Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 685 - Revenge

Chapter 685 - Revenge

Chapter 685: Revenge

Qingqing was definitely missing him back at home. He had to quickly resolve these problems and go back home to make food for her.

A black and red snake crawled over slowly from the back of the mountain, wearing a leisurely expression that contrasted against the golden-haired young man’s anxiety.


“You must be intentionally creating chances for Winston!” Parker rubbed his fists and clenched his teeth.

Curtis raised his head and beckoned.

Instantly, rustling sounds rang out from the back. The sounds were densely packed, making one’s scalp turn numb.

Countless snakes slithered out. Red ones, green ones, yellow ones, black ones… A layer of colorful carpet was laid out on the floor, surrounding the village in the mountain.

This stretch of mountains had been a wolf village that was quite large in numbers. The village was surrounded by flowing water and only fallen big trees acted as bridges.

Under Curtis’s call, the colorful “carpet” instantly charged for the village.


Wolf howls rang out in the mountain. They were finally alerted.

The snake beastmen weren’t afraid of water and dashed right into the river. Suddenly, splashes erupted in the water, and something seemed to block the snake beastmen’s path. There were vague signs of gold, blue, and red fishtails.

However, this was unable to stop the invasion of the overwhelming number of snake beastmen.

The obstacle in the river seemed to have realized this and suddenly stopped moving. The snake beastmen’s invasion instantly became smooth and un.o.bstructed.

A pair of golden eyes emerged from the water and saw a red and black snake. The ma.s.sive mountain instantly turned into a mere background.

Very soon, this pair of eyes sank into the water.

Curtis looked over and saw a stretch of densely-pack snake bodies. He shook his tail and also slithered over.

In a and graceful room, a blue-haired female was combing her soft hair when the door was suddenly pushed open.

The one who ran in was an ape beastman who had turned completely bald. With the group of extremely good-looking and powerful mermen as his love rivals, the ape king’s hairline was moving upward by the day.

“Jean, Curtis has brought along many snake beastmen to seek revenge on us. The wolf beastmen in the village aren’t able to hold them back. Let’s leave quickly!” The ape king said anxiously, pulling Jean up and planning to leave.

“What?” Jean was shocked.

When were they exposed?

The two of them had just dashed to the door when they met a pair of merciless blood-colored snake eyes.

The ape king immediately pulled Jean behind him and extended his mental power out fully.

The environment around them instantly became distorted and unreal.

Curtis, who was encompa.s.sed by the mental power, stopped and took a look around.


A female’s crisp voice rang out from behind him. Curtis paused and turned to look over.

Bai Qingqing, dressed in a white snakeskin dress, was standing behind him. Her delicate and pretty face was smiling sweetly, her figure slender and light. She raised her fair leg and stepped on the green gra.s.s, walking over slowly.

Curtis couldn’t help but be in a daze. She knew that his Snow was pregnant, so what was this “Bai Qingqing”?

“Why are you ignoring me?”

“Bai Qingqing” let out a coquettish cry and stood on the spot, looking up at him. There was a hint of enticement in her innocent gaze as if telling the one looking at her to “come over quickly”.

Curtis didn’t move at all.

“Is Curtis’s level really higher than a four-striped beastman now?” Jean asked anxiously. She had no idea what was in the illusion. She could only see the things that were actually there.

The ape king’s forehead broke out in a sweat as he said, “We’ll know after we give it a try.”

Usually, he’d directly attack. However, he didn’t dare to move recklessly now.