Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 80 - Ape Doctor

Chapter 80 - Ape Doctor

Chapter 80: Ape Doctor

This was too deep for tears for Bai Qingqing. She was still a virgin! How could she be pregnant with snake eggs!

She had to make this clear, for her innocence was at stake.

“You have the wrong idea. Cortis and I didn’t…” Bai Qingqing’s face heated up as she spoke.

Memi and Parker wore looks of disbelief.

“If you two didn’t copulate, how did the snake tattoo on your body come about?” Memi was amused and simply felt that Bai Qingqing was too young and ignorant of the matters between males and females.

“Eh?” Bai Qingqing stroked her chest, and her expression changed. She asked testingly, “Will the male’s animal tattoo appear after copulating?”

“Yes,” Memi replied.

So ordinary beastmen became mates through copulating?

Bai Qingqing suddenly recalled Cortis telling her that they snake beastmen had a special way of becoming mates with a female, and this method would ensure the female couldn’t resolve their partners.h.i.+p easily. This was probably the method he was talking about then.

It very quickly occurred to her that this method definitely couldn’t be revealed to others.

If the males in the tribe emulated the snake beastmen, the females wouldn’t be able to refuse becoming mates with them, and afterward wouldn’t be able to resolve their partners.h.i.+p—that would be tragic. Perhaps it might even cause the entire tribe to descend into chaos.

Hence, Bai Qingqing stopped explaining. With her legs curled up, she stroked the snake tattoo on her ankle. “Can we start now? Oo!”

Bai Qingqing then felt a violent pain in her tummy, followed by wetness in her lower body.

Has my period finally come?

d.a.m.n, it hurts so bad. Must be the effects of the abortion medicine.

No, perhaps she had been putting her body through too much torment these few days, soaking in cold water every day and whatnot.

Parker panicked and quickly lifted Bai Qingqing into his arms. “Mom, what’s wrong with her?” He then sniffed vigorously with his nose, and his gaze fell upon the area between Bai Qingqing’s legs. “My goodness. She’s bleeding down there!”

Memi was also startled. She looked at Bai Qingqing curled in her son’s arms, fl.u.s.tered. “I have no idea. This is the first time I see someone abort a baby… I… I’ll go get the doctor!”

Memi then ran out in a panic.

Bai Qingqing grabbed Parker’s hand and, breathing heavily, said, “Find me some cotton flowers. Tsk, the pain is killing me.”

The abortion medicine’s effects were most likely to invigorate the circulation of blood, to forcibly force the fertilized egg in her uterus to fall off. Plus, she was suffering from a little menstrual pain, to begin with. So, with the medicine as catalysis, it intensified the pain.

Parker held onto Bai Qingqing tightly and refused to let go, his tail opening the wooden box next to the pile of gra.s.s in a skilled manner, rolling out an animal skin skirt with his tail, and placing it under her b.u.t.t.

“I shouldn’t have let you drink the medicine.” Parker felt so regretful he wanted to slap himself. Even if Qingqing gave birth to snake eggs, he could simply be the one raising them.

Holding a hand over her stomach, Bai Qingqing tried to hold in the pain as she comforted him. “You have nothing to do with it. It’s better this way.”

It had been forty days, and she was beginning to worry her period might never come.

Memi came into the room with a short male beastman with spa.r.s.e hair. She pointed to Bai Qingqing and said, “Quickly have a look at her. She’s in so much pain after drinking the medicine you brewed, and she’s even bleeding.”

The doctor looked at the bloodstains on Bai Qingqing’s leg and said, “Seems like she really was pregnant. This is perfectly normal. She doesn’t seem to be bleeding a lot, she should be fine.”

Parker howled. “She’s in this state and you call that fine? She’s a member of the ape tribe too. You should think of a way to make her feel more comfortable.”

What? This doctor belongs to the ape tribe?

With alarm bells going off in Bai Qingqing’s head, she immediately looked up at the doctor.

“You’re an ape?” The ape beastman merely glanced at the muddy female once more and didn’t seem to detect anything unusual. “You can feed her with some honey, it will help to relieve the pain.”

“Okay, I’ll go and find honey now,” Parker replied right away.