Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 887 - Barge Through the Exit

Chapter 887 - Barge Through the Exit

Chapter 887: Barge Through the Exit


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“This doesn’t comply with the regulations,” the scorpion beastman said with an unfriendly tone. “We only know you. We don’t know that snake beastman.”

However, when did a snake beastman enter the underground palace? Did he accidentally fall in through the quicksand?

As he said this, he threw a glance at the few scorpion beastmen around. They started to knock on the ground with a certain part of their bodies, releasing knocking sounds.

Winston’s animal ears twitched, and he sharply captured the sound of a group of scorpion beastmen rus.h.i.+ng over.

If he were to do things forcibly, then he’d have to stand against the entire Flame City. This wasn’t something he wanted.

However, Qingqing was below as well. They had to leave this place, and the day for this to happen would come eventually.

At this thought, Winston decided to take a rough approach.

Just then, a murky and cold air gushed out from the pit with a “swoosh”. A pale hand locked onto the side of the hole.

The scorpion beastmen were all greatly surprised.

“The snake beastman has jumped out! Poke him to death!”

A few pitch-black scorpion tails pierced toward the snake beastman below. The stingers on their tails were tough and sharp, making it hard for one to doubt that it’d be able to piece through any prey.

However, snake beastmen were well-known to be fast. Before the scorpion tails pierced him, Curtis reached out toward one of them, grabbing onto it, and tugging it to the bottom.

The scorpion beastman’s plunging body blocked the other stingers, and Curtis also took this time to jump up onto the surface.

The scorpion beastmen were caught unaware. When they saw the snake beastman without any animal stripes suddenly appearing, they were stunned.


A few instances later, a stifled falling sound rang out in the underground palace, bringing the scorpion beastmen back to their senses.

“Quickly pull him up. He’ll be eaten.”

The beastmen locked in the underground palace all harbored great hatred toward scorpion beastmen. If a weak scorpion beastman were to go down, it’d spell death for them.

They couldn’t be bothered with the snake beastman anymore. A scorpion beastman immediately tossed down the rope.

The scorpion beastman that had fallen into the underground palace was like water landing into a pot of oil, instantly causing an eruption.

Tens of beastmen gushed out from the darkness, pouncing onto the fallen scorpion beastman.

The spot where the scorpion beastman was sprawled on had a hint of sunlight casting down from the hole, looking like a stage. Bathed in sunlight, he was like the main lead on a stage.

At the next instant, the “stage” was forcibly taken over by countless beastmen, and their bellows soon rang out.

The scorpion beastmen on top only saw a scorpion tail twitching amidst the pile of beastmen below. They paused for a moment before drawing the rope back.

They turned and saw that the white tiger and the snake beastman had walked up to the entrance, suddenly stopping in their footsteps.

The summoned group of beastmen had arrived, stopping the snake and tiger in their tracks.

“What’s the matter?” The leader of the group of scorpion beastmen asked.

The scorpion beastman guarding the underground palace’s entrance hesitated for a moment. He recalled the snake beastman’s agile movements earlier and couldn’t help but shudder.

“It’s nothing. Report to the scorpion king that Winston has brought out a snake beastman from the underground palace.”

Winston turned to throw a glance at them before saying, “We’re looking for him. Let’s go together.”

The scorpion beastmen were rendered speechless.

Alright, this would save them the ha.s.sle.

The scorpion beastmen led the snake and tiger beastmen to the palace.

The sand in the center of the desert felt like a large heated metal pot after being scorched by the blazing sun. Curtis’s tail pressed down onto it, releasing a sizzling sound. It was as if his flesh was being cooked.

Curtis couldn’t help but think of Bai Qingqing. During her rest time, she even cut two pieces of animal skin for him to wrap around his legs to protect him against the heat. The scorching feeling on his tail instantly disappeared.

He turned into his human form, stepping onto the sand barefooted. This time around, he felt comfortable all over even with the protection of the animal skin.