Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 697

Chapter 697

Chapter 697: Unt.i.tled

The floating beasts had already been driven out of the village and were now roaming around a nearby area. The beastmen didn’t let their guards down and kept a tight watch over their territory every day.

The cave that was once used as a refuge spot was filled with females once more. Their heads were raised in antic.i.p.ation as they watched the males dueling in the rain.

The tiger males all appeared spirited and valiant, hoping to catch the fancy of the females.

Even those single wolf beastmen who came as captives had joined in, bringing the atmosphere of this matching event to a high.

Gah gah—

A green peac.o.c.k flew by in the skies, his dripping wet feathers making him appear a little down and out, unlike the glamorous and majestic look he displayed on a sunny day.

However, the vibrant colors of his feathers managed to capture the females’ attention nonetheless.

“Eh, look! There’s a big bird up there.”

“It’s so big! Hey! If any of you can capture this large bird, I will choose you to be my mate.” A young female shouted.

The tiger males merely froze and didn’t act. Only the clueless wolf beastmen were eager to give it a try and pondered how to capture the bird.


Up in the skies, the peac.o.c.k rolled his eyes.

The tribal head walked to the female’s side with a beam and explained, “He’s not a wild animal, but a male in our village. He’s a peac.o.c.k beastman.”

“Ah!” The female who raised the request was shocked.

Females had a keen interest in peac.o.c.ks. However, Alva merely swept a glance over them, before flying away with a bunch of red fruits in his claws.

“Does he have a mate yet?” asked a female.

The tribal head replied, “No. But I’m guessing he already has someone in mind.”

With this knowledge, no matter how much they fancied him, the females could only forget about it.

Alva flew to Edgar’s tree hole and perched on a tree branch far away, before lightening his footsteps and walking over step by step.

Though his movements were stealthy, unfortunately for him, a gust of wind suddenly rattled the tree branches and caused water droplets to fall off with a splash.

“Edgar, is that you?” the female in the tree hole enquired.


Alva immediately fixed his claws in place.

With nothing better to do, Molly had been sitting in her gra.s.s nest for so long that her b.u.t.t was aching. She caressed her slightly bulging tummy and got to her feet.

Even till now, she only had one spouse. Because of this baby, she wasn’t able to immediately become mates with the eagle beastman whom she had set her sights on earlier. Later, he eventually became another female’s spouse.

There were way too many females in the village right now.

Molly felt super depressed. As she only had one male, once Edgar left the house, she would be left all by herself.

For a female with offspring, she clearly didn’t have enough spouses.

But Molly didn’t accept mates indiscriminately in order to improve her life. She decided to value quality over quant.i.ty when it came to the selection of a mate. Once she chose that person, she would be responsible for him for a lifetime and wouldn’t cancel her spousal relations.h.i.+p with any of her mates.

Hence, she planned to slowly take her pick after the males from other tribes joined their village.

Hearing the heavy footsteps coming from the tree hole, Alva started panicking. Without so much as a thought, he flapped his wings to take flight.

“Pff pff pff.” As he flapped his wings in the rain, it made a particularly loud and conspicuous sound.

Though she didn’t see the peac.o.c.k with her eyes, Molly could tell from the sound the ident.i.ty of the visitor.

“Alva?” Molly asked in shock.

Only Alva, with his overly glamorous wings, would flap his wings so loudly. Though his feathers were very pretty indeed, now that she had the eagle beastmen for comparison, Alva’s wings didn’t seem quite so powerful in contrast.


Alva halted midair.

When Molly walked to the entrance, she widened her eyes at the sight of the fruits in his claws. “Fruits? Edgar finds food on the tree branches when he comes back from hunting every day. Are you the one who puts them there?