Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 905 - Parker Challenges Curtis (1)

Chapter 905 - Parker Challenges Curtis (1)

Chapter 905: Parker Challenges Curtis (1)


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He owed his life to Muir. In the future, he wouldn’t stop him from trying to be with Qingqing anymore. And if Curtis wanted to deal with Muir, he would no longer help.

Although Curtis never expected help from anyone, when he read Parker’s intent from his eyes, he couldn’t stop the flames of fury from surging inside him.

Sensing the change in atmosphere, Bai Qingqing cast a strange look at them both, before finally deciding to coax it out of Parker, the easier target.

“Hey! Quick, transform into a leopard! I’ll help you cleanse your fur.”

Roar! Parker gently let go of her and transformed into a leopard in the water. His fur spread out in the water, smooth as silk.

As it had been several days since Parker took a proper bath, his fur was rather oily.

Tugging the leopard by his tail, Bai Qingqing dragged him to the sh.o.r.e, grabbed a handful of sand, and started scrubbing his fur with it, which was a very effective way of getting rid of the oil.

As Winston bathed An’an, his attention was fully focused on Bai Qingqing’s side. When he saw them interacting intimately, he lowered his head and scratched his hair, feigning nonchalance.

After bathing An’an, Winston placed her under a tree and walked to the shallows where he quietly took a bath.

While Winston was feeling depressed, he had no idea that Bai Qingqing had been paying attention to him.

After speedily bathing Parker, Bai Qingqing waded through the water to Winston’s side.

Heart skipping a beat, Winston looked up at Bai Qingqing, his countenance as usual, a questioning look in his eyes.

Bai Qingqing crouched down and said as she grabbed a handful of fine sand, “You too, transform into your beast form. I’ll help you cleanse your fur. Or else, your skin will always be oily.”

Winston dazedly acted according to her instructions. Only when he sensed the soft touch on his back, did he dare believe that he wasn’t hallucinating.

Curtis lifted his own smooth tail and, after looking at it, slapped the water surface in frustration, causing ripples to form.

Parker crawled to sh.o.r.e and shook his fur vigorously. He then leaped up and down to test his strength, causing dead tree bark, withered tree leaves, and even bird p.o.o.p, to dance in the air.

Curtis, who was soaking in the water under the shade of the tree, suddenly found the water around him floating with trash. Unable to tolerate it, he threw a cold gaze in Parker’s direction.

Parker instantly hugged the tree trunk tightly and transformed into a human before saying, “Surely you didn’t hit me earlier because of jealousy? Jealous that I became a four-striped beastman at a younger age than you did, jealous that I’m faster than you.”

Bai Qingqing didn’t dare to look at Curtis. Even though she wasn’t the person Parker was challenging, she felt that his words were deserving of a beating.

Curtis sputtered with laughter, fully expressing his disdain.

Enraged, Parker had wanted to speak further, when he saw a silver glow flicker across the water surface, and a “swoosh” sound ringing as a gigantic snake figure cut across the air.

The next moment, Parker was sent flying from the top of the tree.

Curtis demonstrated who was the fastest with his actions.

“Pff!” The leopard landed head-first on the floor, carving a long trench in the sand.

“Hahahahahahaha!!!” Bai Qingqing exploded into laughter once more.

Serves him right!

Parker furrowed his brows in anger. Clearly, he was guarded, but Curtis still got his way.

When he heard Bai Qingqing’s mocking laughter, with zero intention of holding herself back, the color on Parker’s face alternated between a vibrant shade of green and red.

Parker stuck his head into the sand and transformed into a leopard, before charging at Curtis like a fighting bull, forming a current as he ran into the water.

It was a magnificent sight. However, the resistance of water weakened his speed to a very big extent.

Curtis raised his tail and slapped the leopard with it, pinning the latter into the water.

Parker slipped out from under the snake’s tail and emerged from the water surface from another spot, before paddling towards Curtis once more.