Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 924 - : Exchange Moves

Chapter 924 - : Exchange Moves

Chapter 924: Exchange Moves

If he didn’t kill them all, his mate wouldn’t have removed his spousal mark. If the spousal mark wasn’t removed, he wouldn’t have mated with Chris. If they didn’t mate, their relations.h.i.+p wouldn’t have turned for the worse. If their relations.h.i.+p didn’t turn for the worse, then Chris wouldn’t have so much hatred that she even killed their children. He wouldn’t have killed Chris by accident and things wouldn’t be as they were now.

Saint Zachary almost went crazy, his mind in a complete mess. However, his eyes radiated jealousy of a greater intensity.

Curtis suddenly said, “You’re Saint Zachary, right?”

After having information wormed out from him, Curtis also recognized who this beastman was. He didn’t lose out.

Saint Zachary smiled coldly and said, “That’s right. Hand Chris’s soul crystal to me and I’ll return your mate to you.”

After knowing that he was Saint Zachary, Curtis, Winston and even Parker didn’t agree to his proposal immediately.

There was no other reason other than the fact that they, being males, understood other males better.

If their mate died, after finding their soul crystal and their mate’s body couldn’t be used anymore, they’d definitely find another body for their mate’s soul to reside in. Moreover, they’d look for the prettiest one.

After all, all females love beauty, especially those who were beautiful, to begin with. They wouldn’t be able to accept becoming ugly.

They were already planning for unforeseen circ.u.mstances while their mate was still alive, let alone the scorpion beastman, who had already lost his. He would definitely be crazier.

If they were to handover the soul crystal, then they’d really be harming their mate.

Although the scorpion beastman might not necessarily do this, they couldn’t afford the slightest bit of risk.

Bai Qingqing didn’t think of this possibility because she was a female.

The four of them were birds of the same flock and thus did away with the unnecessary talk. Right now, it was going to be a compet.i.tion of strength.

Seeing that they weren’t doing what was good for them, Saint Zachary threatened, “If you guys don’t agree, I’ll chop off her limbs. If the limbs with the spousal marks are gone, the marks should disappear, right?”

The moment he said this, Parker immediately let out an enraged growl, his eyes looking as if fire was going to spew out from them. Even Winston appeared enraged, unable to hold it in.

It was the same for Curtis. He stared at the scorpion beastman in front of him, then suddenly pressed his tail against the ground, pouncing over for the kill at the speed of lightning.

Since that was the case, then they should battle to the death right here. They’d be able to ensure Bai Qingqing’s safety at least.

When Parker and Winston saw that Curtis had made a move, they immediately a.s.sumed attacking stances as well.

The battle seemed like it was going to erupt, but the scorpion king didn’t seem keen on engaging in battle. He didn’t exchange moves with Curtis, and, with a flash, entered the sand wall and disappeared.

Curtis dashed after him, only to create a big hole in the wall and be thrown back a few steps from the counteracting force.

Winston followed right behind him, slamming his tiger claws fiercely onto the wall with a bang. In terms of grip strength, Curtis might rank first amongst them, but in terms of fist power, Winston’s was definitely the greatest.

However, he only managed to cause sand and rocks to fall down from the wall. He was unable to pa.s.s through it as the scorpion beastman could.

Scorpion beastmen lived in the sand and were very familiar with it. When they reached the stripeless beast level, they could even control sand and earth, pa.s.sing through them as they wished.

Parker left countless scratch marks on the wall as if he was drawing. He howled twice before turning into his human form and asking, “What do we do now? Would he go chop off Qingqing’s limbs right now?”

Parker’s voice trembled. Although his spousal mark was on Qingqing’s chest and he wouldn’t become a rootless beast because of this, he couldn’t bear to see her in pain.

Winston also circled on the spot anxiously, no longer displaying his usual calmness. He circled for a while breathing anxiously and then said, “I’ll go back and bring those soul crystals over right now! You guys hold back the scorpion beastman!”