Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 861 - Food Was All Drowned in Quicksand (2)

Chapter 861 - Food Was All Drowned in Quicksand (2)

Chapter 861: Food Was All Drowned in Quicksand (2)

Bai Qingqing felt even more embarra.s.sed and said angrily, “I’m not going to do that! Quickly go and help!”

Curtis smiled and got up to slither over.

The tensed up rope released squeaking sounds on its verge of death. Some parts started to tear.

“The rope is going to break! Curtis, faster!” Parker bellowed anxiously.

Curtis slithered to the very front, grabbing onto the ropes with one hand, but didn’t help. Instead, he exerted force in the reverse direction, counteracting against the force that Parker and the others had put in.

Everyone had been able to feel the strength from the rope, but now, they felt that it wasn’t moving anymore.

Parker was the first to react to this and said angrily, “What are you doing? It’s one thing if you don’t help, but don’t create trouble!”

Curtis shook his head with his back to the rest. “Let go. Let me do it.”

All of the tiger beastmen looked toward Parker in unison. They didn’t care for this snake beastman who didn’t have any animal stripes.

Although the snake beastman was very strong when killing the floating beasts, it should be that he was their natural foe that he was able to slap them to death with a lash of his tail.

They didn’t make things difficult for him on Bai Qingqing’s account, but wasn’t this snake beastman being too arrogant? The seven of them hadn’t been able to pull out the luggage with their combined efforts, so was it possible for a snake beastman without any animal stripes to accomplish it?

Parker hesitated for a moment before letting go. Seeing that the others weren’t reacting, he then said, “Leave it to Curtis.”

The tiger beastmen felt baffled but still let go worriedly.

They didn’t expect that after they let go of the ropes, Curtis still stood there steadily on the spot. The rope was only sinking slowly into the quicksand.

“The quicksand is heading over. Curtis, be careful,” said Parker as he looked at the quicksand river, gesturing for the tiger beastmen to back off.

Curtis tugged the rope, not anxious at all. He slowly and steadily pulled the rope out.

The force he exerted wasn’t stronger than all the tiger beastmen combined, but a miraculous scene took place. The rope started to come out.

The rope, which seven males were unable to move, was pulled out by a snake beastman.

The reason the tiger beastmen weren’t able to pull the rope out wasn’t that they weren’t strong enough. On the contrary, it was because they had exerted too much strength.

Quicksand had an inertia strength, so when they tugged at it forcefully, it’d be as firm as solid ground. However, when you follow the flow of the inertia to gradually exert force, you get success.

The quicksand moved under Curtis’s tail. He moved back calmly and continued to pull at the rope.

Not long later, a bag filled with food came out from the quicksand.

The tiger beastmen’s breathing instantly returned to normal.

However, it then felt as if the ropes didn’t have any weight and slipped out with just a tug from Curtis.

The entire rope was pulled out, but it was empty. There was nothing left.

“Where’s the food? Why is there only one bag left?”

Curtis picked up the end of the rope. There were traces of blood left on it.

Curtis flicked out his tongue and said, “The rope was broken off. There are beastmen under the quicksand.”

Parker also got up close to take a whiff, saying in astonishment, “There really are! It’s a bear beastman! No, the blood belongs to a beastman, but there’s also the scent of a wolf. It seems two beastmen fighting for food!”

“What? Are there beastmen in the quicksand?”

Alva looked at the quicksand river and guessed, “Could they have been engulfed by the quicksand?”

If he had been engulfed by the quicksand back then, would he have to live under the sand as well?

With this, not much of the luggage was left. Thankfully, the water jars were used to set up the tent and weren’t tied to the rope.