Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 681 - Misunderstanding

Chapter 681 - Misunderstanding

Chapter 681: Misunderstanding


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The next day, Bai Qingqing had just woken up when she felt an uncomfortable sensation in her chest.

In a dazed semi-awake state, she felt her chest and immediately bolted awake.

Why was her chest… exposed?!

Of course, it would feel uncomfortable to feel strangled with her clothes pulled down.

She quickly smoothed her attire. Feeling a swollen and sharp pain at her nipples, she reached out to touch it and found that it had swollen into a lump.

Bai Qingqing’s scalp tightened. Who could it be?

She raised her head and found herself looking into the face of a soundly asleep tiger.

As though sensing the change in her breathing, the whiskers by Winston’s mouth moved and he opened his eyes.

“Ooh hoo~” A deep voice sounded from the tiger’s throat as he fixed his gaze upon Bai Qingqing.

After some hesitation, she felt torn for about two seconds before shoving him away.

She never expected Winston to be such a person, to do something so lewd. But because he was way too decent a beastman, she didn’t even know how to go about reprimanding him.

If this were Parker, she would no doubt give him a good thras.h.i.+ng!

Winston rolled out of bed with a confused expression on his face.


The leopard cubs had also woken now, and they purred as they yawned. Then, all three of them arched their backs to stretch, forming a camel shape underneath the blankets.

With a reddened face, Bai Qingqing glared at Winston before turning to face her cubs.

“Good morning, babies. Do you want to go and pee? If not, Mommy will help you three put on clothes.” Bai Qingqing retrieved the three sets of tiger clothing from the bedside and lifted the blanket.


Though their eyes were still in a sleepy, half-opened state, they were excited to see the clothes. They hurriedly went down the tree hole, seemingly to go to the toilet.

Winston quietly transformed into a human, and after putting on a skirt, stood by the bed and said to Bai Qingqing, “I’ll go and prepare breakfast for you.”


Without even so much as sparing him a glance, Bai Qingqing forcefully tugged at the tiger clothes.

Hateful, hateful, so hateful! Yet, she was too embarra.s.sed to say it out loud. Because if she did, Winston would probably respond with the same old poker-face, and she would still be the only one feeling embarra.s.sed.

Winston had no idea why Bai Qingqing suddenly got mad at him. But since it didn’t look like anything too serious, he actually felt kind of happy about it.

Parker and Curtis were always the only ones bringing about changes in Qingqing’s emotions. This was the first time she revealed her true self because of him. The way her cheeks puffed up with anger brought about an itch in his heart.

“I’m going down now.” With that, Winston went down the tree to make breakfast, feeling a mixture of worry and joy, in the ratio of 3:7.

Only then did Bai Qingqing relax. She went to the entrance and ferociously glared after him.

Ah, she wanted to go to the toilet, but then again, she didn’t want to talk to Winston. What should she do?

Usually, when breakfast was being prepared, Bai Qingqing would be lazing around in bed. Due to that incident this morning, she got out of bed at the first instance. Now, there was nothing for her to do but to wait.

Bai Qingqing pushed aside the haystack at the entrance of the tree hole and only then did light enter together with a chilly wind mixed with the scent of rainwater, invigorating one’s senses.

She draped a jacket over herself, then laid sprawled at the tree hole entrance to look downwards.

What would Winston cook? Would it be palatable?

After relieving themselves, the cubs crawled back up, making muddy plum blossom-shaped paw prints on the clean animal skin laid on the floor.

The moment she heard the sound, she thought to herself “Oh no!” Just as she turned around, she shouted, “Don’t move!”


The leopard cubs froze on the spot and looked up at their mommy.

“Oh my G.o.d!” Bai Qingqing felt the onset of a headache at the sight of the dirty paw prints. But seeing as the cubs obeyed her instructions, the rage in her heart dissipated by quite a bit.

“Stand there and don’t move,” Bai Qingqing said sternly. She then retrieved an animal skin and walked to their sides.