Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 666 - Distributing Food to the Females in the Cave

Chapter 666 - Distributing Food to the Females in the Cave

Chapter 666: Distributing Food to the Females in the Cave


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Harvey gazed outside and asked, “Why are there suddenly so many floating beasts? When did they come?”

“Several days ago. I heard that they’re attracted here by the scent of females in heat. I don’t know, either.” Bai Qingqing shrugged and said, “Do be careful when you’re outside, especially when you’re drinking water.”

A warm fuzzy feeling welled up in Harvey’s heart. This heartwarming moment made him feel that all the hards.h.i.+ps he went through in seeking these herbs were worth the while.

Actually, regardless of which female it was, he would do his best to help when he was needed, especially those females pregnant with female babies. But no female had ever shown such appreciation for his efforts the way Bai Qingqing did. If it weren’t for the fact that they were acquainted for a long time, he would have thought she had fallen for him.


A not-so-marvelous sound rang from the snake piled up by the side.

After casting a look in that direction, Harvey wisely said, “Alright. I’ll get going, then. Focus on nouris.h.i.+ng the fetus and don’t let your thoughts run wild. Whatever problem arises, your mates and I will take care of it for you.”

“Mm, thanks,” Bai Qingqing said sincerely. Harvey’s words truly made her feel much more at ease.

After he went down, Bai Qingqing went to the entrance and said to Parker, who was busy at work down there, “Parker, since it’s not time for you to eat yet, the meat won’t be fresh if you leave it till the afternoon. Why don’t you stew the meat of the floating beast and send it to the females in the cave? It’s beneficial to their bodies to eat something warm on such a cold day.”

Since the prey outside was ready-made, Parker graciously agreed to the idea.

As Harvey happened to be going over to check on those females in the cave, he volunteered to stay around and help.

After Parker stewed two large pots of meat, he and Harvey carried one pot each and braved the torrential rains, heading to the cave where the females were hiding.

Twenty over tiger beastmen were crouched at the foot of the mountain, and every distance or so an eagle beastman would be keeping an eye on things. The security was rather stringent.

The females were staying in a natural stone cave in the mountains. The cave was s.p.a.cious, and the interior was shaped like a crab—flat and short. The edges of the stone cave were mostly drenched.

The females were in the innermost corner of the stone cave, with each of them given a pile of gra.s.s and two animal skins. They seemed pretty comfortable.

The minute Harvey and Parker came in with food, the females raised their heads and gulped their saliva unanimously.

Parker, who couldn’t be bothered to speak with any female other than Bai Qingqing, simply said after setting down the stone pot, “One bowl for each person. Come over and collect with your stone bowl.”

The females rushed towards him immediately.

Every dish that Bai Qingqing ever offered to them was delicious. Regardless of what it was, they wouldn’t miss this opportunity to try it. They were certain it would taste awesome!

Seeing the females crowd together, Harvey, who worried they might trip over themselves, said gently, “There’s a share for everyone. Take it slowly.”

Every single one of them was pampered from young. Whatever they desired, someone would take the initiative to deliver it to their hands. How could they possibly have the self-awareness to abide by rules? None of them was willing to relent, and they continued squeezing with one another.

The helpless Harvey could only scoop food for them in this manner.

Two females didn’t move. Both had relatively more proportionate facial features compared to the other females.

One was Molly with a slightly bulging stomach, who didn’t dare squeeze with the rest since she was pregnant. The other one was the ostracized Rosa.

Harvey noticed them. Thinking that Rosa was pregnant like Molly, he scooped out some meat and walked towards them.

Of course, he had to take better care of pregnant females.

Seeing as Rosa appeared introverted and kept to herself, he first walked to her. However, he didn’t see any containers for holding food.

“Where’s your stone bowl? Everyone has theirs with them. Didn’t you bring yours along?” Harvey inquired gently.

Actually, usually, everyone wouldn’t bring containers with them everywhere they went. The reason they did, was because ever since the foodie Bai Qingqing arrived in the village, they began bringing their bowls with them so that they wouldn’t miss out on the chance to try a new dish when the opportunity arose.