Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 805 - Bai Qingqing's Spouses Are Truly Terrifying

Chapter 805 - Bai Qingqing's Spouses Are Truly Terrifying

Chapter 805: Bai Qingqing’s Spouses Are Truly Terrifying


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Such fine weather was most appropriate for snakes to be out. How could Curtis miss out on this chance?

It was rare for him to want to come along, so Bai Qingqing was quite happy as well. She decided to postpone the visit to the little snake for next time.

It was still buzzing with the noise outside the stone castle. As there was plenty of rainfall during the light rainy season, when the temperatures fell at night it frequently led to rain. Because of this, the dueling was scheduled to begin during the day.

The females were in the innermost ring, and even Molly had come out to view the matches with her baby and Edgar.

When she caught sight of Bai Qingqing and her mates, Molly said something to Edgar, who was holding their female baby, before squeezing out of the crowd.

“Bai Qingqing!”

Molly shouted at her as she waved at the latter.

Bai Qingqing glanced at her. After Molly shouted at her, many pairs of eyes turned in her direction as well.

Bai Qingqing fixed the cap on An’an, who was being carried in Parker’s arms, to make sure she didn’t catch a cold.

“Molly, are you done with your confinement?” Bai Qingqing’s lips twitched as she wickedly imagined Molly looking tormented during her confinement.

Molly replied nonchalantly, “Of course! You said one will suffer from ailments for the rest of her life if the confinement wasn’t done properly.”

Bai Qingqing didn’t believe her. “You didn’t bathe or wash your hair for an entire month?”

“What’s so difficult about that?” Molly dug out the food remnants in her fingernails and said in a casual tone, “I usually only cleanse my body once a month, anyway. When it rains, I even skip that altogether.”

Bai Qingqing widened her eyes. “Err…”

A gust of wind that was neither hot nor cold blew from Molly’s direction. Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but carefully sniff the scent in the air.

How could it be that there wasn’t an obnoxious odor?

She then looked at Molly’s hair and saw that it was fluffy and clean-looking.

Realization dawned upon Bai Qingqing all of a sudden.

Dammit, Molly is a female of the tiger tribe, a beastman! She probably isn’t plagued with concerns of hair grease and dandruff!

Wild animals didn’t even have the concept of bathing. Comparatively, for Molly to shower once a month, she could be considered rather fond of cleanliness.

But Bai Qingqing, whose little heart had suffered quite a great shock, still found it hard to accept.

Parker cast her a suspicious look and asked, “You’re not allowed to wash your hair?”

Why hadn’t Qingqing told them that? Back when Qingqing was doing her confinement, she had washed her hair with hot water several times!

But before Parker finished his words, he felt a hard tug on his tail.

Bai Qingqing looked up at him and winked with her left eye.

Parker suppressed the doubt in his heart and decided to settle scores with her when they got home.

Molly said with a smile, “But thankfully, it was cold when I was doing confinement. When the weather got hot I would bathe every day. I wouldn’t be able to tolerate not bathing for an entire month with the heat.”

Bai Qingqing heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great.”

No idea if she was hallucinating things, the duels on the battleground seemed to be getting more intense. Or perhaps, the two beastmen up there just happened to be more formidable.

“We’re going out to play. You should get back to watch the duels,” said Bai Qingqing.

Molly turned her head and glanced at the combat ground, then said, “You’re not staying around to watch? The newly arrived males seem very strong.”

Before she finished her sentence, Molly felt a chill running down her back, making her halt in her speech.

She first looked towards Curtis, who had a formidable aura despite clearly not having a single animal stripe on his face, and who appeared even more so ferocious when he was in battle.

Perhaps feral beasts simply didn’t have animal stripes.

The snake beastman, who made her feel highly uneasy, to begin with, induced in her a manic urge to flee right now.

She then looked towards the leopard beastman carrying the baby. With his weird-looking hair, he looked hideous in his beast form. Yet, for some reason, he appeared inexplicably charming in his human form.

Right now, this energetic leopard was also unleas.h.i.+ng enmity towards her.

Molly gulped down her saliva with much difficulty, then chuckled in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere. She said, “I’m going back to watch them. You guys have fun.”

With that, Molly tugged at her spouse and fled while thinking to herself,

Bai Qingqing’s spouses are truly terrifying.