Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 759 - Going Out in the Cold Season

Chapter 759 - Going Out in the Cold Season

Chapter 759: Going Out in the Cold Season


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The completed mud products were placed on the bed-stove to toast for a while. When they were a little drier, the two of them then worked on them further, making them look quite lifelike.

Then, under Bai Qingqing’s great antic.i.p.ation, all of them were sent into the stove.

Bai Qingqing squatted outside. Every time Parker added more firewood, she would look inside.

A gust of whirlwind blew from the top, almost sending Bai Qingqing flying. Her hat was blown off and her hair was all messed up.

In fact, if it wasn’t because Parker was quick to grab onto her, she would really have flown away. Her body had felt lighter for a moment there.

“You go in first,” Parker said. “The wind is strong today.”

“I’m fine… cough cough!” After saying that, Bai Qingqing coughed intensely. The gust of wind from earlier had blown out the smoke from the stove right into her face.

It could be that she had gotten health problems during her confinement period when she went to the iron-smelting room’s underground vault the other time. Bai Qingqing now wasn’t able to stand the scent of smoke, and she’d cough if she were to smell it.

Parker quickly tidied up her clothes, embracing her tightly. “I’ll carry you inside.”

“I’m finally done with my confinement, yet you’re still interfering with what I do.” Bai Qingqing looked at him in an aggrieved manner.

“I’ve been holding it in for a month. Don’t think of letting me waste my days away. An’an rarely sleeps so soundly in the day. I’m going to other places to play later.”

As she said this, she coughed twice.

Parker touched Bai Qingqing’s forehead. “You aren’t cold, but why do you keep coughing? If you’re sick, don’t be willful. Be good and stay in the bedroom.”

“I was just choked by the smoke.” Bai Qingqing pushed his hand away and grabbed onto some snow to play.

Seeing that she didn’t seem to be sick, Parker somehow felt a little bit more settled. He asked, “Where do you want to go to play? The wood inside can burn for very long. We can go around in the village.”

“Uhh…” Bai Qingqing fell silent for a moment. “Let’s go and check out the iron-smelting room first, then go to the caves to look for the little snake. We might just find him.”

When the days turned cold, Bai Qingqing specially told Parker to bring the little snake to the cave where the village often gathered at. This would prevent him from being eaten up by wild beasts during his hibernation.


Parker then added a few more thick firewood into the stove, jumped into the house through the window, then found the thickest coat. He draped it onto Bai Qingqing and then carried her out.

When the leopard cubs playing in the courtyard saw them, they quickly came over.

“You guys stay at home and watch over your sister. When she wakes up, come and look for us,” Parker said.

But seeing how soundly An’an was sleeping, she probably wouldn’t wake up until noon.

The leopard cubs hesitated for a moment before eventually submitting to their daddy’s might.

Although the places where they were headed to weren’t far, the two of them still didn’t feel at ease leaving the leopard cubs and An’an alone. When they pa.s.sed by the iron-smelting room, they spoke to Winston.

“Clank clank clank” sounds rang out in the iron-smelting room. A few charcoal furnaces burned, and the temperature was extremely high.


Winston hammered down on the metal piece, wiped off his sweat, then tossed the tools onto the counter.

“I’ll go back and watch over An’an.” Winston looked at Bai Qingqing and said gently, “You guys can stay out and play for a while. There’s no need to rush back. When An’an is awake, I’ll call out loudly.”

“You’re so good!”

No one knows me better than Winston!

Bai Qingqing jumped up excitedly, wanting to plant a kiss on Winston’s lips. However, she didn’t jump high enough and only managed to kiss his chin that was covered in sweat.

She licked her lips. It tasted salty.

There didn’t seem to be any changes on Winston’s black face, but as he was back-facing the fire, and his ears under his furry skin could be seen. A flush rapidly crawled onto it.

Quite a number of males were in the iron-smelting room. It was definitely considered something to be proud of for one’s mate to act intimately with you in public.