Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 934 - Confrontation (2)

Chapter 934 - Confrontation (2)

Chapter 934: Confrontation (2)


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If it was any other beastman, they wouldn’t be able to avoid this killing move. However, Curtis’s body was ma.s.sive and he was also considered an agility-type beastman. His body arched in midair, avoiding the poisonous spike.

That wasn’t all. Curtis’s attack wasn’t affected by it. He continued to bare his fangs and bit down fiercely onto the scorpion’s head on his back.


A sound similar to clas.h.i.+ng metal rang out and the snake was bounced back. The scorpion beastman held his tail up and swung it, moving as the snake beastman moved. He no longer showed his contempt at the very beginning.

Both Parker and Winston took a quick look at Curtis’s… fangs. Their teeth hurt just from hearing the sound earlier.

Curtis’s upper body remained raised, his blood-red tongue flicking at his lips. He was unscathed, and so was the scorpion beastman.

They stood still for several seconds, then launched their attacks at the same time. Parker and Winston also turned into their beast form and joined the battle.

For the first round, Curtis had the advantage as Saint Zachary had underestimated his opponent. This time around, Saint Zachary took things seriously and there were no loopholes in his defense.

Curtis aimed at his critical spots while Winston and Parker worked with great cooperation, launching sneak attacks at Saint Zachary’s eight legs.

Although the three beastmen joined forces, they couldn’t get an advantage over the huge scorpion beastman. On the contrary, Parker and Winston were often hurt by the scorpion legs.

Curtis dodged agilely and didn’t get hurt, but that was it. He wasn’t able to harm the huge scorpion at all.

Scorpion beastmen’s were tough, to begin with. When they reached the level of a stripeless beast, their would be as hard as steel. Each time Curtis bit it, only a loud sound rang out, and then he’d have to avoid the poisonous spike immediately.

Although Saint Zachary was at the advantage, he was infuriated. He only wanted to get his hands on the soul crystal.

Surrounded by the three of them, his body released rustling sounds as it rubbed against the floor.

Very soon, densely-packed scorpions gushed over from all directions of the hall.

Several tens of scorpion beastmen took up over half the s.p.a.ce while wild scorpions the size of one’s fist filled up the other areas.

It was harder to fend against these small poisonous scorpions, as compared to regular scorpion beastmen. Winston and Parker, whose defenses weren’t high enough, felt threatened.

Muir carried Bai Qingqing and pa.s.sed by the battlefield. When Bai Qingqing heard the commotion, she looked over anxiously. She wanted to ask something, but her mouth was covered by a big hand.

“Shus.h.!.+ You’ll be discovered!”

After Muir said that, he kept his back close against the wall and turned in another direction.

The three beastmen were so engrossed in the battle that they didn’t sense their mate. They only noticed something after Bai Qingqing looked over.

Upon another sensing, they realized that Bai Qingqing was very close to them and was moving.

Winston had told them about Muir’s plan and they understood that he had succeeded. Since they couldn’t win against Saint Zachary, they planned on retreating.

Curtis stayed behind to cover for them while Parker and Winston left first. Saint Zachary’s goal was the soul crystal, and he immediately chased after the two beastmen.

Winston turned his neck and the necklace slid into his mouth. He then swung his head again, sending the necklace flying toward Curtis. It then hung on Curtis’s fangs that were exposed when opened.

Curtis was speechless.

How was he going to fight with it hanging there?

Curtis immediately tried to toss the necklace into his mouth. Saint Zachary was so shocked that he instantly froze, turning into his human form and saying anxiously, “Don’t move!”

Saliva could dissolve transparent crystals and green crystals. No one had tried it with soul crystals before, so it wasn’t known if soul crystals could be dissolved by saliva.

It’d be a joke if Chris’s soul possessed the male snake beastman.

Cough! Of course, that was impossible. If the female’s soul was engulfed by a male, they’d definitely be defeated by the male’s strong soul. There was no chance of the female winning.