Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 838 - Making Up (1)

Chapter 838 - Making Up (1)

Chapter 838: Making Up (1)


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Curtis said sluggishly, “Dead. King ate her up.”

Bai Qingqing drew in a sharp gasp of cold air, her pitch going up. “Ate her up?”

Curtis looked at her with a gaze as if telling her to not make a big deal out of his. “It’s very normal for males to want to eat up their mates when they love their mates a lot.”

Bai Qingqing was first only astonished, but after hearing Curtis’s words, she was horrified.

She then looked toward him. With him saying that, did that mean that he also… had a desire to eat her?

“I won’t eat you,” Curtis said. “I like you as you are. There’s no need for me to make up for things with my desire to eat.”


Bai Qingqing swallowed a mouthful of saliva, then quickly changed the topic. “Erm, why are the plants in the water all gone? Did you tug them all out?”

Curtis said calmly, “This plant is a threat to me as well. The mermen had almost hit me in my critical spots in a few instances. However, the plants have weaknesses too. They are widely spread out, but there are only a few of them. If their roots are located and broken, then the plant will die. There’s no need to fear the mermen then.”

Bai Qingqing looked at him, almost with stars gleaming in her eyes.

Looking at the current Curtis, she finally had a first-hand experience of what “treating something very difficult as easy” meant.

“So that’s how it is,” Bai Qingqing said with admiration. “You’re so amazing.”

Curtis still didn’t wear any expression on his face, but if one were to take a closer look, they’d notice that his lips had curled up ever so slightly, not looking as cold as before.

He lowered his head to look at his mate, whose face was filled with admiration for him. A sense of pride rose in his heart.

The reason males were in pursuit of great strength was so that they could gain their mate’s recognition. Bai Qingqing’s recognition gave Curtis a great sense of achievement.

He raised his hand and lifted Bai Qingqing’s chin, locking the back of her head with the other hand, and went in for a deep kiss.

Because of the incident with the little snake, Bai Qingqing showed no resistance toward Curtis. Her body even showed signs of complying to him.

This made Curtis even more heated up. His hand placed on the back of her neck gradually moved down to her back, supporting her as he pushed her down. He then pressed his body between her legs.

They agreed to not give birth to children anymore and were prepared to not mate anymore in the future.

But when they were deeply aroused, something like this would take place naturally.

Or rather, it was caused by Bai Qingqing’s attraction toward members of the opposite s.e.x after she started ovulating again.

Regardless, when Parker came back, what welcomed him was Bai Qingqing’s sweet moans.

“Howl—” Parker entered the wooden house while bringing in the prey that he had already washed.

Bang! He tossed the food onto the fire, sending sparks flying.

Curtis threw a sideward glance at him, then turned his body into his snake form as he hid Bai Qingqing.

The next day, after the sun had long risen, a leopard lay in front of the wooden house, biting onto a piece of a charred unidentified object (the food that was thrown in the fire the night before).

There was a sleeping baby under his body, with only a fair, tender, and plump face exposed.


A soft moan that was like a mosquito buzz rang out from the house, causing the leopard’s ears to perk up. He got up and ran in, leaving behind the baby covered in a few layers of snakeskin.


Parker ran to the corner of the room where the coiled-up snake beastman was and let out a few cries at him.

Very soon, a hand squeezed its way out from the snake’s body. Bai Qingqing’s head then darted out quickly after.

Looking at the unfamiliar environment outside, Bai Qingqing was stunned for a moment before recalling what happened yesterday.

“Where’s An’an?” Bai Qingqing looked around the house.