Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 803 - The Newcomers

Chapter 803 - The Newcomers

Chapter 803: The Newcomers


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She tugged at Parker’s tail and asked, “Who are they? You know them, don’t you?”

As she spoke, Bai Qingqing let out a big gasp. “Ah! I know! They’re your brothers, right?”

Parker shook his tense tail vigorously and said in a hushed voice, “I told you not to pull my tail.”

“Oh.” Bai Qingqing quickly let go and smoothed the curled up fur on his tail apologetically.

The three leopards halted at a distance not too far away from them and excitedly stomped their paws on the ground.

Bai Qingqing stuck out her head from behind Parker and revealed a smile at them.

All of a sudden, the eyes of these three leopards lit up as brightly as a fully-charged torchlight.

Sensing something wasn’t quite right, Parker turned his head and immediately pressed Bai Qingqing’s head back behind him.

“If you three have designs on my Qingqing, I’m not going to treat you kindly.” Speaking in a lowered voice, there was intimidating power in his tone.

Bai Qingqing, who didn’t wish to attract unwanted attention, didn’t come out to stir up trouble and simply squatted down to play with her cubs.

Feeling keen interest in the three adult leopards since they were of the same species, the leopard cubs wagged their tails vigorously.

In fact, seeing that they didn’t hold any threat, the cubs even abandoned their mother and ran to the three big leopards, sniffing about them as they had them encircled.


Astounded, the big leopards also started sniffing at the small leopards. The six leopards began to go around in circles in pairs.

[You have cubs of your own now?] asked a big leopard.

Parker shook one ear gleefully. “Need you ask? Can’t you sniff that?”


Incredibly envious, the big leopards felt a sadness in their hearts as they watched the lively and strong little leopards.

Bai Qingqing walked out from behind Parker and thought to herself gleefully:

I finally got to see what Parker’s brothers look like. Hehehehehe…

After all the newcomers arrived, the tribal head stood out.

As one of the most formidable beastmen in the tiger tribe, his voice was deep and booming. “Welcome to our village, newly arrived young beastmen. There are definitely more females in the village than you have imagined. Every beastman has a high chance of finding a spouse!”



The roars and howls of lions, wolves, and leopards rang with a questioning tone.

The tribal head gleefully raised a reddish-orange brow and, twisting his head, let out a deep tiger growl: [Come out, females!]

Following this growl, people started coming in pairs from all directions.

Due to the plentiful weeds on the ground, the females rode on their partner’s backs. They stuck out their necks from afar and peered around.

The arrival of new members meant they could find new mates.

Right now, there were indeed insufficient males in the village. Pampered since young, the females couldn’t quite endure having so few mates and were eager to get themselves more spouses.

The females came out one after the other. Even though these beastmen had come precisely because they heard there were many females in the tiger village, they were nonetheless taken aback by the great number of females.

How many females were there?

The newly-arrived males were dazed to see so many of them.

Gazing at the new members’ expressions, a pleased look surfaced in the tribal head’s eyes. He said, “There are 180 females in the village right now. Wait, with the addition of two female babies this year, there are a total of 182 females.”

The young beastmen who hadn’t seen much of the world instantly got into an uproar.

The tribal head gave them some time to digest this news, then cleared his throat. At that prompt, the beastmen fell silent.

“Our village could have continued bringing in more females. But it’s only because we don’t have sufficient males at present that we didn’t carry on with the plans. After things stabilize here, we will bring in yet more females!”