Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 901 - Down With the Flu

Chapter 901 - Down With the Flu

Chapter 901: Down With the Flu


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Curtis continued, “I discovered an oasis outside. Since the effects of the antidote will only show up on the full moon night, let’s move to the oasis for a short stay.”

Curtis made their nerve-wracking trip sound like a vacation.

Intrigued by the suggestion, Bai Qingqing turned her head and gazed at the leopard in the cave, then nodded and said with a smile, “Okay.”

Curtis laid an icy and large palm over Bai Qingqing’s abdomen and gently stroked it. “Don’t feel too stressed. It’s no good for your baby.”

Blus.h.i.+ng, Bai Qingqing said in a reprimanding tone, “I don’t even know for sure if I’m pregnant. Don’t think that way.”

“You don’t believe me?” Curtis narrowed his eyes.

As a male, Curtis was made to hear his spouse doubting his reproductive abilities.

Bai Qingqing immediately softened her att.i.tude and explained, “I’m still breastfeeding and haven’t had my period yet. I don’t know if I was in heat then.”


Curtis sniffed her body and said, “Your scent has changed.”

Females would give off a different scent during the different stages of their menstrual cycle. Although Curtis wasn’t a professional doctor, having accompanied Bai Qingqing on her three births, he had enough experience to know this much. He declared resolutely, “I’m positive you’re pregnant.”

Bai Qingqing felt kind of scared. She really didn’t want to give birth again so soon. Every year she was always pregnant, giving birth, or taking care of children. She had no time to play anymore.

But Curtis had said that it only took one shot for him to make a female pregnant…

Putting up a final, desperate struggle, Bai Qingqing said, “The last time I was pregnant with your babies I had an enormous appet.i.te at this time. But there isn’t much change to my appet.i.te this time around…”

Curtis’s countenance softened as he retrieved a piece of roasted meat from the fire and fed it to her.

“Perhaps it’s a female baby.”

Bai Qingqing’s first reaction was fear. One An’an was enough to make her sad. She then thought of the little snakes. She wasn’t the only one with regrets that they weren’t able to raise the little snakes by their sides; Curtis probably felt bad about that too.

If this was truly a female baby, it was actually quite a perfect arrangement too.

Curtis said, “It’s even better if you don’t have a good appet.i.te. Don’t eat too much.”

Bai Qingqing sputtered with laughter. “Are you afraid it will be difficult to give birth if the baby gets too big? Even then, we can’t starve the baby. After giving birth to An’an, I feel that the next female baby will be easier to give birth to.”

Bai Qingqing decided to let things take their natural course.

Curtis said nothing, but he silently made up his mind not to make special efforts to nourish Bai Qingqing’s body.

After eating, Bai Qingqing went into the cave to avoid the firewood smoke.

Indeed, many beastmen were attracted by the smoke. Curtis transformed into a snake and stood guard at the entrance of the mine shaft, to stop the beastmen from peering inwards.

Having been exposed to the cold and wiped her body with cold water, after waking up from a nap, Bai Qingqing realized she was down with the flu.

Clearly, her body felt scorching hot, yet she felt incredibly cold. In a half-awake state, Bai Qingqing suddenly felt a hot and fluffy body press against her back.

Feeling around with her eyes narrowed, Bai Qingqing asked, “Winston, is that you?”


Winston licked her face. Sensing that Bai Qingqing had used his might via the spousal mark protection, he felt both elated and worried.

Elated, because this was the first time Qingqing had used his might.

And worried, because he feared she was in danger.

Hence, he rushed back as quickly as he could.

Curtis came to Bai Qingqing’s side and tested her body temperature, a perplexed look surfacing on his face.

“You cold?” Clearly, her body temperature was higher than usual.

Bai Qingqing leaned against the tiger’s warm and toasty chest drowsily as she responded with a feeble “Mm.”

As Winston’s family had the experience of raising a female, every time such a situation arose, the entire family would be alerted. Hence, he had some understanding of it.