Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 931 - Bai Qingqing's Operation to Save Herself

Chapter 931 - Bai Qingqing's Operation to Save Herself

Chapter 931: Bai Qingqing’s Operation to Save Herself


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Hearing Muir’s footsteps getting increasingly further away, Winston turned and threw a glance at him, saying, “Thank you for helping me. Since you still like Qingqing, why not move together with us? Even Curtis might not be confident in dealing with the opponent this time around. At the very least, he wouldn’t fight with you at this time.”

Muir stopped and said, “Saint Zachary only seeks for his mate’s soul crystal. You go ahead with the deal with him while I’ll go and save her.”

Since Muir had his own arrangements, Winston didn’t say anything else. He turned into his beat form and quickly ran off.

After a few days, the walls of the newly constructed room also started to have ice forming on them. They reflected the red light from the fire in the room.

Bai Qingqing placed all of the animal skins onto the stone bed, letting An’an lay down on them. She took a look and decided to place An’an on the floor, saying apologetically, “An’an, you’ll have to be aggrieved for a little more. Mommy will place you back on the bed immediately.”

Planting a kiss on An’an’s small and skinny face, Bai Qingqing climbed up onto the tall stone bed and moved a stone stool onto the bed as well. She then climbed up to the small window above the bed with great difficulty.

Bai Qingqing crouched at the window, looking at the bed two meters below her, feeling a little scared.

That stone stool was right below her.

Bai Qingqing felt regretful. She should have covered the stone stool with an animal skin as well.

However, it wasn’t easy for her to climb up successfully after having spent a few days. She couldn’t give up now.

Bai Qingqing took in a deep breath, then exerted force on both her hands and legs, pus.h.i.+ng against the stone wall and plunging down.

Before she could spurt out the air she had inhaled into her lungs, her body fell onto the edges of the stone bed. Thankfully, she didn’t collide with the stone stool, but she inevitably rolled off from the bed and onto the ground. Her legs had almost come into contact with An’an, who had been wrapped up into a ball.

The fall took place so quickly that Bai Qingqing had landed before she could let out a scream.

Bai Qingqing’s heart palpitated. She couldn’t care about the intense pain she was feeling and looked around anxiously. When she didn’t see Curtis, she lay on the ground hopelessly.

This was her last bet, but it had failed.

However, what Bai Qingqing didn’t notice was that the snake tattoo on her ankle had opened its translucent retinas when she was plunging. If it had continued, she would have succeeded.

The reason this plan had failed was first that the time was too short, and secondly, because she had prepared protective measures. She knew that she wouldn’t fall to her death and that there was no real danger.

Therefore, the snake tattoo returned to its original state after a short moment.

“Ssss~” Curtis opened his eyes, his gaze piercing through the stone walls in front of him, and looked far out in front of him.

“Snow is there.” Curtis suddenly spoke up.

Parker didn’t believe him and immediately said in disdain, “We can’t feel anything, so how can you?”

Curtis paid him no heed and hammered against the stone wall.

However, this was just a direction. Unless he made holes and pa.s.sed through them, this lead would be useless too. He’d immediately lose his direction if they were to leave this pa.s.sageway.

Curtis was really planning on making holes to create a way there. Parker hesitated for a moment and was about to help when he noticed Winston from the corners of his eyes.

“Curtis, stop making holes! Winston is back!”

Curtis immediately left the cave and took a look at the necklace on the white tiger’s neck. He smiled coldly. “Excellent. Since he’s using Snow to threaten us, I won’t let him have it easy either.”

Parker also had a pressing wish for Saint Zachary to feel the great pain of losing his mate’s soul, but he wasn’t vicious enough and it was just a thought. He didn’t really plan on harming the innocent. After hearing Curtis say this, he couldn’t help but light a candle for Saint Zachary in his heart.