Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 744 - The Two Twits Became Spouses

Chapter 744 - The Two Twits Became Spouses

Chapter 744: The Two Twits Became Spouses


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After the charcoal was made, the first batch of ores was moved into the furnace.

In the underground vault, males respectively allocated the tasks of fanning, as well as feeding fuel. Seeing that the coal could still be burned, for the sake of higher quality, they burned with coal.

Even more beastmen continued to burn coal outside, sending it into the underground vault in batches.

Everyone was incredibly busy and hot, and the temperature of the iron-smelting room quickly rose.

Even Bai Qingqing, sitting on the ground, felt hot. Looking at the layer of perspiration over the beastmen laboring in the underground vault, she had no idea how high the temperature was down there.

She suddenly saw Edgar lifting a bag of coal and jumping into the underground vault. Bai Qingqing stuck out her neck and looked for a good while. Shortly after, he came up again.

“Eh? Why are you here as well? Molly’s giving birth soon, isn’t she?” Bai Qingqing called out to him.

Edgar halted and let out a goodhearted chuckle, then replied, “Mm. Molly will be giving birth in another two months’ time. Alva’s taking care of her at home.”

Bai Qingqing was astonished. “They became spouses? Since when?”

At the mention of this, although Edgar meant to restrain himself, his despondence still showed on his face. “Yesterday.”

Bai Qingqing was even more stunned to hear this.

Meanwhile, right now, the heavily pregnant Molly was maniacally hurling stone fruits at the only male in the tree hole—Alva.

“You went overboard!” Molly yelled as she tossed stone fruit after stone fruit in Alva’s direction.

“How could you force me to accept you just so that you can avoid mining so that Edgar can go labor on your behalf instead!”

As Alva had saved her life in the desert previously, he indeed had the right to ask to be her spouse. Moreover, she couldn’t refuse if he asked.

It was clear that Alva was making use of her. Naturally, she refused to oblige.

Molly made a huge scene yesterday. However, even her father stood on Alva’s side, making her so furious that she ate a fistful of more meat last night.

Alva simply stood there as the stone fruits smacked upon him, obviously looking like he had no intention of going away. In fact, he even leisurely pecked at the feathers on his wings.

“Transform! Green peac.o.c.k!” Molly raged.

Alva looked up with his seductive eyes and let out a cuckoo sound. [You sure?]

For some reason, Molly actually understood Alva’s peac.o.c.k language.

Oh no,

she thought to herself.


Alva nodded good-naturedly, then shook his wings and transformed into a human. More accurately speaking, a stark naked human.

The male that stood opposite her didn’t wear a single shred of clothing. Molly cast a glance at Alva’s reproductive organ. She had to admit that this size was incredibly outstanding among the males.

Molly lowered her head and started chomping the stone fruit. She waited for a good while, but Alva didn’t look like he was going to put on his skirt, so she said, “Aren’t you putting on clothes? Who are you showing your naked body to?”

“My skirt burst in my hurry while I was dueling Edgar yesterday. I have no skirt now.”

Alva stared at her with a wicked grin and said, “I’m your male now. If even you are leaving me to my own devices, what can I wear?”

Molly took in a deep breath and casually grabbed an old and tattered animal skin skirt of Edgar’s and tossed it to him.

Alva gazed at the front and back of the skirt disdainfully, before putting it on. The skirt hung loosely on him.

The gleeful Molly naturally seized the chance to mock him. “Seems like Edgar is stronger than you. His waist is much thicker than yours.”

Alva lifted the skirt and whipped out his reproductive organ. “But this part of mine is bigger than his.”

Molly nearly vomited blood. She instantly raised a hand and hurled a half-eaten stone fruit at him.

The new round of stone fruit-hurling had begun.

The stone fruits made loud thuds as they smacked against Alva’s human form. Finally, he couldn’t tolerate it anymore. “Hey, Molly, let me tell you. You’re the one begging me now!”