Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 819 - An'an Went Into the Water to Play (2)

Chapter 819 - An'an Went Into the Water to Play (2)

Chapter 819: An’an Went Into the Water to Play (2)

“Then place her into the little silver fishes’ bubbles and let her play with them. What do you say?” asked Bluepool.

Bai Qingqing gave it some thought, then replied with a smile, “Let’s give it a try. See if she’s scared all by herself first.”

Bluepool instantly blew a bubble.

Following their descent, the lighting grew dimmer.

An’an’s countenance changed. She exaggeratedly raised her head and gazed at the glowing water surface, letting out anxious groans.

“What’s the matter?” Bai Qingqing hurriedly cradled An’an in her arms to coax her.

As Bluepool continued diving downwards, the lighting grew even dimmer.

An’an looked at her mommy’s face, and by now she could only make out her silhouette. Raising her head to look at the water surface again, she started pouting.

Recalling something, Bai Qingqing immediately said to Bluepool, “Quickly go back up. An’an seems terrified of the dark.”


Bluepool paused for a moment. Shaking his fishtail vigorously, he sped upwards with the bubble.

Now that light enveloped the bubble once more, An’an’s crumpled chin smoothed out. Her beautifully-shaped large eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears, but she was holding them back from slipping down her face.

Bai Qingqing wiped away her tears with a cloth and said to Bluepool, “Just take us somewhere bright. We won’t be going down.”

Bluepool let out a regretful sigh, then blew another bubble. He pushed Bai Qingqing and An’an back up to the water surface, then left them with a “Be right back,” before speedily diving towards the depths of the waterhole.


Without Bluepool there to hold the bubble in place, the bubble started sinking once more.

Now that she was experienced, An’an immediately started getting nervous. She tightly gripped onto her mommy’s neck with her short and chubby little limbs, staring eagerly at the water surface.

Several seconds later, Bluepool swam back up again, this time carrying with him a bubble filled with little silver fishes.

There was a fluorescent light in the bubble, coming from the large luminous pearl at the bottom of it.

This pearl was brighter than the ten-odd little luminous b.a.l.l.s Bai Qingqing had, added up. The little silver fishes were swimming around inside. Through their half-translucent bodies, one could see a fishbone.

“Since An’an likes light, I’ll let her play with my pearl,” said Bluepool.

Indeed, An’an was attracted by the fishes in the bubble. Blinking her watery eyes, she reached out to touch it.

Bluepool pushed the empty bubble into the large bubble, contained An’an inside, then took her out and pushed her into the water bubble with fishes in it.

An’an, who suddenly found herself surrounded by fishes, froze for a moment.

Gazing around, she relaxed at the sight of Mommy’s smiley face through a school of tiny fishes, after which she continued playing by herself.

Due to the pull of gravity, the bubble containing An’an sank to the depths of the water bubble. One luminous pearl was wedged between the two bubbles.

Light shone from below, illuminating An’an’s face in a way that made her look like a ghost.

Not bothering to look at the fishes anymore, she laid on her belly, wanting to dig out the luminous pearl.

Propping up the bubble, with a gentle shove Bluepool pushed the luminous pearl into An’an’s hands.

An’an gazed at the extra-large luminous pearl in her hands with a fascinated expression. She then placed it into her mouth and started nibbling at it.

Thankfully, this pearl of Bluepool’s was large enough, so Bai Qingqing didn’t stop An’an as she didn’t have to fear the baby would accidentally swallow it.

Bai Qingqing said with a smile, “She likes to nibble at the luminous b.a.l.l.s we have at home too.”

Bluepool, who hadn’t expected An’an would do this, got anxious. “That’s for my spouse!”

Bai Qingqing dug her nose. “Wash it and it’ll be clean again.”

Since it was already like that, it was too late for regrets. Seeing his precious dowry covered in saliva from being nibbled at, he felt stabs of pain in his heart.

He felt as though his spouse was being bitten.

Cough cough.

Bai Qingqing cleared her throat and said embarra.s.sedly, “I’m afraid An’an might refuse to return it to you later.”

Bluepool’s body trembled violently, feeling incredibly remorseful over his action.

“No way am I giving this pearl to you!”