Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 687 - Caught a Bunch of Hostages

Chapter 687 - Caught a Bunch of Hostages

Chapter 687: Caught a Bunch of Hostages


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The surrounding snake beastmen gathered toward them. Parker felt that things weren’t good, and his cries weakened a little. He backed off while searching for an escape path.


The snake beastmen grouped together and attacked, surrounding the leopard.


Parker was slapped into a rubber ball in the middle.

By the time Curtis showed mercy and sent the snake beastmen away, Parker’s leopard form was one size bigger. If he were to turn into his human form, Bai Qingqing would definitely not be able to recognize him.

“Why did you hit me?” Parker bellowed in fury, his voice m.u.f.fled and unclear. However, it was easy to guess his meaning from his tone.

Curtis threw him an icy glance and then turned to ask the snake beastmen, “How are things?”

“Ssss—” [They’ve all been tied up.]

The snake beastmen used their bodies to tie up the wolf beastmen and moved up to Curtis. The females were also chased into the rain and were squeezed together, trembling.

“Very good. Send them to the tiger village.”

After he said that, he slithered into the ape king’s bedroom.


He probed into the wardrobe door that wasn’t closed tightly and slithered over.

It was true that mermen were very strong in the water. Curtis swam through the underground waterway that extended out in all directions. He still didn’t find a target.

However, the most sinister ape king had been dealt with. At the very least, they didn’t have to be worried that Qingqing would be

Curtis didn’t spend too much time searching and sluggishly climbed out of the water.

The group of females was so frightened that they almost fainted while the wolf beastmen put up a fierce struggle. However, no matter what they did, they couldn’t break free from the snakes’ entanglement.

On Curtis’s side, Parker was the only one with a normal male mentality. His face was swollen and his voice was m.u.f.fled. “Get each female an animal skin to cover up. Don’t let them get drenched.”


The snake beastmen didn’t move but just looked at Curtis.

Curtis said indifferently, “Do as he says. As for this bunch of male beastmen…”

The male beastmen collectively fell silent. Although they were unafraid of death, they didn’t wish to be apart from their beloved females. Even if they lived a life worse than death, they still wanted to continue watching over their mates.

Therefore, they showed a willingness to compromise.

“Drag them back together.”

The group of snakes immediately started moving. Parker said, “Hey, watch over them. I’ll be going back first.”

Curtis didn’t pay him any heed. Parker ran back at rapid speed and was about to leave the group of snakes when a snake’s tail suddenly tripped him.

He climbed up and continued running, but was tripped again.

“Growl!” Parker turned and glared at Curtis furiously.

Curtis also looked at him. “Ssss—”

Parker felt pain all over and instantly cowered.

Under Curtis’s deliberate intention, the speed at which they returned was immensely slowed. However, they were still considerate in taking care of the females.

In the tiger village, Bai Qingqing and Winston had been alone for a day and had gotten closer and more pleasant.

Five days pa.s.sed by in the blink of an eye.

Bai Qingqing would let Winston touch her stomach every day. His hand seemed to have a magical touch, and An’an moved a few times.

It was just that, for some reason, either An’an stopped wanting to accept this or Winston’s touch no longer had any effect, the movements that would occur a few times each day stopped.

Bai Qingqing felt anxious and immediately got Winston to look for Harvey.

“An’an stopped moving since yesterday. I don’t know why.” Bai Qinqing looked at Harvey pleadingly.

Winston sat down next to her, pulling her into his arms to console her.

Hearing that, Harvey’s brows furrowed tightly together, and he said, “Hasn’t it been stable all along? This is strange.”

The fetal movement hadn’t been much, to begin with, but now she wasn’t moving at all. Could it be that… the fetus had died?