Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 882 - : Feeding

Chapter 882 - : Feeding

Chapter 882: Feeding

A burly figure walked out from the darkness. The shadow behind him was almost integrated into one with his body, giving him an especially powerful disposition.

The scorpion king crawled up, wiping off the blood from the corner of his lips with the back of his hand. He smiled softly and said, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t.”

“I don’t need you to give it to her anymore.”

There weren’t any animal stripes on the face of the man who walked out from the darkness. From his terrifyingly powerful disposition, he must be above the level of a four-striped beastman.

He got close to the scorpion king, emitting a killing aura that was viscous as water. “I’ll take it myself!”

The scorpion king smiled and backed off slowly.

“It seems that you heard the conversation earlier as well. That’s right, that’s where the antidote is.” Feeling apprehensive that there might be beastmen around, the scorpion beastman said ambiguously, not wanting for more people to find out about this.

“But Muir, even if you were to s.n.a.t.c.h the antidote, you won’t be able to save her female child. The poison on the female child is extremely weak. Otherwise, she’d have long been dead. The antidote will serve as fighting poison with poison, so the amount can’t be too much either. Otherwise, it’d take her life instead.”

Muir paused in his footsteps, and his killing aura dissipated like tidal waves as he glared at the scorpion king.

“Give me the antidote immediately!”

“Don’t worry, I will. I need some time to weaken its effect.” The scorpion king smiled, not having the aggressiveness he showed when speaking with Bai Qingqing.


Muir planned on leaving after getting a satisfied reply.

“But did you really plan to kill me just now? Do you know that if you were to kill me, you won’t be able to live either? Although my father leaves me be, he’s still very concerned about me as his descendant.”

The scorpion king followed behind Muir and asked with interest.

“It doesn’t matter.”

The scorpion king shook his head. “You aren’t a rootless beast and have all sorts of emotions. Why do you act as if there’s nothing to live for in life? If you want something, then go and s.n.a.t.c.h it.”

Muir’s face was numb like a statue, but a hint of grief flashed past in his sharp and deep eyes.

“She won’t forgive me…”

Rather than having her looking at him with detest and hatred, he’d rather hide and not let her see him for life.

The scorpion king felt a little astonished. What kind of intense feelings would let such a beastman who looked like he had no soul act so cowardly that he didn’t dare to meet someone?

“You’re really talkative today. We’ve known each other for two years, and the words you’ve said during this time aren’t as much as what you’ve said today.”

Muir turned and went to the mine shaft, not paying the scorpion king any more heed.

The scorpion king let out a breath and then headed in another direction.

It hadn’t been easy for him to experience feelings. He mustn’t die easily.

The scorpion king raised his hand and looked at the black crystal lying quietly on his palm. He squinted his eyes and said, “I’m warning you, if you continue to do things that are unfavorable to me, I’ll crush your soul and let you disappear completely from the face of this earth.”

The crystal showed no reaction at all.

The scorpion king raised the crystal to take a look, mumbling, “You’re so weak. Is it day time now?”

Outside the hole, there was a small circle of weak light. Two figures squatted inside the hole.

Bai Qingqing checked Parker’s injuries and realized that they had started to form scabs. She smiled happily.

“Parker, eat quickly. With enough nutrition, your wounds will heal quickly.”

Parker laid on the animal skin weakly as he chewed on the jerky. Throwing a glance at the little bit of jerky left, he chewed even slower, chewing each mouthful for several ten times.

This was food for four, so how could he eat them all by himself? He better eat and taste it slowly.

Bai Qingqing’s chin shriveled down. If he continued to eat at this rate, he wouldn’t eat much in a day.

Was he so weak that he didn’t even have the strength to eat?

Bai Qingqing then dug out another piece of long and narrow jerky, taking off a big bite and frowning as she chewed hard.