Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 717 - Winston Was Chased Away

Chapter 717 - Winston Was Chased Away

Chapter 717: Winston Was Chased Away


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“Ooh!” Two tufts of golden whiskers spouted out from the corners of Parker’s mouth, and a murderous glint appeared in his eyes.

“If it weren’t for you, Qingqing wouldn’t be in danger of dying! Get lost!”

Winston stubbornly moved his other foot forward as well.

This time, even Curtis gave him an icy stare.


Unable to suppress the rage in his heart, Parker transformed into a leopard and pounced at Winston.

In response, Winston turned sideways to dodge. Immediately following that he was swept out of the tree hole by Curtis’s snake tail. Parker jumped out right behind him.

The sounds of wild beasts fighting rang from under the tree. Harvey shook his head and brought the female baby to Curtis’s side, before transforming into a leopard and leaving.

Curtis glanced at the b.l.o.o.d.y-faced female baby, then towards Bai Qingqing. He asked gently, “Does it still hurt?”

“Doesn’t hurt anymore, does it…” Curtis gently caressed Bai Qingqing’s face and said, “If it’s too arduous, just sleep if you want to. You have me for company wherever you go.”

Curtis planted a kiss on Bai Qingqing’s sweat-drenched face. He got up to find a clean blanket, then wrapped her using it. He then walked to the spot where he slept and sat down with her in his arms.

The precious female baby was left lying on the disheveled bed all by herself, as though she had been forgotten.

The night skies were cloudless, and as usual, the three bright moons illuminated the earth. A white tiger ran away limping with injuries all over his body.

“Pccht!” The leopard standing on the snowy ground puffed out air from his nostrils and spat out tiger fur, before gazing towards the tree hole.

At the thought of how Bai Qingqing had always been particular about cleanliness, Parker didn’t go up right away. Instead, he brought a stone basin and went to the waterhole to fetch water.

Splash~ The water wheel slowly spun, stirring the water surface and preventing that area from freezing.

At the edge of the hole in the ice, a merman propped himself up on the ice surface and walked towards Parker.

“Has Qingqing given birth?” Bluepool asked nervously.

In no mood to bother with him, Parker placed the stone basin in the water and prepared to get up after filling it. However, the stone basin was held down by a fair and clean hand.

“Tell me.” Bluepool said, “Bai Qingqing promised to show me the female baby after she has given birth.”

“She will bring the baby to show you personally when she recovers.” It was rare for Parker to give Bluepool such a proper reply. He then slapped him away and carried the stone basin away with him.

Bluepool was shocked. The petty-minded Parker was actually allowing Qingqing to bring the baby to him? Could he have heard wrongly?

A wisp of smoke rose in the undulating mountain forest, giving off a lonely vibe.

Parker boiled the water, then brought it up to help Bai Qingqing cleanse her body. After which, he stayed vigil by her side with Curtis throughout the night.

With bite wounds all over him, Winston went to the stone castle he personally built. The construction had just been completed, but before he could show it to the person he was building it for, he faced the possibility of losing her forever.

Sprawled at the stone castle entrance, his head turned towards the direction where his spouse was at and let out a deep and long howl. It was a sorrowful and heartbreaking beast howl.

The white tiger sprawled outside didn’t leave for a long time. He would lick the wounds on his body for a while, then looked up into the far distance. Rinse and repeat.

After a night had pa.s.sed, the white tiger’s figure could no longer be seen on the snow-covered ground. The sight that greeted one’s eyes was only a snow mountain-like in the snow. Only upon close look would one notice the pair of silver eyes.

Chip chip~

A crushed sound rang from the pile of snow, and the was seen rising, revealing the muscular body of the tiger underneath.

Dawn has arrived and Qingqing is still alive! This is wonderful!

Through the spousal mark connection, Winston could sense that his partner was still alive.


Winston let out an excited roar and sprinted home without further ado.