Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 785 - Theory of Souls

Chapter 785 - Theory of Souls

Chapter 785: Theory of Souls


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When she was in elementary school, she had watched a horror movie, and she was so badly spooked that she didn’t sleep well for nearly a week. Ever since then, she hadn’t watched another horror movie, all the way until she transmigrated.

If she were to personally live through a horror movie as the protagonist, you really might as well kill her now.

Still badly shaken, Bai Qingqing’s countenance not only didn’t improve after waking up, but it also became even paler now.

Curtis edged closer to her and flicked out his tongue to touch her face. “Are you very cold?”

Bai Qingqing shook her head numbly.

The blanket fell upon her legs when she shoved away Parker earlier. Wearing only a thin layer of animal skin clothing, the chilly air at this high alt.i.tude squirmed into her clothes continuously. Yet, she didn’t feel cold; the only sensation she felt was a bone-piercing sense of horror.

Parker quickly wrapped Bai Qingqing with the blanket. He stuck his own hand inside and grabbed her hand, then said to her softly, “How can you say you’re not cold when your hand feels like ice?”

As he spoke, he lifted her up together with the blanket and got up. As he walked out with her in his arms, he said, “Let’s go down and warm up by the fire.”

“Mm.” Bai Qingqing buried her head into the blanket as well.

Winston had long woken in the nicely heated up room. He was just about to go up to fetch her down when Bai Qingqing and the rest came down.

Winston glanced at the coc.o.o.n-like bundle and said, “I saw the necklace you guys threw down. How did it go?”

“Qingqing suffered a bad fright. She hasn’t told us about it yet,” said Parker, as he moved towards the bed-stove in large strides.

Now that she had returned to a cozy environment, the sinister vibe seemed to dissipate.

Bai Qingqing let out a long exhale and crawled out from Parker’s embrace, then sat down cross-legged on the warm and toasty slab stone.

“Ah~ Ah~”

The footstep sounds in the room woke An’an up from her slumber. She crumpled her chubby little face and made two babyish sounds as she stuck out two fair lotus root-like arms from the swaddling clothes, her little hands flailing aimlessly in the air.

Winston immediately walked over and carried her. Placing one hand underneath her little bottom, he very quickly felt a wet and warm sensation—the baby had wet herself.

One look at An’an’s expression and Parker knew what she was going to do. He rolled his eyes at Winston disdainfully. If the tiger had been quicker to react, the baby wouldn’t have wet the animal skin in which she was wrapped.

He found a clean animal skin right away and helped An’an change into this fresh piece, then carried her to Bai Qingqing’s side, leaving Winston to handle the dirty animal skin diaper.

“You should feed An’an first. She didn’t make any noise during the night. Seems like An’an was a good girl last night,” Parker said casually.

Bai Qingqing halted in her act of unb.u.t.toning her clothes and heaved a big sigh of relief. An’an seemed to be in pretty good spirits, seemingly unaffected by the happenings of last night. This was great!

Watching An’an’s satisfied little chubby face as she drank milk, Bai Qingqing’s heart calmed down for some reason. She started recounting the dream to them. Of course, she didn’t reveal Chris’s abnormal behavior towards the end of the dream.

The countenances of the three males in the room grew increasingly dark. Being the most rash out of the three, before Bai Qingqing finished recounting the dream, Parker got so anxious that he jumped to his feet. He only barely managed to restrain himself from leaving because he wanted to finish hearing the story.

“I’m going to smash that necklace!” After Bai Qingqing was done, Parker couldn’t hold himself back a moment longer. He said, “If I don’t manage to smash it, I’ll toss it back into that hole.”

Bai Qingqing cast a displeased glance at him. “That’s a soul. If you smash her to smithereens for no rhyme or reason, isn’t it unfair to her? Let’s just toss it back to where we found it.”

“I agree.” Winston seemed hesitant about speaking his mind, a deep meaning revealed in his eyes. After a moment’s hesitation, he merely said, “Let’s just store it away for now. Perhaps it will be of use someday.”

“What can this thing be used for? Use this to mess with our enemies when they invade our village?” Bai Qingqing said with a smile, “That only works on females.”

Winston also smiled, but he said nothing.

That matter came to an end just like that. Everyone then went about their respective businesses for that day.