Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 727 - Moving House (2)

Chapter 727 - Moving House (2)

Chapter 727: Moving House (2)


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Winston carried Bai Qingqing, while Parker carried the young ones, and Curtis took with him all their luggage. The entire family moved to their new home in that manner.

When they pa.s.sed by the waterhole, a splash was suddenly heard. As water splashed from the surface, they turned to ice crystals in the air, falling onto the frozen ground with “ding ding ding” sounds.

Bai Qingqing looked in that direction with a broad beam. “Bluepool! You really haven’t gone into hibernation?”

With a layer of white frost over his extremely fair skin, he looked like a mythical character carved out of ice. There was a calm and magnanimous expression on his face, and no abnormality was detected. At the sight of Bai Qingqing, he revealed a delighted countenance.

“You’re finally here. You promised to show me your female baby, so how could I go into hibernation? Hurry up and show her to me.”

Bai Qingqing twisted her body in Winston’s embrace. “Quickly go over and show An’an to him.”

“It’s windy out here.”

Without waiting for Winston to say anything, Parker spoke up. He then held An’an more tightly in his arms.

Bluepool’s mouth sank into the water and very quickly blew a bubble.

“Put the female baby in the bubble, there’s no wind inside,” said Bluepool.

Reluctance was written all over Parker’s face.

Bai Qingqing, eager to stay outside longer, said upon seeing that Bluepool’s bubble was indeed quite firm, “Quickly go in. It’s just for a while, it should be fine.”

Only then did Parker walk towards the waterhole. Winston also carried Bai Qingqing over.

Curtis merely cast them a glance before dragging all the luggage and continuing to move forward slowly, his snake scales making abrasion sounds against the ground.

“Is her name An’an? What a nice name,” said Bluepool. Though he claimed to want to see the female baby, he kept looking up at Bai Qingqing.

Parker placed An’an into the bubble and raised his head towards him. Letting out a low growl from his throat, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he flashed his teeth at him.

“Hey! The An’an you said you wanted to look at,” Parker said coldly.

Only then did Bluepool snap out of his trance and lower his head to look at the baby.

“Ah ooh~” An’an opened her mouth and let out a soft babyish cry. Having left the familiar embrace, she widened her eyes blankly, her clear and pretty greyish-silver eyes rolling around, her vision s.h.i.+fting between Parker’s and Bluepool’s faces.

With the female baby’s fair and tender face reflected in his eyes, Bluepool’s pupils shrunk and his tail stiffened.

My goodness! How can someone this good looking exist?!

His body slowly sank downwards, and the water rapidly covered his chest, shoulders, neck, mouth… right before it covered his eyes, his vision was blocked, and only then did he snap back to reality and swing his tail to float out of the water surface.

His initial aim in raising this request was only so that he could see Bai Qingqing. Yet, right now, Bluepool forgot all about it.

“Qingqing? Is this your female baby?” Bluepool raised his head and stared at her dazedly.

Bai Qingqing sputtered with laughter. “Do you really need to react like this? You’re scaring me.”

If even Bluepool acted like this, the other beastmen would definitely show even more exaggerated reactions. In the future, they would really have to keep An’an at home all the time. Firstly, so that they could give her better protection. Secondly, to prevent An’an from being pampered to the skies and become another Rosa.

Speaking of which, Rosa’s father was the tiger king, and so was An’an’s father. As this occurred to her, Bai Qingqing felt an uncomfortable sensation.

Parker held the bubble and scratched it with his claws. After catching hold of An’an, who was slightly startled by the sudden fall, he turned around and left.

With his arms resting on the edge of the waterhole, Bluepool was in a dazed state for a long time as he watched them leave.

Only when they reached the entrance of the stone castle was Bai Qingqing set down by Winston.

The completed stone castle looked like an ancient European castle. Fenced by a ten-odd meter wall, the moment they entered the main entrance, they found themselves in a large plot of land that was empty apart from a few fruit trees.