Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 815 - Brothers Fighting to the Death (1)

Chapter 815 - Brothers Fighting to the Death (1)

Chapter 815: Brothers Fighting to the Death (1)


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However, with it being three against one, it was hard to guess which side would turn out victorious.

The three leopards clearly work together often, and their battle tactic was very strict. They immediately surrounded the armored Parker with a stable triangle formation.

Parker bellowed and pounced toward the leopard right in front of him directly.

Although he was dressed in heavy armor, his movements were still quick. There was also an additional hint of ferocity like that of a tiger that was rarely found in leopard beastmen.

It only took an instant for him to pounce on the leopard right in front of him.

They were from the same litter, after all. Parker’s brothers’ reaction wasn’t slow, either. The other two leopards didn’t hesitate at all. In the instant Parker pounced, the other two also pounced at him.

Two “bangs” rang out, and Parker had two additional big mountains on him. They opened their mouths and bit out toward Parker’s neck.

Parker swung his body abruptly, and sharp squeaking sounds of something hard scratching against metal came from his body.

The two leopards were tossed out. Their tough and sharp nails only left a few marks on Parker’s iron armor.

If not for this armor, Parker would have been scratched at the very least.

The leopard who had been pounced on by Parker also got back up. The three leopards surrounded him once again.

Since they were just sparring, of course, Parker wouldn’t take his life. However, if this was an actual battle, only two would be able to attack him.

Bai Qingqing felt very nervous from watching the battle. More spectators also started to gather around.

There were leopards, wolves, and tigers on the ground. On the trees, eagle beastmen and a peac.o.c.k could be seen.

The leopard cubs also ran over after hearing the commotion, squeezing their way to Bai Qingqing’s side and watching the duel excitedly.

The atmosphere became increasingly nervous and the duel became increasingly intense.

Bai Qingqing usually didn’t watch duels, yet she was the only one watching it. Oh, no, there was also An’an.

An’an felt very unsettled in this atmosphere. Bai Qingqing turned her face to her chest and patted her back gently.

“An’an, don’t be scared. Mommy is here.”

An’an let out two syllabi that sounded like “mommy”, using her short and chubby arms to circle her mommy’s neck.

Parker pounced on a leopard once again, roaring to indicate for the duel to stop.

The effect of the armor was already tested. This bit of weight had very little influence on his agility, but it was very effective in fending against his opponents’ attacks.

With this layer of armor, he could even barge forth without any restraint. Taking on the battle style of a wild boar wasn’t bad, either.

The three leopards exchanged a few glances, then looked at Bai Qingqing. They didn’t stop the duel, but instead, attacked Parker even more ferociously.

Bai Qingqing’s heart instantly sank.

Parker seemed to be planning to stop the battle, but why did they start it again? Could it be because of her?

Parker had already lost interest in fighting against them. Therefore, he no longer held back and charged out from their encirclement at lightning speed.


The leopard dressed in iron armor looked back and let out a fierce roar at the three leopards.

The three leopards bared their fangs wearing savage expressions and sped up as they charged toward him in unison.

Parker charged toward them as well. His armor gave him an additional brute force, and he knocked down one of the leopards.

With the defensive equipment, Parker didn’t care about the other two leopards and bared his fangs to bit toward the leopard’s neck without restraint. He didn’t hold back at all.

“Parker, don’t hurt them!” Bai Qingqing shouted out.

Parker had bitten down on the leopard’s neck and blood was flowing out from his teeth. When he heard her cry, he immediately paused.

The leopard under him put up an intense struggle but was unable to break free.

Before Bai Qingqing could let out a heave of relief, she saw the other two leopards pouncing onto Parker.