Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 664 - The Floating Beasts Were Attracted Here by a Female

Chapter 664 - The Floating Beasts Were Attracted Here by a Female

Chapter 664: The Floating Beasts Were Attracted Here by a Female

The moment Curtis came back, he chased Ford away. Pitiful Becky could only hide from the rain under the tree with her mate due to her heavy reliance on him.

The beastmen gathered at Bai Qingqing’s home entrance, with the tribal head standing in the front and respectfully asking Winston who was facing everyone.

“Your Majesty, according to your instructions, I’ve sent my men to block all the river entrances leading into the village with sharp rocks. Being stupid creatures, the floating beasts would knock themselves dead by barging forcefully.”

“Mm.” Winston nodded his head in satisfaction.

The tribal head’s countenance, however, didn’t improve and remained clouded with worry.

“It’s like these floating beasts had gone berserk. All of them gathered outside the city walls, and there are way more of them than we had imagined. They banged against the walls with total disregard for their lives, and even drilled holes in the ground.” The tribal head looked helpless. “We’ve got to continue killing them. I wonder how long it will take us, and how many beastmen will end up wounded or dead from this.”

Someone from the crowd of beasts voiced his resentment. “This was supposed to be mating season, and now our plans are foiled!”

The tribal head immediately turned his head and shot that tiger an imposing stare. Winston, however, fell silent for a moment and then suddenly said, “Mating season?”

“What?” The tribal head gazed at him with a questioning look.

Winston said, “Seems like the floating beasts’ sudden insane behavior has something to do with the mating season.”

The enlightened beastmen unanimously nodded in agreement.

“Right! Every time I sniff the scent of females going into heat, I will get especially restless and fretful. I bet the same applies to the floating beasts.”

“Me too. I lose all control of myself.”

“Moreover, the females who were primarily targeted were all in heat.” This male’s voice was particularly loud and clear, rage evident in his tone. “Either the females are in heat, or they’re pregnant. I’m certain the floating beasts are attracted here because of our females!”

Many males agreed with what this male suggested.

Upon hearing this, Bai Qingqing, standing at the tree hole entrance, gazed at her own males.

So it turned out the scent of one in heat had such a great influence on the males. Without the capacity for self-control, the floating beasts unleashed all their might. If even the beastmen acted as their hearts willed them to, they would probably be even more terrifying than the floating beasts.

Wouldn’t they be in a terrible state when she went into heat every month in the future?

The tribal head sighed. “Well, we’re unlucky in that they happened to crawl here just as the peak mating season comes with the heavy rainy season. Once they multiply, it will be difficult to chase them away.”

Winston felt that things couldn’t have been so coincidental. However, he didn’t voice his opinion on their comments and merely said, “There are too many floating beasts. They might break the barrier any time, so we need to have the females stay together and dispatch a part of our manpower to protect them. The rest will come with me outside the city to slay them!”



The tiger beastmen and eagle beastmen responded unanimously.

After making all the necessary arrangements, Winston went up to the fifth story.

He took a look at Bai Qingqing, then said to Curtis, “I’ve asked my tribesmen to send the females to a large stone cave nearby. What about Qingqing?”

“Not going,” Curtis promptly answered.

Bai Qingqing, who also didn’t wish to leave her warm and comfortable nest, suddenly felt glad about Curtis’s aloof temperament. She said, “Floating beasts can swim. We can’t even let them hide in Bluepool’s bubbles.”

“Not only that, it’s highly inconvenient in the water, and it can only be a temporary hiding spot.” Winston explained, “We’ll need to spend some time killing the floating beasts this time.”

“Oh.” Bai Qingqing nodded. Trying to be happy amidst adverse circ.u.mstances, she said, “We’ll get to eat delicious alligator meat for some time. Hehehe…”

Parker smiled and flicked a finger against her forehead. “Glutton!”

Just like this, all the males in the village moved out to the large tree hole, and only Bai Qingqing remained in her tree hole. But with Curtis around, she was safer than any of the other females.