks.

Curtis only achieved a 50% success—while he succeeded in coiling himself around the giant scorpion, he also felt a sharp pain from his body immediately following that.

It was a thin needle, but because it carried a lethal poison, this pain was magnified countless times.

Bearing with the intense pain, Curtis speedily coiled himself around the giant scorpion.

With his tail restrained, Saint Zachary didn’t dare to move about haphazardly. While it was easy for him to get away from his opponent, his tail was easily snapped broken.

Without his scorpion tail, he wouldn’t be able to unleash the energy liquid that ran abound in his body. Such a fate would be no different from death in his perspective.

Hence, he chose to fight with his life; instead of fleeing, he slammed his body heavily upon the ground to stop the giant snake from coiling himself around him.

Curtis’s slap very nearly crushed Muir into a pancake underneath. Now that he was pinned by an even greater weight, plenty of crimson blood seeped out from his back.

With much difficulty, he pressed his left palm against the ground and clenched his teeth, gathering all of his strength on the palm. Somehow, he managed to slowly prop up the scorpion beastman together with that giant snake on top.

The thorns on the scorpion beastman’s abdomen pierced more deeply into Muir’s body, and blood started flowing down his back like a stream, forming a pool of blood on the stone floor in no time.

Curtis took advantage of this opportunity to squeeze his body under the scorpion and tightly coiled himself around the scorpion. Amid Saint Zachary’s struggle, he rolled away from Muir’s body.

Finally getting the chance to crawl to his feet, Muir’s body was covered in blood, as though he had been soaking in the crimson liquid. His back was a messy mix of torn flesh and blood, and the flesh was even curled up.


Seeing that the situation wasn’t quite right, the scorpion beastmen standing in the surroundings approached. Muir watched as Curtis, who was firmly coiled around Saint Zachary, faced the scorpions around them and launched into an attacking stance.

The intense stench of blood caused the beastmen and wild scorpions’ eyes to turn red and awakened in them a desire to battle. The scorpion beastmen and scorpions rushed in from all directions and charged towards their enemy.

Muir could only choose to take on the larger ones, knocking out one scorpion beastman with each fist attack. All this while, more and more wild scorpions crawled up his legs and onto his body like ants, p.r.i.c.king with their venomous hooks as they climbed.

Although the scorpions were small in size, their venom wasn’t insignificant. One would realize the potency of the venom from the intensity of the pain.

Muir howled and bent his legs as he leaped onto the stone top.

To think that an eagle beastman like him would one day be forced into a dead-end by these tiny venomous creatures that crawled on land. What an irony.

Due to his tough skin, those little scorpions couldn’t pierce into his skin. Instead, quite a few of them snapped their venomous hooks in vain while attempting to do so.