Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 723 - An’an Grows Prettier By the Day (1)

Chapter 723 - An’an Grows Prettier By the Day (1)

Chapter 723: An’an Grows Prettier By the Day (1)


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As he spoke, he picked up a piece of animal skin that had yet to turn wet and waved it before Bluepool’s face, fanning a funky odor in his direction.

Bluepool: “…”

The man’s face, which was gorgeous as a sea demon, twitched, and he said with a stiff neck, “I don’t believe it! How could a female do something so embarra.s.sing? Especially since it’s Qingqing’s baby. I’m sure she looks beautiful. I’ll bet this p.o.o.p comes from your mischievous leopard cubs.”

“Up to you to believe it or not.” Parker went back to was.h.i.+ng the diapers.

Although Bluepool couldn’t tolerate the stench, he refused to leave. “Hey! When is Qingqing going to come out? We had a pact. She said she would bring the baby here to show me.”

“Stop thinking about that. Qingqing won’t be coming out for a month. Have fun waiting.” Parker turned around to leave after he was done was.h.i.+ng.

Staring at Parker’s back view, Bluepool thought to himself resolutely:

Isn’t it just a month? No big deal, I’ll just wait.

He then let out an exaggerated yawn and dived into the water.

On the day An’an was born, all the animal skins at home turned wet and were hung on the tree branches, which in turn froze up. With ten-odd iced up animal skins flying stiffly in the wind, it made for quite an impressive sight.

Judging from this scene alone, everyone knew that a female baby was born in this home. Else, why would they hang out so many animal skins to show off?

That’s right, everyone viewed this as an act of showing off. Blatantly showing off. Childish, but envying indeed.

Only beastmen who actually had female babies born in their homes would know the truth.

Hence, that very night, Winston carried back all the animal skins from the stone castle to their tree hole.

Having recuperated for three days, Bai Qingqing’s body was basically fine now. However, even till now, n.o.body had seen her open her tightly-shut eyes before.

Bai Qingqing started worrying.

Could An’an be blind?

She reached out to touch An’an’s eyes. She could feel her eyeb.a.l.l.s moving nimbly under those eyelids.

Unable to sit still, she anxiously asked Parker to get Harvey to come over.

The entire family surrounded Harvey, and even Curtis’s eyes were fixed intently upon the doctor.

Harvey merely took a casual look, before saying with a smile, “This is normal. Females are delicate and frail, and their bodies aren’t fully grown when they’re just born. It’s normal for them to keep their eyes shut. It’s my fault for forgetting to tell you guys about it.”

As Harvey spoke, he complained in his heart. If these males hadn’t treated him with such enmity, how could he have forgotten to mention something so important?

The breathing sounds in the tree hole relaxed in unison. Bai Qingqing patted her chest. “I was so scared. I thought that An’an’s eyelids were born glued.”

Could she tell them that she had contemplated slicing it open with the snake scale? But Bai Qingqing was merely planning that if this went on, she would at least wait a few months and do it before the baby started forming memories.

Harvey cast an apologetic look at her and said, “An’an is so good-looking when she’s only this tiny. She looks so much like you, I’m sure she’ll become a great beauty in the future.”

Which parent wouldn’t like to hear others shower compliments on their baby? Bai Qingqing’s face instantly lit up. “Really? Why do I feel that she looks quite ugly?”

“She’s pretty.” Winston, who had been standing quietly by the side, suddenly spoke up.

Bai Qingqing smiled at him. She had long given up on Winston’s aesthetic sense.

Lowering her head to gaze at An’an, Bai Qingqing saw, to her surprise, that An’an’s facial features looked much more proportionate than before. Her skin also appeared healthier now, not as red as it was when just born. Plus, she seemed a tad bigger.

Carefully peering at her face, the baby’s facial features were indeed quite pretty. A little beauty indeed.

As she had been looking at An’an every day, these changes had escaped Bai Qingqing’s notice.